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Last active Nov 11, 2016
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LevelManager script used in my tutorial about Networking with Unity (in French @ It's used for spawing players in the level.
using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
public class LevelManager : MonoBehaviour
public CameraFollow playerCam;
public GameObject playerPrefab;
public SpawnPoint[] spawnPoints;
void Start ()
if (Network.isServer)
void OnConnectedToServer()
Debug.Log ("Un nouveau joueur s'est connecté !");
private void SpawnPlayer()
int index = 0;
if (NetworkManager.GameToJoin != null)
index = NetworkManager.GameToJoin.connectedPlayers;
Debug.Log (index);
// Attention ici on utilise Network.Instanciate et pas Object.Instanciate.
var player = Network.Instantiate(playerPrefab, spawnPoints[index].transform.position, spawnPoints[index].transform.rotation, 0) as GameObject;
playerCam.transform.position = spawnPoints[index].transform.position - new Vector3(0, 0, -10);
playerCam.transform.rotation = spawnPoints[index].transform.rotation;
// Mise à jour du script de caméra = player.transform;
playerCam.enabled = true;
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