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Created August 22, 2012 16:09
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Uploading File into Google Drive (because grive too many dependencies qt, xorg ? )
## uploading to google
## rev: 22 Aug 2012 16:07
det=`date +%F`
browser="Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux i686; rv:13.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/13.0.1"
accountype="HOSTED" #gooApps = HOSTED , gmail=GOOGLE
/usr/bin/curl -v --data-urlencode Email=$username --data-urlencode Passwd=$password -d accountType=$accountype -d service=writely -d source=cURL "" > $pewede/login.txt
token=`cat $pewede/login.txt | grep Auth | cut -d \= -f 2`
uploadlink=`/usr/bin/curl -Sv -k --request POST -H "Content-Length: 0" -H "Authorization: GoogleLogin auth=${token}" -H "GData-Version: 3.0" -H "Content-Type: $tipe" -H "Slug: $file" "" -D /dev/stdout | grep "Location:" | sed s/"Location: "//`
/usr/bin/curl -Sv -k --request POST --data-binary "@$file" -H "Authorization: GoogleLogin auth=${token}" -H "GData-Version: 3.0" -H "Content-Type: $tipe" -H "Slug: $file" "$uploadlink" > $pewede/goolog.upload.txt
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One more thing that might help get this working:

You may need to enable access to less secure apps at this page.

Also, there's a problem with the various enhanced scripts on this page: in order to determine if the type is HOSTED or GOOGLE, they check the username (email) to see if it's a Gmail address. This is not correct because you can now use a non-Gmail account to set up a Google account; that's what I'm doing. I have a non-Gmail account with email hosted somewhere else, but I'm using Google's other services (Drive).

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I think I am looking for this one. but I don't understand how to use these script. anyone explain?
Edit: OK, I got it now, great works.

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Great script - but having a problem getting it to run properly on a raspberry PI.

Weird problem. When I run it I'm getting "curl: (3) Illegal characters found in URL" in the final curl in the definition of $upload_link.
If I then edit the script and replace $upload_link variable with the actual $upload_link string it runs fine.

For example:
curl --request POST --output /dev/null --data-binary "@$file" --header "Authorization: GoogleLogin auth=${token}" --header "GData-Version: 3.0" --header "Content-Type: $mime_type" --header "Slug: $slug" "$upload_link" $curl_args

replaced with:

curl --request POST --output /dev/null --data-binary "@$file" --header "Authorization: GoogleLogin auth=${token}" --header "GData-Version: 3.0" --header "Content-Type: $mime_type" --header "Slug: $slug" "" $curl_args

works fine.

Any ideas?

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kane-c commented Feb 12, 2015

@nzbaxterman I ran into this problem too. The request to get the upload URL seems to have a line break in it now. Stripping that works for me:

upload_link = `curl ... | tr -d '\r\n'`

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sl45sms commented Feb 20, 2015

@kane-c tnx works for me

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semeion commented Apr 28, 2015

Nice work!

Anyone know how to avoid the file duplication?

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semeion commented Apr 28, 2015

Here have some info about how manage folders, could be nice get the list of folder names and overwrite the files to avoid duplication:

Here have info about how make an update case the file exist:

Here the author is using the new google drive api, where you can specify the 'uploadType':

I think we have elements to make a complete sync client in bash!

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does this still works? I always get

when authenticating. Seems like Google deprecated this kind of authentication

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deanet commented Oct 16, 2015

@nicolabeghin it doesn't work anymore.

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azizasm commented Dec 4, 2015

This code doesn't work anymore because google has enforced OAUTH 2.0.

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Grive doesn't depend on Qt or Xorg.

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XavM commented Jun 26, 2017

Google enforcing OAuth this script doesn't work any more;
You will get a 404 on "" when requesting the "${token}"

This one works fine with OAuth 2 :

You will need an API client and secret : Go to and create a "Google Drive" credential of type "OAuth client ID", sub type "other"

(Adding that here as this gist still popups first on google search)

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x011 commented Nov 11, 2019

evolution happens:

* automatically gleans MIME type from file

* uploads multiple files

* removes directory prefix from filename

* works with filenames with spaces

* uses dotfile for configuration and token

* interactively configuring

* uploads to target folder if last argument looks like a folder id

* quieter output

* uses longer command line flags for readability

* throttle by adding `curl_args="--limit-rate 500K"` to $HOME/.gdrive.conf
# based on
# useful $HOME/.gdrive.conf options:
#    curl_args="--limit-rate 500K --progress-bar"

browser="Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_9_3) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/35.0.1916.153 Safari/537.36"

destination_folder_id=${@: -1}
if expr "$destination_folder_id" : '^[A-Za-z0-9]\{28\}$' > /dev/null
    # all but last word
    set -- "${@:0:$#}"
    # upload to root
    unset destination_folder_id

if [ -e $HOME/.gdrive.conf ]
    . $HOME/.gdrive.conf

umask 0077

if [ -z "$username" ]
    read -p "username: " username
    unset token
    echo "username=$username" >> $HOME/.gdrive.conf

if [ -z "$account_type" ]
    if expr "$username" : '^[^@]*$' > /dev/null || expr "$username" : '.*$' > /dev/null

if [ -z "$password$token" ]
    read -s -p "password: " password
    unset token

if [ -z "$token" ]
    token=`curl --silent --data-urlencode Email=$username --data-urlencode Passwd="$password" --data accountType=$account_type --data service=writely --data source=cURL "" | sed -ne s/Auth=//p`
    sed -ie '/^token=/d' $HOME/.gdrive.conf
    echo "token=$token" >> $HOME/.gdrive.conf
umask $old_umask

for file in "$@"
    slug=`basename "$file"`
    mime_type=`file --brief --mime-type "$file"`
    upload_link=`curl --silent --show-error --insecure --request POST --header "Content-Length: 0" --header "Authorization: GoogleLogin auth=${token}" --header "GData-Version: 3.0" --header "Content-Type: $mime_type" --header "Slug: $slug" "${destination_folder_id+/folder:$destination_folder_id/contents}?convert=false" --dump-header - | sed -ne s/"Location: "//p`
    echo "$file:"
    curl --request POST --output /dev/null --data-binary "@$file" --header "Authorization: GoogleLogin auth=${token}" --header "GData-Version: 3.0" --header "Content-Type: $mime_type" --header "Slug: $slug" "$upload_link" $curl_args

Still working, great !

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