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Installing Mustache.tmbundle

Thanks for the textmate bundle. I have added the following snippet that I find too usefull not to share. I bind to tab expand of {:


edit: formatting

wjhrdy commented Jul 3, 2012


that works for sublime text 2
you were missing a * after the . in the regular expression

ddlsmurf commented Jul 4, 2012

thanks, got caught by the markdown thing

wjhrdy In SublimeText 2 works very well, but he needed a } and the tabTrigger "{" not work, I changed the word "tag"

I have a repo to develop snippets and others, thank you very much.

Thank you. But I see that syntax for the form src="{{LexieFile}}" get's no syntax coloring. It seems as if the "" mess it up. True? Is there a way around that?


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