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Alexandre-Herve / typesafe-routes-proxy.ts
Last active September 20, 2022 18:51
A Typesafe version of @denisborovikov's routes proxy wrapper
// Tweaked from
const routes = {
home: '/',
transactions: '/transactions',
transactionDetails: '/transactions/:uuid/:optional?',
transfer: '/transfer/:type(bank|card)?/:id?'
} as const // prevents Typescript from widening the path types to string.
type Routes = typeof routes;
const createLogger = (backgroundColor, color) => {
const logger = (message, ...args) => {
if (logger.enabled === false) {
`background-color: ${backgroundColor}; color: ${color}; padding: 2px 4px;`,
// handy method to create a Higher Order Component out of a
// Render Prop Component (like a Context.Consumer).
// handles, statics, displayName, refs, and value forwarding
function createHOCFromRenderProp({prop, Consumer}) {
return Component => {
function Wrapper(props, ref) {
return (
{value => <Component {...{...props, [prop]: value, ref}} />}
istarkov / 00
Last active April 2, 2024 20:18
How to style React components

How to style React components

If you use sass and css-modules and want to restyle some base component without changing its code. (base component already use css-modules and exposes styles property)

I know two way how to do it.

  1. Using composes css-modules operator. Just extend classes you need, then in javascript code combine both styles as {...baseStyle, ...myStyleSimple}