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5000 Small Businesses Data
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Created on Tue Apr 28 11:58:10 2015
@author: Duncan Parkes
import pandas as pd
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np'ggplot')
names = pd.read_csv("full_list2.dat")
names = names.set_index('Number')
group = names.groupby('Region')
count = group.size()
count_frame = count.to_frame()
count_frame.columns = ['Signatories'] = 'Region'
count_frame = count_frame.sort('Signatories', ascending=1)
"Number","First_name ","Last_name ","Position ","Name_of_business ","Region"
"1 ","Peter ","Knowles ","Chairman ","@ The Crossroads Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"2 ","Richard ","Valder ","Chef Owner ","@Angelas Restaurant ","South West"
"3 ","Marc ","Frost ","MD ","123 Floor Ltd ","East of England"
"4 ","Kundai ","Henney ","Founding Executive Director ","140 Luxury ","London"
"5 ","Melanie ","Armstrong ","Director ","1402 Solutions Ltd ","North East"
"6 ","Jacqueline ","Hitchen ","Owner/Manager ","1st for Nannies ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"7 ","Rosemary ","Moore ","Sole Trader ","20th Century Collectables ","North West"
"8 ","Phil ","Hawkins ","Managing Director ","2112 Communications ","London"
"9 ","Barry ","Rubery ","CEO ","21C Pets Limited ","North East"
"10 ","Geoff ","Wells ","MD ","22 Compton Aveue Ltd ","East of England"
"11 ","Chris ","Simpson ","owner ","23 St Marys Guesthouse ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"12 ","Roz ","Armitage ","Director ","247 Professional Health ","London"
"13 ","Andres ","Mesa-Cruz ","Sales Director ","247 Webcasting Ltd ","South West"
"14 ","Olivia ","Fetherston-Dilke ","Owner ","29 Christchurch Road ","East of England"
"15 ","Nathan ","Davis ","Director ","2and6 Ltd ","South West"
"16 ","Danny ","Myers ","Owner ","2B Print ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"17 ","Charles ","Scott Plummer ","Director ","2CG Senhouse Investments Limited ","London"
"18 ","Bob ","Paterson ","Chairman ","2K Polymer Ssytems Ltd ","East Midlands"
"19 ","Daniel ","Lenihan ","Chief Executive ","3 Legged Thing LTD ","East of England"
"20 ","Glen ","Howard ","MD ","365 Vitamins ","South East"
"21 ","Stuart ","Jones ","Director ","3CA ","North West"
"22 ","Declan ","Dyer ","Managing Director ","3DI Equipment ","North West"
"23 ","David ","Evans ","MD ","3PA Ltd. ","East Midlands"
"24 ","Dibble ","Clark ","Chairman ","3SDL Ltd ","West Midlands"
"25 ","Suzanna ","Nour ","Director ","4 Site Design Ltd ","East of England"
"26 ","Robert ","Brunton ","Associate ","414 Timber and Fencing ","South East"
"27 ","Joanthan ","Glanz ","Owner ","45 West ","London"
"28 ","Peter ","Zaborszky ","Director ","4Choice Ltd ","South West"
"29 ","Martin ","Reed ","Managing Director ","6S Research ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"30 ","Barrie ","Etherington ","Owner ","70plus-feeling50 ","South West"
"31 ","nicholas ","judd ","Co-Founder Partner ","90 North Real Estate Partners LLP ","London"
"32 ","Colin ","Logan ","Director ","9yards architecture ","Northern Ireland"
"33 ","Atul ","Karavadra ","Director ","A S Karavadra Ltd ","East Midlands"
"34 ","Andrew ","Hoare ","Director ","A and G Bricklaying Limited ","South West"
"35 ","Pauline ","Helliar-Symons ","Director ","A and PW Consultants Ltd ","South East"
"36 ","Andrew ","Cherry ","Director ","A and S Signs ","West Midlands"
"37 ","Neville ","Arnold ","Partner ","A Arnold and Sons ","East Midlands"
"38 ","Alan Beames ","Director A B Property Limited ","South East"
"39 ","Alex Brooks-Ball ","Director A D Planning Services Ltd ","East Midlands"
"40 ","Nichola Knight ","HR and EHS Manager A E OSCROFT AND SONS LTD ","West Midlands"
"41 ","Antony Lowther ","MD A J Lowther and Son Ltd ","East of England"
"42 ","Anne Crowther ","Finance Director A La Carte Business Services ","East Midlands"
"43 ","Rita Sharman ","Director A Sharman and Sons Construction Ltd ","East of England"
"44 ","Alarm marshall ","managing director A T Transport Solutions limited ","East of England"
"45 ","Christine Dexter ","Partner / Transport Manager A to Z Transport Services ","East Midlands"
"46 ","Christine Ambrose Smith ","Director A W Solutions ","East of England"
"47 ","Elizabeth Connock ","Company director A. & E. Connock (Perfumery & Cosmetics) Limited ","South West"
"48 ","Jonathan Walters ","Director A.C. Estates Limited ","East of England"
"49 ","Adrian Johnson ","Owner A.D.Johnson Plumbing-Heating-Renewables ","North East"
"50 ","Andrius Kavaliauskas ","Owner A. Kavaliauskas Building Services ","London"
"51 ","Michael Hall ","Director A1 Bespoke Ltd ","North West"
"52 ","Barry Whittall ","Managing Director A1 Car and Commercial Vehicle Services ","North West"
"53 ","Sophie Oliver ","Owner and Manager A1 Cleaning Services ","South West"
"54 ","Dean Frost ","Managing Director A1 Engineering Solutions Limited ","North East"
"55 ","Edward Atkinson ","MD A2B Investments Ltd ","North West"
"56 ","Daniel Ali ","Director Aaa Suppliers Ltd ","London"
"57 ","Gary Withers ","Business Development DirectoAAC Mechanical and Electrical Ltd ","South East"
"58 ","Elliot Lee ","CEO AAD ","East of England"
"59 ","Michael Tomlinson ","Director AARK Environmental ","North West"
"60 ","Amal Al-Uzri ","Director AAU Designs Limited ","London"
"61 ","George Tsipanis ","CEO AB Signs And Graphics ","West Midlands"
"62 ","Attorney AimeAlado ","Attorney-at-law ABA Absolute Solutions Ltd ","London"
"63 ","Raymond Boyd ","Managing Director Abacus Foods Limited ","Scotland"
"64 ","Christine Parker ","Managing Director Abbey Funeral Services Ltd ","South East"
"65 ","Tony Raynor ","MD Abbey Telecom ","North West"
"66 ","Rodney Whitworth ","Managing Director Abbeygold Product Development ","East of England"
"67 ","David Gee ","Director Abbeymore Estates Ltd ","East of England"
"68 ","Henry Price ","Md Abbott & Co. (Newark) Limited ","East Midlands"
"69 ","Bessie Moussafir ","Director ABJV Ltd ","London"
"70 ","Paul Sillence ","Director Able Steel Fabrications Ltd ","South East"
"71 ","Neville Ablitt ","Managing Partner Ablitt & Co LLP ","London"
"72 ","Damian Gibbs ","Director Abode. The Village Agent ","South East"
"73 ","Martin Fieldman ","Managing Director Abodebed Ltd ","East of England"
"74 ","Robert Graham ","Director About Face Beauty Clinic ","Scotland"
"75 ","Garrett Courtney ","Director About Roofing Supplies Ltd ","South East"
"76 ","Kathleen ","Keyte ","Director ","Above and Beyond Plumbing Services Ltd ","South East"
"77 ","Antonis ","Savvides ","Director ","Absolute Design Soluions Ltd ","London"
"78 ","Simon ","Fisher ","Director ","Absolute Sales and Lettings Ltd ","South West"
"79 ","Stephen ","Wadman ","Director ","Abyss IT solutions LTD ","East of England"
"80 ","Craig ","Wynne ","Owner ","AC Accountants ","Wales"
"81 ","Jane ","Walters ","Managing Director ","AC Appointments Limited ","East of England"
"82 ","Kevin ","Wiltshire ","Company Director ","Academy Motorcycle Training ","London"
"83 ","Glen ","Travers ","Managing Director ","Acclaim Upholstery ","East Midlands"
"84 ","Iain ","Crockatt ","Director ","Accolade Finance ","South East"
"85 ","Paul ","Skeet ","Proprietor ","Accord Air Systems ","South East"
"86 ","Nita ","Juj ","Accountant ","Accountancy Assist UK Ltd ","East of England"
"87 ","James ","Hellyer ","Director ","Accountancy Edge ","South West"
"88 ","Matt ","Hogg ","Managing Director ","Accredita UK ","East of England"
"89 ","Dominic ","Adams ","Managing Director ","Accura Shipping Limited ","East of England"
"90 ","Michel ","Barker ","Director ","Ace of Spades Gardens Ltd ","East of England"
"91 ","Lucy ","Robertson ","Director ","Acorn Accountancy Limited ","East Midlands"
"92 ","Michael ","Burnside ","Owners ","Acorn Business Centre ","West Midlands"
"93 ","John ","Harrison ","Senior Partner ","Acorn Country Store ","East Midlands"
"94 ","David ","Barnard ","Proprietor ","Acorn Preservation Company ","East of England"
"95 ","Jason ","Oakley ","Managing Director ","Acorn to Oaks ","West Midlands"
"96 ","Andrew ","Gardiner ","Chairman ","Acorn Venture Ltd ","West Midlands"
"97 ","Andrew ","Dent ","Director ","Acorne PLC ","South East"
"98 ","David ","Margetts ","Owner ","ACP ","South West"
"99 ","Susan ","Cope ","Managing Director ","Acrivarn Limited ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"100 ","Iris ","Griffiths ","Managing Director ","Across Research Ltd ","South East"
"101 ","Chris ","Moss ","Managing Director ","ACS ","South East"
"102 ","Russell ","Stinson ","Owner ","ACT Clean ","East of England"
"103 ","Steve ","Jackskn ","Channel Sales Director ","Actifio ","London"
"104 ","Matthew ","Lymbery ","CEO ","Activ8 Intelligence ","East Midlands"
"105 ","Dere ","Blyth ","Director ","Active Ark Ltd ","North West"
"106 ","Mark ","Pogson ","Director ","Active Social Care Limited ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"107 ","Ben ","Mekie ","Director ","Acuity UK Limited ","London"
"108 ","Angela ","Maher ","MD/Owner ","Acumen Financial Partnership Ltd ","North West"
"109 ","Adam ","Longley ","Director ","Adam Longley Accountants Ltd ","East Midlands"
"110 ","Adam ","Smith ","Podiatrist / Owner ","Adam Smith Foot Care ","Scotland"
"111 ","Kristy ","Adams ","Director ","Adams Attics ","South East"
"112 ","Adam ","Hayles ","MD ","Adam's Tree Surgery Ltd ","West Midlands"
"113 ","David ","Brown ","Managing Director ","Adaptive Consultancy and Training ","South West"
"114 ","Declan ","Reddington Chairman ","AdConnection ","London"
"115 ","John ","Graham MD ","ADCreative London ","London"
"116 ","Neil ","Fletcher Director ","Adelphi Special Risks Limited ","London"
"117 ","Michael ","Grayson Director ","Adjustopen Ltd ","North East"
"118 ","Stephen ","mcdermott Director ","Adl Drywall Systems Ltd ","East of England"
"119 ","Michael ","Biggin Director ","Admiral Wealth Management Ltd ","East of England"
"120 ","Andrew ","Roberts Owner ","ADR Cars ltd ","East of England"
"121 ","Robin ","Jackson CEO ","ADR International ","South East"
"122 ","Rhys ","evans director ","AdRoc ltd ","London"
"123 ","Adrian ","Foster Managing Director ","Adroit Automotive Ltd ","East of England"
"124 ","Duncan ","Keates director / owner ","ADS Laser cutting ltd ","East Midlands"
"125 ","Daniel ","Rose Business Consultant ","ADSN SOLUTIONS LTD ","South East"
"126 ","Fiona ","Taylor company secretary ","ADT ceilings ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"127 ","Doug ","Cross Proprietor ","Advance Carpets ","East of England"
"128 ","Paul ","Creighton Director ","Advanced Electronic Solutions Global Ltd ","Northern Ireland"
"129 ","Dennis ","Wheatland Director ","Advanta International Ltd ","London"
"130 ","Andrew ","Jenkins Company Director ","Advantage Civil Engineering Supplies Limited ","North West"
"131 ","David ","Stevens Managing Director ","Advantage Worldwide (UK) Limited ","London"
"132 ","Andy ","Helps Director ","Advantis Control Solutions Ltd ","South West"
"133 ","Lester ","Cruse Partner ","Adventure Sports ","South West"
"134 ","Steffen ","Krause Director ","Adweko ","South East"
"135 ","Adam ","Hitchman Owner ","ADZ Cleaning ","South East"
"136 ","Dylan ","Franklin Director ","Aella Services Ltd ","West Midlands"
"137 ","Edward ","Beston MD ","Aerosystems Technical Services Limited ","Wales"
"138 ","Paul ","Wells Director ","Aerothermal Engineering Ltd. ","South East"
"139 ","Trudy ","friedman owner/director ","Aesthetic skin centre ","London"
"140 ","Miles ","Latham Managing Partner ","Affixxius Films ","East Midlands"
"141 ","Jennifer ","Hanman Owner ","Affordable Alterations ","Wales"
"142 ","A. ","Phillips Director ","Affordable Granite ","South East"
"143 ","Abigail ","brackenbury Director ","AFH1 Ltd ","East of England"
"144 ","Richard ","Semitego Director ","Africa House London ","London"
"145 ","Andrew ","Barnes Director ","AGB Financial Services Ltd ","West Midlands"
"146 ","William ","Law Chaiman ","AGD Equipment Limited ","West Midlands"
"147 ","Paul ","Scott Director ","Agetro Fire Ltd ","South East"
"148 ","Cathy ","Wright Director ","Agile Administration Services ","South East"
"149 ","Paul ","Green Director ","AGM ","North West"
"150 ","Anthony ","Shuster Managing Director ","AGS Chemicals Ltd ","South East"
"151 ","Gillian ","Haffenden-EdwardsBusiness Owner ","AGS Professional Cleaning Services ","West Midlands"
"152 ","Anthony ","Callus ","Director ","Ah Callus Ltd ","East of England"
"153 ","Helen ","Sadler ","Director ","AhHa Publications Limited ","South East"
"154 ","Andrew ","Hepworth-Smith ","Proprietor ","AHS Finance ","South West"
"155 ","James ","Ainscough ","Director ","Ainscough Group Ltd ","North West"
"156 ","Owen ","Butcher ","Director ","Aintree Bathrooms Ltd ","North West"
"157 ","Alan ","Williams ","Director ","Aintree Properties Spencer Ltd ","North West"
"158 ","Saeed ","Ahmad ","Director ","Air Asia Travel Ltd ","West Midlands"
"159 ","John ","Eagles ","MD ","Air Stratus Ltd ","South West"
"160 ","J. ","Stone ","MD ","Air Supremacy Ltd ","London"
"161 ","Ian ","Hough ","Owner ","Aird and Co Building and Plastering Contractors ","South East"
"162 ","Neil ","Fraser ","Managing director ","Aird Integrated Services Ltd ","Scotland"
"163 ","Trevor ","Taberham ","Operations Director ","Airflow Aviation Services limited ","East of England"
"164 ","Brenda ","Head ","Company Director ","Airluxe Limited ","South West"
"165 ","Julian J ","Millner ","CEO ","Airmillner Ltd. ","South West"
"166 ","Peter ","Hilton ","CEO ","Airport to Hotel (UK) Limited ","South East"
"167 ","Andrew ","Carnegie ","MD ","AirSentry (CCA Research Ltd) ","South West"
"168 ","James ","Jenkins-Yates ","CEO ","AirSorted ","London"
"169 ","Anita ","Ingham ","MD ","AIS plus Ltd ","North West"
"170 ","Ian ","Wallace ","Managing Director ","AIW Limited ","North East"
"171 ","Anthony ","Snell ","Partner ","AJ and CI Snell ","West Midlands"
"172 ","Angela ","Jellings ","Managing Director ","AJ Wealth Management Ltd ","West Midlands"
"173 ","Alexander ","McConnnachie ","Managing Director ","Ajax Electrical Solutions Ltd ","East of England"
"174 ","Andy ","Bryve ","director ","AJB Media ","West Midlands"
"175 ","Andrew ","McVann ","Director ","AJMC Projects Limited ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"176 ","Andrew ","Overton ","Managing Director ","AJO Agencies Ltd ","South East"
"177 ","Julie ","Lees ","Director ","AJR Ventures Ltd ","West Midlands"
"178 ","Andrew ","Williams ","Managing Director ","Ajs Training Limtied ","East of England"
"179 ","Andy ","Horobin ","Director ","Ak Property Services (UK) Limited ","South East"
"180 ","Alan ","Day ","Director ","AKD Services Ltd ","West Midlands"
"181 ","Andy ","Kingston -James ","Director ","AKJ HR ","South West"
"182 ","Ben ","Douglas ","CEO ","Aktiva Camps Ltd ","London"
"183 ","Neil ","Stanley ","MD ","Alamex Ltd ","South West"
"184 ","Dawn ","Parr ","Director ","Albert Parr and Sons Ltd ","South East"
"185 ","Andrew ","Moffat ","Managing Director ","Albyns Limited ","London"
"186 ","Gene ","Alcantara ","Consultant/Director ","Alcantara Consultancy Services ","London"
"187 ","Dave ","Jones ","Managing Director ","Alchemy Commercial Cleaning Specialists ","South West"
"188 ","Douglas ","Atkins ","Partner ","Alderwood Lodges ","East of England"
"189 ","richard john ","aldis ","MD ","Aldis Property Management Ltd ","East of England"
"190 ","Lionel ","Derriey ","Director ","Alesar Limited ","London"
"191 ","David ","Sharp ","Managing Director ","Aletheia IMS Ltd ","East of England"
"192 ","Strumen ","Paunov ","Company Director ","Alex Development Ltd. ","London"
"193 ","Alex ","Jones ","Proprietor ","Alex jones and Chelsea funerals ","South East"
"194 ","Lindsay ","Ross ","Director ","Alex Ross Engineering Limited ","North West"
"195 ","Alex ","Stroud ","Director ","Alex Stroud Property Consultants Ltd ","London"
"196 ","Anneliese ","Gordon ","Director ","Alexander Hancock Recruitment Ltd ","North West"
"197 ","Melanie ","Hampton ","Managing director ","Alexander Miller Ltd ","London"
"198 ","Damir ","Ahmovic ","CEO ","Alfa Energy ","London"
"199 ","James ","Lupton ","Owner ","Alfafado Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"200 ","Maria ","Digisi ","Director ","Alfresco ","East Midlands"
"201 ","Julian ","Clark ","Director ","Alice Mews Management Company Limited ","London"
"202 ","Julian ","Butler ","MD ","Alimos ltd ","East of England"
"203 ","Alistair ","Gibb ","Owner ","Alistair Gibb, Business Consultant and Trainer ","Scotland"
"204 ","Alister ","Pilling ","Owner ","Alister Pilling Solicitors ","South West"
"205 ","Aliya ","Smethurst ","CEO ","Aliya'S PR & Global Marketing Company Limited ","London"
"206 ","Clair ","Schwarz ","Director ","Alkemi MF Technologies Ltd ","Wales"
"207 ","Russell ","Alkins ","Director ","Alkins School of Dance ","West Midlands"
"208 ","Andrew ","Gadsden ","Managing Director ","All About Tea Ltd ","South East"
"209 ","David ","Scobie ","Managing Director ","All Fleet Services Limited ","South West"
"210 ","Gillian ","Monk ","Managing Director ","All Health Matters Limited ","South East"
"211 ","Zoe ","Kirk-Robinson ","Director ","All Mouse Media ","North West"
"212 ","Gerard ","Cooper ","Director ","Allcoopers Ltd ","South West"
"213 ","David ","Allen ","Managing Director ","Allen Signs Ltd ","East Midlands"
"214 ","Nicholas ","Nicola ","Director ","Allertons Limited ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"215 ","Farzad ","Zamanian ","Managing Director ","Allied Print Ltd T/A Limehouse Design and Print ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"216 ","Rahul ","Gokhale ","Commercial Director ","Allpex ","London"
"217 ","Lisa-Marie ","Owens ","Director ","Allweather Roofing and Construction Ltd ","South East"
"218 ","Tony ","Richardson ","Managing Director ","Alma Media International ","South East"
"219 ","Anne ","Clifton-Holt ","Owner ","Alpaca Annie ","South East"
"220 ","Ian ","Whitfield ","Managing Director ","Alpha Card Compact Media Limited ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"221 ","David ","Oldfield ","Director ","Alpha Colour Printers ","South West"
"222 ","John ","Orchard ","Marketing ","Alpha Response Print + Mail Ltd ","South West"
"223 ","Stephen ","Andre ","Self-employed ","Alphecca Systems ","South West"
"224 ","Doug ","Davie ","Director ","Alpine Adventures ","South West"
"225 ","Steve ","Barker ","Managing Director ","Alrala Limited ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"226 ","John ","Davie ","Chairman ","Altra Capital ","London"
"227 ","Reiner ","Rensch ","Managing Director ","Alu+ Limited ","West Midlands"
"228 ","Nicholas ","Brainsby Chairman ","Aluminium Shapes Limited ","East Midlands"
"229 ","Peter ","von Klejna-Wendt Director ","Alu-Plast Windows (UK) Ltd ","East of England"
"230 ","Waseem ","Ahmed Director ","Amara Aesthetics ","East of England"
"231 ","Adam ","Greenough Owner ","Amazorize(.com) ","South East"
"232 ","Andrew ","Davison director ","AMB Investments Ltd ","South West"
"233 ","Jeremy ","Price Director ","Amberley Hotel Co Ltd ","South West"
"234 ","Mark ","Hancock Director/Owner ","Amerdale ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"235 ","Andrew ","Goodwin director ","AMG Financial Solutions Ltd ","North West"
"236 ","Ollie ","Weston Owner ","Aminori ","East of England"
"237 ","Amir ","Mohtashemi Director ","Amir Mohtashemi Ltd ","London"
"238 ","Ian ","Tew Owner ","Amity Treasure Limited ","South West"
"239 ","Sritharan ","V. Partner ","Amlu's General Stores ","North East"
"240 ","Gareth ","Aggett Owner ","Ampsair ","East of England"
"241 ","David ","Burcombe Managing director ","Ampsuk tried and trusted ltd ","East of England"
"242 ","Garry ","Fridd Director ","Amr Property Solutions Ltd ","East of England"
"243 ","Mark ","Neve Director ","Amrec Recruitment Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"244 ","Ed ","Fisher Investment Director ","Amro Real Estate Partners ","London"
"245 ","Jim ","Clark Managing Director ","AMS International Ltd ","West Midlands"
"246 ","Malcolm ","Mitchell MD ","Amvar Handling Solutions Ltd ","West Midlands"
"247 ","Linda ","Lunan Owner ","An Lucht Lonrach ","Scotland"
"248 ","Sara ","Jackson Sales Director ","ANC Humberside Ltd ","East of England"
"249 ","Kelly ","Ancell Director ","Ancells Estates Ltd ","South East"
"250 ","John ","Price Partner ","Anchor House ","South West"
"251 ","Stephen ","Britt Managing Director ","Anchor Storage Ltd ","East of England"
"252 ","John ","Rhodes Owner ","Anchorage Care Group ","West Midlands"
"253 ","Chris ","Elliott Director ","Anderson Shaw Corporate Finance Ltd ","West Midlands"
"254 ","Collin ","Moran Managing director ","Andmor removals ltd ","Scotland"
"255 ","Yvonne ","Malley Director ","Andrea Catton Laser Clinic Ltd ","North West"
"256 ","Andrew ","Cocks Owner ","Andrew Cocks Computer Services ","West Midlands"
"257 ","Andrew ","Fowler Managing Director ","Andrew Construction Recruitment Ltd ","East of England"
"258 ","Andrew ","Craig Director ","Andrew Craig Limited ","North East"
"259 ","Andrew ","Grant Owner ","Andrew Grant Estate Agents ","West Midlands"
"260 ","Andrew ","Lodge Managing Director ","Andrew Lodge Estate Agents ","South East"
"261 ","Andrew ","Marcham Owner ","Andrew Marcham & Co ","West Midlands"
"262 ","Andrew ","Ogg Director ","Andrew Ogg FCA Limited ","East Midlands"
"263 ","Andrew ","Wilkinson Principal ","Andrew Wilkinson and Co ","South West"
"264 ","Andrew ","Wooderson Proprietor ","Andrew Woodeson Harpsichords ","London"
"265 ","Steve ","Banks CEO ","Andrews Reprographics Ltd ","East of England"
"266 ","Andrew ","Hockings ","Owner ","Andrew's Technology Support ","South West"
"267 ","Sandip ","Ruparelia ","MD ","Angel Care PLC ","London"
"268 ","Guy ","Hanson ","Partner ","Angel Face Mineral Cosmetics ","South West"
"269 ","John ","Mortimer ","CEO ","Angela Mortimer Plc ","West Midlands"
"270 ","James ","Taylor ","Operations Director ","Angelberry ","South West"
"271 ","Christeen ","Norfolk ","Director ","Angels Homecare Kent Ltd ","South East"
"272 ","Keith ","Angus ","Director ","Angi Express ","East Midlands"
"273 ","Tessa ","Burrows ","Managing Director ","Anglian Financial Investment Planning Limited ","East of England"
"274 ","Joy ","Scovell ","Director ","Anglo Additives Ltd ","South East"
"275 ","Kishor ","Modha ","CEO ","AniPOC Limited ","East Midlands"
"276 ","Robin ","Marsh ","Director ","Anisor Holdings CIC ","South West"
"277 ","Babul ","Hussain ","Director ","Anjum Spice Ltd. t/a Tarka by Faruk ","South East"
"278 ","Peter ","Duncan ","Company Secretary ","Ann et Vin ","East Midlands"
"279 ","Annabel ","Vail ","Owner ","Annabel Vail Design ","South East"
"280 ","Anne ","Newiss ","Proprietor ","Anne's Cakes For All Occasions ","East of England"
"281 ","Stuart ","Chamberlain ","Managing Director ","Ansolute Event Solutions Ltd ","South East"
"282 ","Mary ","Anson ","Managing Partner ","Anson Care Services ","South West"
"283 ","Anthony ","Williams ","Principal ","Anthony J Williams ","South East"
"284 ","Anthony ","Richards ","Principal ","Anthony Richards ","Wales"
"285 ","Antonio ","Falco ","Owner / Director ","Antonio Falco Ltd ","South East"
"286 ","Frederick ","Wills ","Owner/Proprietor ","Anton's Hill ","Scotland"
"287 ","Antony ","Sansom ","Owner ","Antony Sansom Traditional Flooring ","South West"
"288 ","Thomas ","Anwyl ","Director ","Anwyl Construction ","Wales"
"289 ","Glyn ","Winsall ","MD ","AOK Safety Comms Ltd ","East Midlands"
"290 ","Liam ","Mulkeirins ","Operations Director ","AP Security ","East of England"
"291 ","Jim ","Tyrrell ","Chief Executive ","Apd Group ","South West"
"292 ","Andrew ","Hyett ","Managing Director ","APD Interiors Ltd ","London"
"293 ","Trevor ","Jones ","MD CEO ","Apex Packaging Ltd ","West Midlands"
"294 ","Martyna ","Jackowska ","Director ","Apj claims ltd ","East of England"
"295 ","John ","Kenyon ","Financial Director ","Apogee Flow Systems Ltd ","South East"
"296 ","Paul ","Cameron ","Director ","Apollo Property Solutions ","East of England"
"297 ","Elise ","Moore-Searson ","Director and Founder ","Apotheosis Coaching Ltd ","London"
"298 ","Paul ","Loffler ","Owner ","App Leisure ltd ","London"
"299 ","Susan ","James ","Principal ","Appassionati Theatre Arts ","London"
"300 ","Victoria ","Gould ","Director ","Apple Tree Accountancy Ltd ","South East"
"301 ","George ","Cossey ","Director ","Applied Heating Servioces Ltd ","North East"
"302 ","Mark ","Bradbury ","MD ","Apply Financial Ltd ","London"
"303 ","Robert ","Bryant-Pearson ","MD ","AppraisersUK ","South West"
"304 ","John ","burdett ","director ","Approved electrical contracts ltd ","South East"
"305 ","Stephen ","Marshall ","self employed ","APS Consulting ","South East"
"306 ","Adam ","savage ","Director ","APS Retail Ltd ","West Midlands"
"307 ","Jason ","Wasley ","Managing Director ","Aqua Construction Ltd ","South West"
"308 ","Hafiz ","Khandwala ","Managing Director ","Aqua Natural Ltd ","East Midlands"
"309 ","Scott ","Hope ","Director ","AR Experiential Ltd ","East Midlands"
"310 ","Geoffrey ","Shaw ","Director ","Ara homes ltd ","East of England"
"311 ","Arabella ","Lennox-Boyd ","Proprietor ","Arabella Lennox-Boyd Landscape Design ","London"
"312 ","Lynette ","Clarke ","Managing director ","Arblaster and Clarke ","South West"
"313 ","Donald ","Whittic ","Directot ","Arbutus Condulting Limited ","South East"
"314 ","Andrew ","Rayner ","Director/Owner ","ARC Business Services Ltd ","East of England"
"315 ","Sheila ","Rhodes ","Director ","Arcadia South West Ltd ","South West"
"316 ","Edward ","Atkin CBE ","MD ","ARCC Innovations ","East of England"
"317 ","Henry ","Capper-Allen ","Creative Director ","ARCH Design Studio ","London"
"318 ","James ","Archer ","Director ","Archers Butchers Limited ","East of England"
"319 ","Lars ","Carlsson ","Partner and director ","ArchiHaus Ltd ","West Midlands"
"320 ","Christopher ","Skelley ","Managing Director ","Architectural FX ","South East"
"321 ","Gary ","Barr ","MD ","Arden Fine Foods Ltd ","West Midlands"
"322 ","Barrie ","Newitt ","Partner ","Arden Homes and Gardens ","West Midlands"
"323 ","Jeremy ","Bradbeer ","Director ","Ardencroft Estates Ltd ","West Midlands"
"324 ","Penni ","Rogers ","Company Secretary ","Ardleigh Feeds and Fencing ","East of England"
"325 ","Will ","Wynne ","Chief Executive "," ","London"
"326 ","Jeff ","Woodhams ","Managing Director ","Argenta Ltd ","West Midlands"
"327 ","James ","Cassidy ","Managing Director ","Argyle Estate Agents and Financial Services Limited ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"328 ","Jason ","Living ","Managing Director ","Argyle Square Properties ","North East"
"329 ","Peter ","Longdon ","Managing Partner ","Aries Construction LLP ","South East"
"330 ","Steve ","Arksey ","MD ","Arksey & Co ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"331 ","Andy ","Caughey ","Managing Director ","Armadillo Merino� ","East Midlands"
"332 ","Derek ","Burton ","Director ","Armstrong Burton ","West Midlands"
"333 ","Oliver ","Denton ","Director ","Armstrong Denby ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"334 ","Dave ","Armstrong ","Managing Director ","Armstrong Properties ","North West"
"335 ","Patricia ","Keenan ","Director ","Arnfield Care Ltd ","North West"
"336 ","Peter ","Larkins ","Managing Director ","Arnold Engineering Plastics Ltd. ","East Midlands"
"337 ","Andrew ","Noble ","Director ","Arolla Estates Ltd ","South East"
"338 ","Soner ","Cakir ","Director ","Aroma bistro limited ","East of England"
"339 ","Clive ","Baker ","Director ","Aromgain Ltd ","South East"
"340 ","clive ","shipley ","MD ","Arris Construction Limited ","South West"
"341 ","Philip ","Fletcher ","Managing Director ","Arrowhive Equipment Ltd ","South East"
"342 ","Tom ","Lund-Lack ","Owner ","ArtActiv Ltd ","East of England"
"343 ","Julia ","Hewett ","Director ","Artemis Technical Services ","East of England"
"344 ","Penny ","Gancheva ","Chartered Manager ","Arthemis Consulting Ltd ","London"
"345 ","Heidi ","Bannister ","MD ","Arthur Edward Associates Limited ","South East"
"346 ","Richard ","Mumford ","Principal ","Arthur Griffiths and Mumford ","West Midlands"
"347 ","Michael ","Kalisperas ","Owner ","Artic Signs Ltd ","West Midlands"
"348 ","Ben ","Galloway ","Managing Director ","Artifex London Limited ","North East"
"349 ","Annabel ","Wright ","Managing Director ","Artisan Brandt Plc ","South East"
"350 ","Trish ","Gajic ","Owner ","Artofyarn ","South East"
"351 ","Janet ","Nelson ","Owner ","ArtSea ","Scotland"
"352 ","Andrew ","Speakman ","Managing Director ","AS Clothing Ltd ","North West"
"353 ","Richard ","Cooper ","MD ","ASA Business Consulting ","East of England"
"354 ","John ","Haigh ","Owner and Director ","Ascent Business Support Ltd ","West Midlands"
"355 ","Andrew ","O'Brien ","Director ","ASCL Partners Ltd ","North East"
"356 ","Nitin ","Sethi ","MD ","Ascot International ","North West"
"357 ","Bruce ","Boulden ","Partner ","Ashby house video ","East of England"
"358 ","Paul ","Dean ","Proprietor ","Ashdown Farm ","South West"
"359 ","Rosemary ","Izzard ","Owner ","Ashfield House Day Nursery ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"360 ","Vivienne ","Mills ","Owner ","Ashley Book Farm ","West Midlands"
"361 ","Alan ","Dover ","MD ","Ashley-Edison International Ltd. (UK) ","East of England"
"362 ","Ashley ","Perraton-Williams ","Managing Director ","AshPetServs Ltd ","East of England"
"363 ","Nick ","Hazell ","Director ","Ashtree Roofing Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"364 ","paul ","Byron ","Director ","Ashwood Electrical Installations Ltd ","East of England"
"365 ","Andrzej ","Kurowski ","Owner/Director ","Asia Europe Trade Ltd ","North West"
"366 ","Shafiqul ","Islam ","Director ","Asiatic Ltd ","London"
"367 ","Ryan ","Scott ","Computer Specialist ","Asimtek I.T ","Northern Ireland"
"368 ","Jason ","Perry ","Director ","ASL Recruitment Ltd ","South East"
"369 ","Jeremy ","Coates ","Director ","Aspect Building Solutions Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"370 ","Paul ","Trofimov ","Managing Director ","Aspen Retirement Limited ","West Midlands"
"371 ","Paul ","Waite ","Chief executive ","Aspen Waite ","South West"
"372 ","David ","Aspinall ","Executive Chairman ","Aspinalls Group Limited ","London"
"373 ","Paul ","Farrer ","Chairman ","Aspire ","London"
"374 ","Neil ","Hammacott ","Director ","Aspire Electrical Ltd ","East of England"
"375 ","Josef ","Sucharewicz ","Director ","Assec ","London"
"376 ","Roy ","Goff ","Chairman ","Asset and Capital Investments Limited ","London"
"377 ","Drew ","Mellor ","Director ","Asset and Corporate Finance Limited ","South East"
"378 ","Campbell ","Gordon ","Partner ","Optimus Capital LLP ","London"
"379 ","Iain ","Baillie ","Founder ","Asset Match Limited ","London"
"380 ","Michael ","Kangau Partner ","Asset Quest Ltd T/A Charringtons ","London"
"381 ","Ben ","Sweeting Director ","Asset Resourcing Limited ","South East"
"382 ","Andrew ","Holgate Managing Director ","Assetz Capital Limited ","North West"
"383 ","Stuart ","Law Founder and CEO ","Assetz plc ","North West"
"384 ","Philip ","Barrett Director ","Association of Dance and Performing Arts Ltd ","North West"
"385 ","Ian ","Benger Director ","Assured Searches Ltd ","South West"
"386 ","Philip ","Clarke Director ","Asterley Clarke Ltd ","South East"
"387 ","David ","Sansom Director ","Astralmax Couriers Ltd ","East of England"
"388 ","Steven ","Ward Director ","Astro Mechancial Handling LTD ","West Midlands"
"389 ","Terry ","Baron MD ","ATB Plastics LTD ","East of England"
"390 ","Andy ","Beach Director ","Atelm Ltd ","South West"
"391 ","Siriluck ","Edwards Owner / Principal ","Athais Ltd ","South West"
"392 ","David ","Tivey Director ","Athlete Physical Performance Limited ","North West"
"393 ","Devya ","Athwal Director ","Athwal Resourcing ","West Midlands"
"394 ","Dave ","Atkinson owner ","Atkinson Contracting ","South West"
"395 ","Peter ","Silvester Farmer ","Atlantic Cottage Farm ","South West"
"396 ","Chris ","Reynolds Owner ","Atlantic International ","South East"
"397 ","Sarah ","Buckley Director ","Atlas Cosmetic Medicine ","East of England"
"398 ","Andrew ","Newstead Managing Director ","ATN Teaching and Consultancy Services Ltd ","South West"
"399 ","Andrew ","Atalla Founder ","Atom42 ","London"
"400 ","Paul ","Wilde Group Finance Director ","ATP Industries Group Ltd ","West Midlands"
"401 ","Marcus ","Reeder CEO ","Atpledge Ltd ","East Midlands"
"402 ","Darren ","Bamforth Director ","Atraxa Consulting Limited ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"403 ","Frederic ","de Ryckman de BeManaging Director ","Attic Self Storage ","London"
"404 ","Alex ","Findlow sales director ","Attock Networks ","North West"
"405 ","Andrew ","Winrow Director ","ATW IT Services ","North West"
"406 ","Alfred ","Yazdiha Director ","Aubtino Ltd ","London"
"407 ","Andrew ","Buchanan Director ","Auchneiven ltd ","West Midlands"
"408 ","George ","Robbins CEO and Founder ","Audience Loop Limited ","London"
"409 ","Catherine ","Fraser Director ","Audio Projects Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"410 ","Jerry ","Lewin Director ","Audio T Ltd ","South East"
"411 ","Nitin ","Patel Director ","Auromeera Wines ","East of England"
"412 ","Alan ","Perkins Managing Director ","Aurora Properties Limited ","East of England"
"413 ","Steve ","O'Hehir Sales Manager ","Aurum Solutions Ltd ","South East"
"414 ","Paul ","Newman Director ","Austin Newman Ltd ","West Midlands"
"415 ","Paul ","Varley MD ","Autool Grinders ","North West"
"416 ","Bruce ","Warman Director ","AutoXP ","South East"
"417 ","Sandra ","Daniells properietor- managing directorAutumn Lodge Ltd ",,"South East"
"418 ","Andrew Chipp ","Director ","Avanta UK Limited ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"419 ","Phillip Walter ","Chief Executive ","Avantia ","London"
"420 ","Craig Traynor ","Director ","Avarix Limited ","Scotland"
"421 ","Angus Fleming ","MD ","Aviation Enterprises Ltd ","South West"
"422 ","Dorothy Bain ","Director ","Aviemore Kart Raceway Limited ","Scotland"
"423 ","John Pickup ","Chairman ","Avington Systems Limited ","London"
"424 ","Martine Browne ","Company Secretary ","Avon Angling Centre ","South East"
"425 ","John Verdon ","Chief Operating Officer ","Avon Metals Ltd ","South West"
"426 ","Andrew Sully ","Director ","Avondale Valley Homes Ltd ","South West"
"427 ","Bahman Adlkish ","Partner ","Avonside motors ","West Midlands"
"428 ","Diane Shawe ","Director ","AVPT Ltd Short Courses Experts ","East of England"
"429 ","Andy Walters ","MD ","AW Electrical Ltd ","West Midlands"
"430 ","Amarjit SinghDassan ","Director ","Award Apparel Ltd. ","London"
"431 ","Paul Davies ","Owner ","AWDLaw LLP ","South East"
"432 ","Michael Awin ","managing Partner ","Awin Barratt Siegel Wine Agencies LLP ","South East"
"433 ","Grant Edwards ","Managing Director ","Axair Fans UK Ltd ","North West"
"434 ","Ben Bullingham ","Director ","Axim IT ","South West"
"435 ","Michael Dovey ","Managing director ","Axis Boats UK ltd ","North West"
"436 ","Mark Vipond ","Managing Director ","Axon Components Ltd. ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"437 ","Nigel Elwes ","Partner ","Aylesfield Farms Stud ","South West"
"438 ","Amar Azad ","Founder ","Azad ","Wales"
"439 ","Joel Rosenblatt ","Chairman ","Azullo ","North West"
"440 ","Elizabeth Hollingshead ","Owner partner ","B and J Hollingshead and son ","East Midlands"
"441 ","Sharon Atkins ","Director ","B and S Dairy Foods Ltd ","West Midlands"
"442 ","Linda Horrocks ","Director ","B Horrocks Ltd ","North West"
"443 ","Mahesh Chohan ","Manager ","B K Estates Holdings T/A Elegance Drycleaners ","London"
"444 ","Anthony Ball ","Director ","B. Ball Contractors Ltd ","South East"
"445 ","Marc Calder ","Sales Director ","BACA Safety and Workwear ","East Midlands"
"446 ","Christopher Talbot ","Owner ","Badge Boys Inc ","North East"
"447 ","Jon Baggaley ","Director ","Baggaley Building Services Ltd ","East Midlands"
"448 ","Ian Bailey ","Director ","Baileygomm Ltd. ","East of England"
"449 ","Wendy Baker ","Director/Co Secretary ","Baker Fencing Ltd ","Wales"
"450 ","Neil Ballantyne ","Managing Director ","Ballantynes of Walkerburn Ltd ","Scotland"
"451 ","Dave Bamber ","Managing director ","Bambers contractors ltd ","North West"
"452 ","David Hardman ","Director ","Bamboo ","North West"
"453 ","Sarah Puckey ","Owner ","Bambu Cafe ","South West"
"454 ","Judith Russell ","Director ","Bamptons ","South East"
"455 ","Patricia Payne ","Managing Director ","Bandrum Nursing Home Limited ","Scotland"
"456 ","Raj ","Bangar ","Managing Director ","Bangar Property Developers Ltd ","South East"
"457 ","wayne ","bester ","Owner ","Bank House Farm Caravan Park ","North West"
"458 ","David ","Burr ","Senior partner ","Banks and Burr ","West Midlands"
"459 ","Chris ","Amos ","Owner ","Bankside Space ","London"
"460 ","Darren ","Bannocks ","Joint Managing Director ","Bannocks Marble Co Ltd ","West Midlands"
"461 ","Huw ","Stephens ","Director ","Barbury shooting school ","South West"
"462 ","Paul ","smith ","Owner ","Barcombe Forestry ","South East"
"463 ","Chris ","Bardini ","MD ","Bardini engineering Ltd ","South West"
"464 ","Andrea ","hallam ","Director ","Bardo Electrical Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"465 ","Melanie ","Lawson ","Founder ","Bare Biology ","South East"
"466 ","John ","Goonan ","Managing director ","Barlochan House Care Home ","Scotland"
"467 ","Sarah ","Barnard ","Director ","Barnard Scott Ltd ","South West"
"468 ","Bruce ","Perrin ","Managing Director ","Barnes and Mullins Ltd ","West Midlands"
"469 ","Jamie ","Barnes ","Managing Director ","Barnes Gardening Service ","South East"
"470 ","Keith ","Barnfield ","Managing partner ","Barnfields ","London"
"471 ","Jeremy ","Heynes ","MD ","Barraclough and Stiles Opticians ","South East"
"472 ","Paul ","Barrett ","Founder ","Barrett Laycock Financial Management ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"473 ","Simon ","Barrett ","Managing Director ","Barrett-Lee ","East of England"
"474 ","Barrie ","Tankel ","Principal ","Barrie Tankel Project Management ","South East"
"475 ","Barry ","Dean ","MD ","Barry Dean Associates Ltd ","North West"
"476 ","Charles ","Beal ","Technical Director ","Bartec Auto Id Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"477 ","Philip ","Barton ","Director ","Barton Systems Europe ","North West"
"478 ","James ","Wyatt ","Partner ","Barton Wyatt ","South East"
"479 ","Jennifer ","Monnickendam ","Director ","Bascule Properties ","East of England"
"480 ","Warren ","Evans ","Director ","Base Studios ","West Midlands"
"481 ","Dave ","Smith ","Managing Director ","Basement And Drainage Systems Ltd ","North West"
"482 ","Georgina ","Phillips ","Director ","Basildon Glassworks Ltd ","South East"
"483 ","Martin ","Metcalf ","CEO ","Basis Technologies Holdings Ltd ","South East"
"484 ","Roderick ","Walker ","Chairman ","Bathgate Silica Sand Ltd ","North West"
"485 ","Craig ","Dessoy ","Managing Director ","Bathroom Heaven Ltd ","London"
"486 ","Mark ","Broadway ","Director ","Bathroom installers ","South East"
"487 ","Darren ","Anstee ","Director ","Battle Advisory Services Ltd ","South East"
"488 ","Michael ","Carter ","M.D. ","Bawtry Plant Ltd ","East of England"
"489 ","Kevin ","Storey ","Director ","Baxter and King Construction Limited ","East of England"
"490 ","Steve ","Double ","Director ","Bay Direct Media (SW) Ltd ","South West"
"491 ","Linda ","Murry ","Joint owner ","Bay House Hotel ","Scotland"
"492 ","Laura ","Wood ","MD ","Bayer-Wood Technologies Limited ","South West"
"493 ","Tofozzul ","Miah ","Director ","Bayleaf Restaurant Ltd ","South West"
"494 ","Adrian ","Slater ","Managing Director ","Baylis and Harding ","West Midlands"
"495 ","Maria ","Baty ","Owner/director ","BBTF travel ltd ","South East"
"496 ","Breda ","Gajsek ","Director ","BCNH ","London"
"497 ","Roger ","Bramble ","Chairman ","BDB Ltd ","London"
"498 ","Richard ","Long ","Proprietor ","BDT (UK) LIMITED ","South West"
"499 ","Pravin ","Ahluwalia ","Director ","Bean Ice Gelateria Limited T/A BeaNicE ","London"
"500 ","Michael ","Howell ","Director ","Bearoak Corporate Services Limited ","South East"
"501 ","Charles ","Manning ","MD ","Bears Boutique Ltd ","East of England"
"502 ","Patrick ","Duffy ","MD ","Beatons Tearooms Ltd ","East of England"
"503 ","Mike ","Miserotti ","MD ","Beau Gems Jewellers ","London"
"504 ","Glen ","Horn ","Managing Director ","Beau Nash Consultancy ","East of England"
"505 ","Edward ","Bonnar ","Director ","Beaufort and Blake Ltd ","East of England"
"506 ","Coral ","Sheldrake ","Partner ","Beaumont Farm ","East of England"
"507 ","Michael ","Wall ","Managing Director ","Beaumont Robinson Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"508 ","Nigel ","Beaumont ","Director ","Beaumont Solutions Ltd ","South East"
"509 ","Jayne ","Santi ","Owner ","Beauty Calls ","South East"
"510 ","Gill ","Sabine ","Director ","Beauty Tec Limited ","London"
"511 ","Daniel ","Millington ","Director ","Beck Samson Ltd ","East of England"
"512 ","Paul ","Donegan ","Director ","Bedeck Ltd ","Northern Ireland"
"513 ","Tim ","Smalley ","MD ","Bedmax Ltd ","East of England"
"514 ","Michael ","Havard ","Director ","Bedrock BD Ltd ","North West"
"515 ","Christopher ","Beebee ","Manager ","Beebee Productions ","West Midlands"
"516 ","Beverley ","Jenkins ","Managing Director ","Beed Virtual Assistants Services Ltd ","East of England"
"517 ","David ","Cooke ","Owner ","Beeline Driver Training ","South East"
"518 ","Edward ","Beeson ","Director ","Beesons Limited ","North West"
"519 ","Geoff ","Poland ","Director ","Belbury Financial Planning Ltd ","South East"
"520 ","John ","Little ","Director ","Belford M O T Centre Ltd ","North East"
"521 ","Michael ","Kartono ","MS ","Belgica UK ltd ","Scotland"
"522 ","Nick ","Dines ","Owner ","Belgrave Communications Limited ","London"
"523 ","Peter ","Booth ","Founder and Director ","Believe in Veterans Limited ","North West"
"524 ","Peter ","Hill ","Chairman ","Bellis-Jones Hill Group Ltd ","London"
"525 ","Glyn ","Belton ","Owner ","beltons auto service ","East Midlands"
"526 ","Peverel ","Manners ","Managing Director ","Belvoir Fruit Farms Limited ","East Midlands"
"527 ","Jeremy ","Wasden ","Owner ","Belvoir Lettings Uxbridge ","London"
"528 ","Paul ","Bence ","Managing Director ","Bence's Builders Merchants ","South West"
"529 ","Jonathan ","Worsley ","CEO ","Bench Events ","East of England"
"530 ","Jon ","Hughes ","Managing Director ","Benham and Reeves ","London"
"531 ","Ben ","Campbell ","Managing director ","Benjamin C Campbell engineering ltd ","North West"
"532 ","Nicola ","Benjamin ","Director Benjamin Logistics ","London"
"533 ","Bhupendra ","Patel ","Director Bens Supermarket Ltd ","South East"
"534 ","Mike ","Lawrence ","Director Bentpenny Ltd. ","South West"
"535 ","Robert ","Fryer ","Director BenzTec Ltd ","West Midlands"
"536 ","Peter ","Wilson ","Managing Director Beresford Consultants Limited ","South East"
"537 ","Gerald ","White ","CEO Berforts Information Press Limited ","South East"
"538 ","Grahame ","Berkeley ","Chairman Berkeley Burke Holdings Ltd ","East Midlands"
"539 ","Surbjit ","Chadda ","Director Berkshire Properties Ltd ","South East"
"540 ","John ","Wilson ","Director Berlin Bonn & Co Ltd ","London"
"541 ","Mitko ","Delev ","Managing Director Bernard Geomatics Limited ","South West"
"542 ","Andrew ","Bernardi ","Director Bernardi Music Group (BMGLive Ltd) ","South East"
"543 ","Lee ","Berridge ","Managing Director Berridge Trading Limited ","North West"
"544 ","Duncan ","Wild ","Director Berties ","East of England"
"545 ","Lynda ","Davie ","Partner Bertram's ","North East"
"546 ","Adam ","Hosker ","Director and Mortgage AdvisorBespoke Finance Limited ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"547 ","Monica ","Janssens ","Owner Bespoke Private Tuition ","South East"
"548 ","Heather ","Rench ","Owner Best Childcare ","East of England"
"549 ","Steve ","Woods ","Owner/Proprietor Best Gardens of Colchester ","East of England"
"550 ","David ","Staveley ","Owner Best Tyres Autocentres ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"551 ","Alex ","Rube ","Owner Manager Bestwater Purifiers ","South West"
"552 ","Mike ","Bettridge ","Owner Bettridge & Co ","South East"
"553 ","Naomi ","Wooderson ","Company Director Bexley Harpsichords Ltd. ","South East"
"554 ","Benjamin ","Franklin ","Director Beyond Better Ltd ","South West"
"555 ","Louise ","Richley ","MD Beyond Digital Solutions Ltd ","North East"
"556 ","Jeremy ","Wheeler ","Managing Partner BFC Consultancy Services ","East Midlands"
"557 ","Lorraine ","Morgan ","Admin, payroll BGM Installations ","South West"
"558 ","Harry ","Becher ","Founder BHB Partners Ltd ","London"
"559 ","Nigel ","Letherbarrow ","Company Secretary BHGS Ltd ","West Midlands"
"560 ","Eric ","Ayres ","Chairman BHW Group Ltd ","London"
"561 ","Jane ","Mccoy ","Director Bibi and Mac ","South West"
"562 ","Jimmi ","Jakobsen ","Managing director Bidatask Ltd ","London"
"563 ","James ","Bryant ","Managing Director Big Glass Limited ","East of England"
"564 ","John ","MacQueen ","Director BigFire LTD ","South West"
"565 ","Carolyn ","Cook ","Partner Bill Child Formal Wear ","West Midlands"
"566 ","William ","Johnson ","Director Bill Johnson Design Services ","West Midlands"
"567 ","Emma ","Ellis ","Managing Director BioCare Limited ","West Midlands"
"568 ","Paul ","Booker ","M.D. Bionanovate Limited ","South West"
"569 ","Bethany ","Sawyer ","Manager Biopharm UK Ltd ","Wales"
"570 ","Stefan ","Ogrodzinski ","Director/CEO ","BioStatus ","East Midlands"
"571 ","Wayne ","Reynolds ","Director ","Birchwood Knight ","London"
"572 ","Karen ","Wainwright ","Director ","Bird of Paradise London ","London"
"573 ","John ","Sims ","Director ","Birmingham Electrical Training ","West Midlands"
"574 ","Bev ","Muizelaar ","Proprietor ","Birtley CB Services ","North East"
"575 ","Guy ","Tomblin ","Director ","Bison Plant Hire ","South West"
"576 ","Mark ","Bidewell ","Managing Director ","Bison Print Limited ","South East"
"577 ","Matt ","Gubba ","CEO ","BizBritain ","South East"
"578 ","David ","Edwards ","Managing Director ","BizTrain Fire Safety ","East of England"
"579 ","Jordan ","Madeley ","Director ","BizzleIt ","North West"
"580 ","Eddie ","Barnes ","Owner/Managing Director ","BJIC Ltd ","South East"
"581 ","Tara ","Dixon ","Office Assistant ","BKD Wealth Management ","South East"
"582 ","Fraser ","Mills ","Owner ","Black Dog Farm Bed and Breakfast ","South West"
"583 ","Graham ","Nalty ","Owner ","Black Rhodium ","East Midlands"
"584 ","Ian ","Blackford ","Director ","Blackford Telecoms Ltd ","South East"
"585 ","Negar ","Yazdani ","Partner ","BlackLion Law LLP ","London"
"586 ","Oliver ","Marshall ","Proprietor ","Blacksmith of Worcester ","West Midlands"
"587 ","David ","Woolf ","Chairman ","Blackstone Insurance Brokers Ltd ","North West"
"588 ","Sallie ","Hendry ","Managing Partner ","Blair Estate Scotland LLP ","Scotland"
"589 ","Paul ","Morgan ","Owner ","Blakelands Country House ","West Midlands"
"590 ","Nicola ","Faris-Wilson ","Financial Strategic Director ","Blencathra Alloys ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"591 ","Jane ","Pascoe ","MD ","Blenheim Gardens Management Company ","South East"
"592 ","Karen ","Mason ","Director ","Blindwell Consultants ","East Midlands"
"593 ","Alison ","Seaward-Birchall ","Director ","Bloom HR Solutions ltd ","North East"
"594 ","Peter ","Cooper ","Founder/Director ","Bloomsbury Property Services ","London"
"595 ","Paul ","Nash ","Proprietor ","Blowfish ","Wales"
"596 ","Michael ","McCalmont ","Director ","Bloxham Mill Limited ","South East"
"597 ","Stuart ","Partridge ","Managing Director ","Blue Mushroom Limited ","South East"
"598 ","Tony ","Seaton ","Associate Director ","Blue Sky Corporate Finance ","West Midlands"
"599 ","Dave ","Jeanes ","Owner ","Blue Sky Promotions ","South West"
"600 ","Nicholas ","Burnell ","Managing Director ","BlueHaven Capital Partners Limited ","London"
"601 ","Rob ","Smith ","Managing Director ","Blueleaf ","North West"
"602 ","Richard ","Backen ","Owner ","Bluewaters Bed and Breakfast ","South West"
"603 ","Joanne ","Burns ","CEO ","BluZinc ","South East"
"604 ","Jimmy ","Butler ","Senior partner ","Blythburgh Free Range Pigs ","East of England"
"605 ","Robert ","Merritt ","MD ","BMB Structural Steelwork Ltd ","West Midlands"
"606 ","Jeff ","Edwards ","Proprietor ","BoatPartsWarehouse ","North West"
"607 ","Bob ","Bayley ","MD ","Bob Bayley Partnership ","South East"
"608 ","Joanne ","Potter ","Share holder ","Bob Potter Leisure Ltd ","East of England"
"609 ","Nilesh ","Shah ","MD ","Bobbys UK Limited ","London"
"610 ","Robin ","Boddington ","Owner ","Boddingtons Shipping ","East of England"
"611 ","Aaron ","Reader ","Owner ","Body Check Floatation Ltd ","North East"
"612 ","Alex ","Mayer ","Managing Director ","Boiler Servicing 24 7 ","South East"
"613 ","Tim ","Roberts ","Director ","Bollin Construction Ltd ","East of England"
"614 ","Clive ","Bond ","Director ","Bond Consultants Limited ","North West"
"615 ","Philip ","Courtenay-Luck ","Managing Director ","Bonds Confectionery Ltd ","East Midlands"
"616 ","Jane ","Macpherson ","Owner ","Boogie Woogie ","Scotland"
"617 ","Nicholas ","Balderson ","Director ","Bookfield ltd ","South West"
"618 ","Katy ","Cowan ","Managing Director ","Boomerang Communications Ltd ","North West"
"619 ","Valerie ","Mant ","Owner ","Border Bookkeeping and Payroll Services ","West Midlands"
"620 ","Paul ","Myers ","MD ","Border Holdings uk ltd ","West Midlands"
"621 ","Paul ","Borrow-Longain ","Managing Director ","Borrow Longain International Ltd ","South West"
"622 ","Steven ","Borwell-Fox ","MD ","Borwell ","West Midlands"
"623 ","Andreea ","Bostan ","MD ","Bostico International ","South West"
"624 ","Colin ","Darroch ","Managing Director ","Boston Healthcare Limited ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"625 ","Sarah ","Paice ","Accounts Manager ","Botley Commercials Ltd ","South East"
"626 ","David ","Batten ","Director ","Bottom Line Focus Inc. Limited ","London"
"627 ","Elizabeth ","Overs ","Managing Director ","Boudicca Financial Solutions Ltd ","East of England"
"628 ","Stephen ","Boult ","Director/Owner ","Boult limited ","South East"
"629 ","David W ","Miller ","Managing Director ","Boustead International Heaters ltd ","East of England"
"630 ","Andrew ","Lait ","Partner ","Boutique 3 ","South West"
"631 ","Philip ","Harding ","Director ","Boutique Bar Brands ","London"
"632 ","Tony ","Cook ","Managing Director ","Bowen's Garage ","West Midlands"
"633 ","Caspar ","Bowes ","Proprietor ","Bowes Wine Limited ","South West"
"634 ","Ernie ","Hill ","Sales Director ","Bowmonk Ltd ","East of England"
"635 ","Anders ","Bohea ","Managing Director ","BoxChilli Marketing ","South East"
"636 ","Dave ","Sargent ","Director ","Boxer Communications Ltd. ","East Midlands"
"637 ","David ","Boyd ","Chairman ","Boyd International Group ","Northern Ireland"
"638 ","William ","Swan ","Managing Director ","BPR Group Europe Ltd ","London"
"639 ","William ","Hanson ","Director ","Brackenridge Hanson Tate ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"640 ","Sara ","Homer ","Executive Chairman ","Brackmills Business Improvement Ltd ","East Midlands"
"641 ","Peter ","Davies ","Director ","Bradbeers ","East of England"
"642 ","John P ","Stephenson ","Director ","Bradley Mill Caravan Park Ltd ","North East"
"643 ","George ","Rodd ","Business Manager ","Bradleys Cars Ltd. ","South East"
"644 ","Mark ","Mitchell ","Managing Director ","Braemore Consultancy ","East of England"
"645 ","Anthony ","Johns ","MD "," Ltd ","East of England"
"646 ","Belinda ","Puaar ","MD ","Brand Bags Ltd ","London"
"647 ","John ","Calvert ","MD ","Brando Productions ","South West"
"648 ","Bahadar ","Singhera ","Director / Owner ","Branksome Care ","South West"
"649 ","Karen ","Tomalin ","Director ","Bras 2U ltd ","West Midlands"
"650 ","Richard ","Brash ","Managing Director ","Brash Solutions Limited ","East of England"
"651 ","Peter ","Williams ","Director ","Breentan Ltd ","South West"
"652 ","Joseph ","Robinson ","Partner ","Breighton Cats Lodge ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"653 ","Mark ","Parry ","Director ","Brenig Construction ","Wales"
"654 ","David ","Brewer ","Chairman ","Brewer and Bunney Ltd ","South West"
"655 ","Brian ","Currie ","chairman ","Brian Currie Milton Keynes Ltd ","South East"
"656 ","Brian ","Holt ","Director ","Brian Holt Chartered Surveyors and Estate Agents ","West Midlands"
"657 ","Wendy ","Lambert ","Director ","Brian Lambert Associates ","South East"
"658 ","Brian ","Mellor ","Director ","Brian Mellor Financial Services Ltd ","West Midlands"
"659 ","Jane ","Marjason-Stamp ","Director ","Brick Game Ltd ","East of England"
"660 ","Stephan ","Van Wyk ","Practice Pricipal/Director ","Bridge Dental Centre Ltd ","London"
"661 ","Stephen ","David ","CEO ","Bridge Mergers and Acquisitions Limited ","South West"
"662 ","Neill ","Flannery ","Director ","Bridgnorth Tyre Centre ","West Midlands"
"663 ","Lee ","Parker ","Director ","Bright Financial Planning Limited ","East of England"
"664 ","James ","Uffindell ","CEO ","Bright Network ","London"
"665 ","Hugh ","Cheswright ","Partner ","Bright Spark Advertising ","North East"
"666 ","David ","Goodyear ","Owner ","Brightstore ","West Midlands"
"667 ","Mark ","Burnell ","Owner ","Bristol Locksmiths and Security ","South West"
"668 ","Andrew ","Smith ","Operations Director ","Britannia Blinds (Norfolk) Ltd ","East of England"
"669 ","Brian ","Sheridan ","Director ","Britannic Developments Ltd ","London"
"670 ","Anila ","Preston ","CEO ","British Alpaca Fashion Company ","South West"
"671 ","Abbey King ","Khawaja ","Director ","British Eco Power Ltd ","London"
"672 ","Clive ","Williamson ","Director ","British Home Entertainment Ltd ","East of England"
"673 ","Richard ","Crosby ","Managing Director ","BrizTech Ltd. ","South West"
"674 ","Lance ","Adams ","Partner ","Broad Oak Manor Nursing Home ","East of England"
"675 ","Kerry ","Hopkins ","Managing Director ","Broadcast Ready ","East of England"
"676 ","Gordon ","Cupper ","Director ","Broadheath Construction Ltd ","West Midlands"
"677 ","Michael ","Hodges ","Director ","Broadway Heritage ","West Midlands"
"678 ","Robert ","Campany ","Managing Director ","Brodie Marshall & Co Limited ","London"
"679 ","Mark ","Bamkin ","Finance Director ","Brokerbility Ltd ","East Midlands"
"680 ","David ","Turcan ","Owner ","Brompton Food Market ","London"
"681 ","Tim ","Brear ","Director/co-owner ","Brook Dobson Brear ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"682 ","Oliver ","Marshall ","Director ","Brooks Marshall ","London"
"683 ","Steve ","Victory ","Director ","Brookson (5112D) ltd ","London"
"684 ","Guy ","Imray ","Partner Brown and Brand surveyors ","East of England"
"685 ","Louise ","Brown ","Director Browns Accountancy and Taxation Ltd ","South West"
"686 ","Martin ","Measures ","Director Brushdale Environmental Ltd ","South West"
"687 ","Roger ","Wilkinson ","Proprietor Bryn Rosa Guest House ","Wales"
"688 ","Ash ","Sodha ","Director BTC Group ","London"
"689 ","Josh ","Barber ","Co-Founder/ Partner BubbleLinc ","East Midlands"
"690 ","Rachael ","Hamilton ","Owner Buccleuch arms ","Scotland"
"691 ","Bruce ","Buckland ","Director Buckland Architecture Ltd. ","South East"
"692 ","Chris ","Santry ","Owner Bucks Schoolwear Plus ","South East"
"693 ","Nikki ","Budd ","Owner Budd's. . Flowers by Design ","South East"
"694 ","Daniel ","Dollin ","Director Bude Computers Ltd ","South West"
"695 ","Budge ","Dhariwal ","MD Budge Brands Ltd ","West Midlands"
"696 ","Roddy ","Watt ","CEO Buell Group ","South East"
"697 ","Ion ","Patriche ","Managing Director Build Wise One Company Four Solutions Limited ","London"
"698 ","Chris ","Richardson ","Director Bull Detailing ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"699 ","Daniel ","Skordis ","Managing Director Bulldog Global Financial Services ","London"
"700 ","Rob ","Corney ","Group Managing Director Bulldog Licensing Limited ","London"
"701 ","James ","Stewart ","Owner Burgate Investments Ltd ","South East"
"702 ","Kabeer ","Kher ","Proprietor Burger Club Portstewart ","Northern Ireland"
"703 ","Steven ","Burkinshaw ","Founder Burkinshaw Printing ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"704 ","Richard ","Vass ","MD Burland Technology Solutions Limited ","East of England"
"705 ","Mike ","Wall ","MD Fresh Insurance Services Group Limited ","West Midlands"
"706 ","Andrew ","Davies ","Owner Burroughs Dance Centre ","South West"
"707 ","Peter ","Burton ","Director Burton Collingwood Ltd ","North East"
"708 ","Pauline ","Greenwood ","Owner Manager Burton Mount Country House ","South West"
"709 ","Paul ","Baxter ","Director Newstar Associates Ltd ","East of England"
"710 ","Linda ","Kluk ","Director Bushey Auctions ","South East"
"711 ","Susan ","Knight ","Owner Business Boosters ","South East"
"712 ","Anita ","Bailey ","Director Business Brokers Ltd ","South West"
"713 ","Bob ","Howat ","Owner Business Consultants (International) Ltd ","East of England"
"714 ","Graham ","Compton ","Director Business Edge Technologies Ltd ","South East"
"715 ","Stuart ","Smith ","MD Business Imp ","West Midlands"
"716 ","Arunkumar J ","Patel ","Founder Business Match ","London"
"717 ","Simon ","Conington ","Founder and Managing DirectoBusiness Partnership Services Ltd ","South East"
"718 ","David ","Clilverd ","Manager BusinessGardens ","East of England"
"719 ","Roy ","Seeman ","Proprietor Butchers Solutions ","East of England"
"720 ","Alan ","Butters ","Chairman Butters Marquees ","West Midlands"
"721 ","Mark ","Beresford ","Director Buxton Beresford Financial Planning Ltd ","South East"
"722 ","Imdad ","Hussain ","Director ","Buy Dam Ltd ","East of England"
"723 ","Reginald ","Larry-Cole ","Managing Director ","Buy2LetCars ","South East"
"724 ","Dan ","Mountain ","CEO ","Buyagift Plc ","London"
"725 ","Derek ","Myers ","Managing Director "," Ltd ","South East"
"726 ","Jeremy ","Richards ","Director ","Buying Acumen ","South West"
"727 ","Ben ","Lickley ","Owner ","Buztek it services ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"728 ","Peter ","Mann ","Creative Director ","Buzz Associates Limited ","East of England"
"729 ","Matthew ","Sampson ","Director ","BW Taxis Ltd ","South West"
"730 ","Tim ","Loveridge ","Executive Director ","BWB Consulting Ltd ","East Midlands"
"731 ","Geoff ","Whitehouse ","Partner ","BWB Properties ","West Midlands"
"732 ","Anthony ","Bolton ","Chairman ","BWCL (Bolton Wand Computers Ltd) ","West Midlands"
"733 ","Catherine ","Williams ","Owner ","Bwlchygroes Farm Feeds ","Wales"
"734 ","Paul ","Byron ","DIRECTOR ","BYCONSULTANTS LTD ","East of England"
"735 ","Ollie ","Maitland ","Managing director ","Byng ","London"
"736 ","John ","Byron ","Managing Director ","Byron Park Properties Ltd ","West Midlands"
"737 ","Robin ","King ","Director ","Bytemedia Ltd ","Wales"
"738 ","Charlotte ","Goodwin ","Director ","C and A Properties ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"739 ","Paul ","Hacking ","Director / Owner ","C Franklin Ltd ","East of England"
"740 ","Christopher ","Simms ","Managing Director ","C J Events ","South East"
"741 ","Chris ","Lucy ","Partner ","C J Property Co ","London"
"742 ","Joanne ","Burns ","Broking Director ","C Lloyd Insurance Brokers Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"743 ","Nick ","Shepherd ","Director ","C2R Fast ltd ","West Midlands"
"744 ","Alison ","Wraight ","Director ","C3 Marketing Ltd ","East of England"
"745 ","Andrew ","Moffat ","Managing Director ","Cadogan Pier Limited ","London"
"746 ","Joanne ","Seabrook ","owner ","Cafe in the park ","East Midlands"
"747 ","Paul ","Cocks ","Managing Director ","Cafe Oasis ","South West"
"748 ","Joy ","Cain ","Bookkeeper ","Cainco Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"749 ","Robert ","Craig ","Owner ","Cairnhead Farm LTD ","North West"
"750 ","Stuart ","McGregor ","Managing Director ","Calcluth and Sangster Insurance Brokers Ltd ","Scotland"
"751 ","Simon ","Fyfe ","Managing Director ","Caldyne Building Contractors Ltd ","South East"
"752 ","Iain ","Cameron ","Managing Director ","Caley Construction Ltd ","Scotland"
"753 ","James ","Shaughnessy ","Director ","Calidad Support Services Ltd ","South East"
"754 ","Noel ","Williams ","Managing Director ","Calon Lan Community Care ","Wales"
"755 ","Diana ","Dickinson ","Marketing Director ","Cambridge Education International Centre ","East of England"
"756 ","Andrew ","Halket ","Director ","Cambridge Engineering Technology Ltd ","East of England"
"757 ","Rashid ","Ebrahimkhan ","Director ","Cambridge Nursing Home Ltd. ","London"
"758 ","Trevor ","Hames ","Director / Owner ","Cambridge Property Lettings ","East of England"
"759 ","David ","Batten ","Director ","Cambridge Scientific Solutions Ltd ","East Midlands"
"760 ","Stacia ","Greenaway ","Director Cambridge Timber Buildings Ltd ","East of England"
"761 ","Lisa ","Pilgr ","Managing director Cambridge Wine Ltd ","East of England"
"762 ","Angus ","Cameron ","Director Cambrook Foods Ltd ","South East"
"763 ","Philip ","Williams ","Owner/Director Campaign Sauce Ltd ","South East"
"764 ","Amanda ","Campbell ","Secretary and Accounts DirectoCampbell Associates Consulting Ltd ","South West"
"765 ","Gregg ","Stevens ","Project Controls Director Campbell Stevens Associates ","North East"
"766 ","Simon ","Glossop ","Director Camscorp ","London"
"767 ","Martin ","Worster ","Managing director Canonbury Antiques Ltd. ","London"
"768 ","Robert ","Schweizer ","Director Cantina (London) Ltd ","South East"
"769 ","Julian ","Percival ","Director Capex Asset Finance Ltd ","West Midlands"
"770 ","Michael ","Hampton ","Managing Director / Owner Capital Air Services Limited ","London"
"771 ","Albert ","Hay ","Chairman Capital and City Management Limited ","London"
"772 ","James ","Morgan ","Director Capital Equine Feeds ","East of England"
"773 ","Skender ","Bici ","Director Capial Joinery Ltd ","London"
"774 ","Adam ","Goff ","Director Capital Living ","London"
"775 ","John ","Doney ","Managing Director Capital Tower Ltd ","East of England"
"776 ","Roger ","Arveschoug ","Owner/Manager Capricorn Eco Timber Limited ","West Midlands"
"777 ","Stephen ","Peach ","Director Caps3 ","London"
"778 ","Mark ","Schofield ","Director Car Transplants ","North West"
"779 ","Cara ","Robaczynski ","Owner Cara Sports Therapy ","South West"
"780 ","Graham ","Marsh ","Owner/operator Caravan site ","East of England"
"781 ","Jamie ","Truscott ","Chairman Cardinus Risk Management ","South East"
"782 ","Paul ","Southgate ","Director Cards N Things ","East of England"
"783 ","Stuart ","Gremo ","Chairman Cardy Construction Limited ","South East"
"784 ","Neil ","Thorogood ","Finance director Care First Management Services Ltd ","West Midlands"
"785 ","Jane ","Mounsey ","Chief executive Carew Cottage Holiday Let ","South West"
"786 ","Sam ","Harris ","director Cargo247 ltd ","South East"
"787 ","Peter F ","Cushnie ","Managing Director Cargoteam UK Ltd ","East of England"
"788 ","Graham ","Crowe ","Partner Carham Estates ","West Midlands"
"789 ","Sam ","Clarke Holland ","Director Caring 4 U ","East of England"
"790 ","Carl ","Lago ","Sole Trader Carl Lago Property Services ","South East"
"791 ","Christine ","Finlayson ","Owner Carlisle Postiche Ltd ","North West"
"792 ","Iain A C ","Brown ","Principal Carlton Brown Associates ","Scotland"
"793 ","Jason ","Perry ","MD Carlton Building Plastics Ltd ","South East"
"794 ","Sara ","Roveta ","Director/founder Carlton Estate Agents ","London"
"795 ","Diane ","Young ","Managing Director Carnyx Group Limited ","London"
"796 ","Carol ","Butter ","Owner Carol Butter Accounting Services ","South West"
"797 ","Caroline ","Appelbe ","Owner Caroline Bromley-Gardner ","South West"
"798 ","William ","Thurston ","Director Carousel Bars Ltd ","East of England"
"799 ","Mary ","Gater ","Director Carpe DM Projects Ltd. ","Scotland"
"800 ","David ","Rushton ","Director Carpetgard Ltd ","North West"
"801 ","Steven ","Carroll ","Owner Carroll Engineering Limited ","South East"
"802 ","William ","Wngall ","Director Carshalton Structures Ltd ","South East"
"803 ","Peter ","Carter ","Partner Carter Turner ","East of England"
"804 ","Christopher ","Hands ","Directer Cartwright hands ","West Midlands"
"805 ","Henry ","Carver ","MD Carver (Wolverhampton) Ltd ","West Midlands"
"806 ","Arran ","Bordi ","Director Casa Italia ","North West"
"807 ","Emma ","Waterfall ","Founder and Managing DirectoCascade Communications ","London"
"808 ","Brendan ","Doyle ","CEO Cash Management Solutions ","North West"
"809 ","Michael ","Norrie ","Shareholder/Director Castle Corporate Finance Ltd ","South East"
"810 ","Garry ","Heath ","MD Castle Heath Ltd ","South East"
"811 ","Simon ","Townsend ","Owner Castle Heating Ltd ","South East"
"812 ","Michelle ","Akintoye ","Owner Castle Stars Educational Day Nursery ","South West"
"813 ","Ann ","Coombe ","Proprietor Castlefield Kennels ","East Midlands"
"814 ","Dan ","Thurlow ","Director Castrum Property Services ","London"
"815 ","Jack ","Rickard ","Director Catalysis ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"816 ","Ed ","Wass ","Director Catapult Venture Managers Limited ","London"
"817 ","Cate ","Munro ","Owner Cate Munro Media ","East Midlands"
"818 ","John ","Heaps ","Owner Category Solutions Ltd ","South East"
"819 ","Michael ","Eve ","Director Catering and Financial Services ","South East"
"820 ","Jane ","Smedley ","Creative Director Catherine and Jean Ltd ","London"
"821 ","Doreen ","Dawson ","Owner Cats2Stay ","North West"
"822 ","Michael ","Dickson ","Partner Catseye Cattery ","Scotland"
"823 ","Cindy ","Griffith ","Company Secretary Cavendish Brooke Financial Management ","London"
"824 ","Subhash V ","Thakrar ","Partner CBW LLP ","London"
"825 ","Mike ","Cleugh ","MD CCOSS Ltd ","South West"
"826 ","James ","Spencer ","Director CCR Recruitment Ltd ","London"
"827 ","Robert ","Mackenzie ","Owner CCS Estates ","Scotland"
"828 ","Andy ","Brown ","Managing Director CD Auction Group Ltd ","East Midlands"
"829 ","Denis ","Carter ","Director CDA. Studios Ltd ","Wales"
"830 ","Chris ","Minchin ","Director CDM Lettings ","Scotland"
"831 ","Christopher ","Partridge ","Director CDPartridge Consulting Ltd ","South East"
"832 ","Will ","Thomson ","Director CDS Marine Ltd ","East Midlands"
"833 ","David ","Pridham ","Managing Director CE-AIR UK Limited ","North West"
"834 ","Geoff ","Shingles ","Executive chairman Celebrus Technologies ","East of England"
"835 ","Anthony ","Carroll ","Owner Celtic Maritime ","East of England"
"836 ","Robert ","Carter ","Managing Director ","Central Cotton Co Ltd ","North West"
"837 ","Roy ","Kirk ","Managing Director ","Central Vehicle Hire ","Scotland"
"838 ","Malcolm ","Carruthers ","Medical Director ","Centre for Men's Health Ltd ","London"
"839 ","Richard ","Burbage ","Sales Director ","Centrix Limited ","East of England"
"840 ","Paul ","Corcut ","Director ","Century 21 Westminster ","London"
"841 ","Jeffrey ","Colville ","Managing Director ","Ceramic Systems and Sident Ltd ","London"
"842 ","Paul ","Bennett ","Chairman ","CE-TEK ","East Midlands"
"843 ","Paul ","Hilton ","Managing Director ","CFH Consulting Ltd ","North West"
"844 ","Paul ","Atkindon ","Ops Director ","CFMS ","South East"
"845 ","Dianne ","Brabham ","Director ","Chadshunt capital ltd ","West Midlands"
"846 ","Gillian ","Owton ","Director ","Chalcroft Farm Shops Ltd ","South East"
"847 ","Steve ","England ","Owner/Director ","Chalcroft Limited ","South West"
"848 ","William ","Ashby ","Director ","Challenge-control ","South East"
"849 ","John ","Challis ","Owner ","Challis Bright ","South East"
"850 ","Julie ","Annis ","Director of Operations ","Chamber Certification Assessment Services Ltd ","West Midlands"
"851 ","Andrew ","Ryde ","Partner ","Chamberlains Estates ","London"
"852 ","Jamie ","Smalley ","Director ","Chambers Ling Ltd ","London"
"853 ","Jason ","Duncan ","Operations Director ","Chameleon School of Construction ","East Midlands"
"854 ","Sian ","Ball ","Designer/ owner ","Chamomile Baby ","East Midlands"
"855 ","Leon ","Chua ","Partner ","Chan Neill Solicitors ","London"
"856 ","Iain ","Littlejohn ","Director ","Change Audit Ltd ","South East"
"857 ","Victoria ","Lee ","Practice Manager ","Chantry Vets Ltd ","North East"
"858 ","Jamie ","Chapman ","Owner ","Chapman Button ","London"
"859 ","David ","Chapman ","Director ","Chapman FS ","North West"
"860 ","John ","Chapman ","Photographer ","Chapman Photography Ltd ","West Midlands"
"861 ","Victoria ","Chapman ","Managing Director ","Chapman physiotherapy ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"862 ","Gavin ","Chapman ","Director ","Chapman's Refrigeration Ltd ","South East"
"863 ","Daniel ","Bladen ","CEO ","Chargifi ","London"
"864 ","Barrie ","Jones ","Managing Director ","Charismatic Ltd t/a Survival-32 ","South East"
"865 ","Charles ","Crisp ","Owner ","Charles Crisp Associates ","South West"
"866 ","Jonathan ","Arter ","Director ","Charles Crookes ","Wales"
"867 ","Jeremy ","Charles ","Director ","Charles Dean ","London"
"868 ","Charles ","Gale ","MD ","Charles Gale Consulting ","East of England"
"869 ","Hannah ","Lamb ","MD ","Charles Lamb Residential Lettings Ltd ","North East"
"870 ","Bobby ","Ijaz ","Director ","Charles Sinclair Ltd ","London"
"871 ","Douglas ","Conn ","Owner ","Charles Vermont ","North West"
"872 ","Tom ","Jones ","director ","Charlotte Street Capital ","London"
"873 ","Demetra ","Pinsent ","CEO ","Charlotte Tilbury Beauty ","London"
"874 ","Alex ","Wrethman ","Owner ","Charlotte's Bar and Restaurant Group ","London"
"875 ","Stephanie ","Heude ","Owner ","Charme Graphic Design ","North West"
"876 ","Susan ","Wilkinson ","Owner/Designer ","Charmingly British ","West Midlands"
"877 ","Chris ","Parker ","MD ","Charmogen Ltd ","South West"
"878 ","Gary ","Douch ","Director ","Charterbuild Construction Ltd ","London"
"879 ","Martin ","Ward ","Partner ","Chartered Accountant ","North West"
"880 ","Philip ","Thomas ","Principal ","Charterhall Financial Planning ","West Midlands"
"881 ","David ","Feeney ","Sales Director ","Check Point ","North West"
"882 ","Jennifer ","Greenbury ","Director ","Checkendon Equwstrian Centre ","East of England"
"883 ","Valerie ","Walton ","Director ","Cheeky Monkeys (Northowram) Limited ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"884 ","David ","Sacof ","Chairman ","Cheracord Limited ","South West"
"885 ","Andrew ","Michael ","Director ","Cherubond Ltd ","London"
"886 ","Adam ","Schofield ","Owner ","Cheshire Photography Co ","North West"
"887 ","Jennifer ","Goldsmith ","Director ","CHESS (JG) Ltd ","London"
"888 ","Guy ","Baigent ","Director ","Chesspoint Ltd ","South East"
"889 ","Nigel ","Hartley ","Director ","Chestnut Planning ","London"
"890 ","David ","Greenberg ","Owner ","CHEX ","South East"
"891 ","Jaspal ","Chhokar ","Partner ","Chhokar and Co Solicitors ","London"
"892 ","John ","East-Rigby ","Managing Director ","Chic Freak Ltd ","London"
"893 ","Piers ","Chichester ","Partner ","Chichesters Land Agents ","South West"
"894 ","Andy ","Vining ","Owner and MD ","Chie ltd ","South West"
"895 ","Margaret ","Mason ","Owner ","Children 1st (Breedonhouse) ","East Midlands"
"896 ","Shiban ","Ahmed ","Director ","Children's Surgical Consortium ","West Midlands"
"897 ","Barry ","Critchell ","Director ","Choice Fire and Security Solutions Ltd ","East of England"
"898 ","Stephen ","Harpin ","CEO ","Choiceshops Limited ","West Midlands"
"899 ","Chris ","Dodson ","Director ","Chris Dodson Thatching Services Ltd ","East of England"
"900 ","Chris ","Fox ","Director ","Chris Fox Limited ","London"
"901 ","Chris ","Thorp ","Managing Director ","Chris Thorp (IT Consultancy) Ltd. ","West Midlands"
"902 ","Ron ","Samuell ","Partner ","Christopher Boyton ","North West"
"903 ","Christopher ","Fox ","Business Owner ","Christopher Fox Salon ","North East"
"904 ","Mehfuz ","Ahmed ","Director ","Chrome Residential Ltd ","London"
"905 ","Glenn ","Church ","Managing Director ","ChurchandHawes ","East of England"
"906 ","Colin ","Mackey ","Partner ","Churchers Bolitho Way ","South West"
"907 ","Sharon ","Geary-Harwood ","Director ","Churchouse Boats ","South West"
"908 ","Karen ","Kebby ","Director ","Churchview Joinery Ltd ","South West"
"909 ","Irwin ","Armstrong ","Founder and CEO ","CIGA Healthcare Ltd ","Northern Ireland"
"910 ","Greg ","Parker ","Director ","CIMS Solutions Ltd ","North West"
"911 ","David ","Chance ","Manageing Partner ","Cinel Gabran Management ","North East"
"912 ","Roger ","Steadman ","Director ","CIRAS Accounting Ltd ","South East"
"913 ","Mike ","Collins ","Director ","Circle Garage Ltd ","South East"
"914 ","David ","Neep ","Director ","CIS Healthcare Ltd ","West Midlands"
"915 ","Rob ","Chester ","Owner ","Citrus Management ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"916 ","Paul ","Kempe ","MD ","City and Provincial Properties Plc ","London"
"917 ","Manjit ","Chohan ","Owner ","City Press Knives Limited ","East Midlands"
"918 ","Tom ","Armitage ","director ","City Site Solutions Limited ","London"
"919 ","Marc ","Hansen ","MD ","Cityweb Ltd ","South East"
"920 ","Eric ","Gill ","Owner ","Civil Celebrant ","South West"
"921 ","Leslie ","Costar ","Director ","CIX online limited ","East of England"
"922 ","Crispin ","Henderson ","CEO ","CJH Consulting LLP ","East of England"
"923 ","Chris ","Pearson ","MD ","CJP Outreach Services Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"924 ","Claire ","Lowe ","Designer/maker ","Claire Lowe Jewellery ","London"
"925 ","Jamie ","Smith ","Director ","Claret Recruitment ","London"
"926 ","Sarah ","Clark ","owner ","Clark and English ","East Midlands"
"927 ","Ian ","White ","Director ","Clark White Publications ","London"
"928 ","Ged ","Clarke ","Managing Director ","Clarke and Pulman Ltd ","North West"
"929 ","Tim ","Henson ","Director ","Clarke Hillyer Ltd ","London"
"930 ","Gloria ","Ellenton ","owner/ chef ","Classic Catering ","East of England"
"931 ","Adam ","Wood ","Manager ","Classic Elegance ","West Midlands"
"932 ","Andrew ","Reid ","director ","Classic Stoves and Fireplaces Ltd ","East of England"
"933 ","Jonathan ","Heaton ","Founder and Director ","Classical Music Events Ltd ","South East"
"934 ","Simon ","Bate ","Partner ","Clavell Bate and Nephew Dental Surgeons ","North West"
"935 ","Oliver ","Claydon ","Operations Director ","Claydon Yieldometer Ltd ","East of England"
"936 ","Michael ","Burns ","Managing director ","Clean Thermodynamic Energy Conversion Ltd ","South East"
"937 ","Ian ","Metcalfe ","Director ","Cleaning and Catering Supplies CCS Ltd ","West Midlands"
"938 ","Richard ","Williams ","Director ","Cleaning Solutions UK Ltd ","East of England"
"939 ","Linda ","West ","Director ","Clear Accounting Solutions ","West Midlands"
"940 ","Barny ","Hall ","MD ","Clear Computing Ltd ","South East"
"941 ","Rob ","White ","Director ","Clear Sky Travel Ltd ","North West"
"942 ","Samantha ","Carroll ","Managing Director ","Clearcut Recruitment Ltd ","South East"
"943 ","Simon ","Duxbury ","Owner/Managers ","Clements Ltd ","East Midlands"
"944 ","Stephen ","Finch ","Director ","Click For Games ","London"
"945 ","Jeff ","Bailey ","Director ","Click Meets Limited ","East Midlands"
"946 ","Clem ","Vickery ","Direcetor ","Clifford Essex Music Co. Ltd ","East of England"
"947 ","James ","Scollard ","Owner ","Clifftons ","South West"
"948 ","Brian ","Burton ","Managing Director ","Clifton Rubber Co Ltd ","East of England"
"949 ","Susan ","Robinson ","Owner ","Clinica Aesthetics ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"950 ","Ivor Kew ","Company Ssecretary Clinical Statistic Consultants ","Scotland"
"951 ","Robin Knox-Johnston ","Chairman Clipper Ventures ","East of England"
"952 ","Clive Poole ","Owner Clive Poole Consulting Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"953 ","Philip Freedman ","Managing Director Cliveden Stud Ltd ","South East"
"954 ","Chris Smith ","CEO Close Communications ","Wales"
"955 ","Michael Conway ","CEO Clothes2order ","North West"
"956 ","Andy Davies ","Founder and CEO CloudMargin Limited ","London"
"957 ","James Paterson ","Director Solutions Ltd ","East of England"
"958 ","Mark Clough ","Director CloughsDeli ltd ","South East"
"959 ","Charles Le Sueur ","Owner Cls Golf Ltd ","North West"
"960 ","Jane MargueriAndrews ","Founder MD CLTI Ltd ","South East"
"961 ","Allan Hawkey ","Director ClubNet Limited ","South East"
"962 ","Oliver Hingston ","General Manager Clynder Cables Ltd. ","North West"
"963 ","Colin Slight ","Director CM Realization Limited ","London"
"964 ","Christopher Scullion ","Structural Engineer and DirectCM Scullion Associates Ltd ","East of England"
"965 ","Chris Incles ","Director CMI Medical Writing Ltd ","East of England"
"966 ","Clare Marshall ","Director CMinstallations LTD ","Scotland"
"967 ","Peter Bucknell ","Owner CML ASIAN SERVICES ","East of England"
"968 ","Andy Moss ","Manager C Moss and Sons ","South East"
"969 ","Paul Dawe ","Owner MD CMP (UK) Ltd ","South West"
"970 ","James Evans ","Owner CMR Scaffolding ","Wales"
"971 ","Martin Starkie ","Owner CMS Live ","North West"
"972 ","Lewis Pearce ","Director CMYK Burnley LTD ","North West"
"973 ","Colin Herrington ","Claims Executive CN Independent Services Limited ","East of England"
"974 ","Alan Ettridge ","Managing Director CNSSystems ","South East"
"975 ","James Frost ","Managing Director Coast Digital Limited ","East of England"
"976 ","Andrew Thorpe ","Owner Coastline Software ","South West"
"977 ","James Dempster ","Managing Director Cobb Digital ","South East"
"978 ","Paul Roberts ","Director Cocktail Leisure Ltd ","North West"
"979 ","Michael Collins ","Managing director Cocon construction limited ","Wales"
"980 ","Adam Murray ","Director Coda Planning Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"981 ","Paul Dutton ","Director Coepedia ","South East"
"982 ","Nigel Slator ","Managing Director Cogent Technology Ltd ","East of England"
"983 ","Patrick Roberts ","Director/Owner Cognis Public Relations ","London"
"984 ","Barbara Thompson ","Manager Coiffure ","East of England"
"985 ","Mark Rhodes ","Director Coin Games Limited ","North West"
"986 ","Shirley Colby ","Partner Colby Properties ","East of England"
"987 ","Philip Blair ","Director Cold Gill Ltd ","North West"
"988 ","Andrew ","Marshall CEO ","Coldharbour Marine Limited East Midlands"
"989 ","Tim ","Freeze MD ","Coldstores Limited East of England"
"990 ","Graham ","Cole Managing Director ","Cole Retail Ltd North West"
"991 ","Colin ","Foy Owner ","Coleese Hair and Beauty South West"
"992 ","Richard ","Toon Director ","Coleshill Tree Services Ltd West Midlands"
"993 ","Colin ","Sheppard Architect. ","Colin F.G. Sheppard. Dip.Arch(Hons) R.I.B.A. ArchitectSouth East"
"994 ","Vincent ","Young Consultant ","Colin Matthews Funerals South West"
"995 ","Grichard ","O'Driscoll MD / Owner ","Collingtree Park Golf Course East Midlands"
"996 ","Barry ","Gtant Director ","Collinson Fencing company Ltd South East"
"997 ","Andrew ","Livingstone Director ","Colm Consultants Ltd Scotland"
"998 ","Brian ","Sawyer MD ","Colorite Paint Company Ltd London"
"999 ","Michael ","Hargreaves Director ","Coltham Developments Ltd West Midlands"
"1000 ","Brian ","Everett Managing Director ","Colwells (Gloucester) Ltd South West"
"1001 ","Mark ","Baker Director ","Comand Online Ltd South East"
"1002 ","Sarah ","Callander Beckett Managing Director ","Combermere Abbey Estate West Midlands"
"1003 ","Muryum ","Choudhry Business Manager ","Comfort Care Services (UK) Ltd East of England"
"1004 ","Max ","Moryoussef CEO ","Comfy quilts limited North West"
"1005 ","Dani ","Attard Director ","Comgem Wales"
"1006 ","Emma ","Crane Director ","Commandment Property Services West Midlands"
"1007 ","Robert ","Styler Director ","Commercial Engineering Metals Ltd West Midlands"
"1008 ","Mike ","van Bunnens Managing Director ","Comms365 Limited East Midlands"
"1009 ","Steve ","Collard Managing Director ","Commsplus Ltd South West"
"1010 ","Pam ","Calvert Founder and COO ","Communications Management East of England"
"1011 ","Chris ","Lewis MD ","Community Concepts Limited North West"
"1012 ","David ","Klemz Owner and MD. ","Compact Engineering Ltd., Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1013 ","Tim ","Gordon Director ","Compass Continuing Health Care East Midlands"
"1014 ","Calvin ","Moy Managing Director ","Complete Machining Services Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1015 ","Joel ","Budgen Director ","complete windows systems limited South East"
"1016 ","Peter ","Sanders Director ","Compusure Consulting UK Ltd South East"
"1017 ","Nasir ","Jamil Manager ","Computer Gurus Ltd South East"
"1018 ","Christopher ","Cooper Director ","Computer Service Centre East of England"
"1019 ","Steven ","Roberts Managing Director ","Comtrex Systems Corporation Ltd South East"
"1020 ","Spencer ","Saffer Director ","Conance Limited London"
"1021 ","Paul ","Bulloch Managing Director ","Concept Vehicle Leasing South East"
"1022 ","Adam ","Goodyer CEO ","Concert Live LTD London"
"1023 ","Ian ","Whitty Managing Dircetor ","ConfLinks Ltd East of England"
"1024 ","James ","Macdonald-Brown Director ","Coniston Consulting Ltd South East"
"1025 ","Amadea ","Podrenek Principal ","Coniston Dental Practice South East"
"1026 ","Andrew ","O'Connor ","Owner / Director ","Connaught Maritime Limited ","North East"
"1027 ","Grahame ","Connor ","Director ","Connor Warin Limited ","East of England"
"1028 ","Arnab ","Sanyal ","Managing Partner ","Consilium Consulting LLP ","London"
"1029 ","Angela ","Hilston ","Co owner ","Constables Boatyard ","London"
"1030 ","Steven ","Nelson ","Director ","Constables Estate Agents ","North West"
"1031 ","Andrew ","Mansson-Lowe ","Director ","Constellation Services limited ","London"
"1032 ","Claudiu ","Carmaciu ","Medical Director ","Consult Medical U Ltd ","South East"
"1033 ","Roger ","Craddock ","Owner ","Consultant Mining Engineer ","South West"
"1034 ","Cyril ","Freedman ","Chairman ","Consultants 2000 Ltd ","South West"
"1035 ","Zubair ","Ahmad ","Director ","Consulting Direct UK Limited ","South East"
"1036 ","Ian ","Brown ","Partner ","Consultopia Limited ","West Midlands"
"1037 ","Dan ","Hawtrey ","Managing Director ","Content Formula Limited ","London"
"1038 ","Melanie ","Janes ","Director ","Contenta Therapies ","South West"
"1039 ","James ","Gibbons ","Owner ","Continued Airworthiness Solutions ","East of England"
"1040 ","Mark ","Dalton ","MD ","ConvEx ","London"
"1041 ","Philip ","Young ","Partner ","Cooke Young and Keidan LLP ","London"
"1042 ","Jez ","Howarth ","Operations Manager ","Cookridge Hall Health and Fitness ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1043 ","Elizabeth ","Dyas ","Owner ","Cool for Cats Holiday Hotel ","South West"
"1044 ","Kevin ","Cooney ","Chairman ","Cooney Marine Int. Ltd. ","East Midlands"
"1045 ","Clare ","Baxter ","Partner ","Cooper and Co ","East of England"
"1046 ","AMY ","Cooper ","Director ","Cooper Consulting Ltd ","East of England"
"1047 ","Richard ","Lilley ","Recruitment Manager ","Cooper Lomaz ","East of E gland"
"1048 ","Samantha ","Wheeler ","Director ","Coordinated Therapy Services ","South East"
"1049 ","Toby ","Cope ","Creative Director ","Cope Creative ","East Midlands"
"1050 ","Mark ","Hemus ","Director ","Copper Alloys Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1051 ","Ben ","Wheeler ","Director ","Copper Bay Creative ","Wales"
"1052 ","Robin ","Colenso ","Director ","Coprisystems ","South East"
"1053 ","Steven ","Staples ","Director ","Copy Express (London) Ltd ","London"
"1054 ","Martin ","Lake ","Director ","Copyprint (East Anglia) Ltd ","East of England"
"1055 ","george ","collins ","Owner ","Coquetvale Hotel ","North East"
"1056 ","James ","Tweed ","Managing Director ","Coracle Online Ltd ","East of England"
"1057 ","Richard ","Corbett ","MD ","Corbett Farms Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1058 ","David ","Corbett ","Partner ","Corbett Partners ","South East"
"1059 ","David ","Marriott ","MD ","Core Commercial ","South East"
"1060 ","Salim ","Chowdhury ","Managing Director ","Coriander Group ","London"
"1061 ","Les ","Corlett ","Director ","Corlett Homes Ltd ","East Midlands"
"1062 ","Henry ","Sanders ","Only person ","Cornelius Beaumont ","South West"
"1063 ","Oliver ","Bridge ","CEO ","Cornerstone ","London"
"1064 ","Peter ","Thomas ","Managing Director ","Cornish Crabbers LLP ","South West"
"1065 ","Phil ","Bumt ","Owner ","Cornwall Photos ","South West"
"1066 ","Ian ","Bocking ","Director ","Coronet Choclates Ltd ","South East"
"1067 ","Simon ","Hainsworth ","Managing Director ","Corporate & Sporting Events Management Limited ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1068 ","Fiona ","Mason ","Managing Director ","Corporate Advisors ","London"
"1069 ","Graeme ","Williams ","Owner "," ","South East"
"1070 ","Neil ","Mason ","Director ","Correct Recruitment Ltd ","South East"
"1071 ","Richard ","Cort ","MD ","Corts Ltd ","North West"
"1072 ","Hannah ","Wells ","Farmer ","Coskills Farm ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1073 ","John ","Smye ","Managing Director ","Cosmo Limited ","East Midlands"
"1074 ","Seton ","During ","Director ","Costscutters General Limited ","London"
"1075 ","Christopher ","Watson ","Owner ","Cotswod Barn Conversions Limited ","South West"
"1076 ","James ","Kitcher ","Owner ","Cotswold Lettings ","South East"
"1077 ","Hugo ","Pickering ","CEO ","Cotswolds Broadband Ltd. ","South East"
"1078 ","Sheila ","Kettle ","Owner ","Cottage Collectibles ","West Midlands"
"1079 ","Alexandra ","Stretton ","Owner ","Cottage Lane ","East Midlands"
"1080 ","Sharon ","Bigg ","Director ","Country Image Ltd ","South West"
"1081 ","Stewart ","Munro ","Chairman ","Country Valley Foods ltd ","East of England"
"1082 ","Elaine ","Harries ","Managing Director ","County Couriers Ltd T/A Action Express ","East of England"
"1083 ","Ian ","King ","Director ","Courier Kings (Scotland) ","Scotland"
"1084 ","Alison ","Cova ","Owner ","Cova and co ","South East"
"1085 ","Darren ","Roberts ","director ","Coversure Insurance Services ","West Midlands"
"1086 ","Jonathan ","Coulthard ","MD ","Cowens Ltd ","North West"
"1087 ","Howard ","Calvert ","MD ","CP PLUS INTERNATIONAL CP Plus International ","London"
"1088 ","Gillian ","Madeley ","Director ","CPI Moling Ltd ","South East"
"1089 ","Mike ","Ridgway ","Director ","CPMA Limited ","North East"
"1090 ","Stephen ","Wheldon ","Managing Director ","CPS Valves and Fittings Ltd ","North East"
"1091 ","Philippe ","Willemetz ","Chairman ","Cpw Group ","London"
"1092 ","Roy ","Craddock ","Technical Director ","Craddock Electrical Services Ltd ","East of England"
"1093 ","Francesca ","Kemp ","Owner ","Crafty Revolution ","East of England"
"1094 ","Andrew ","Craig ","Owner ","Craig and Co ltd ","Scotland"
"1095 ","Philip ","Moore ","Director ","Craimore Property Services Ltd ","North East"
"1096 ","Iris ","Glasspool ","Partner ","Cramlington Insurance Services ","North East"
"1097 ","Jonathan ","Hall ","CEO ","Cranberry Panda Limited ","London"
"1098 ","Andrew ","Cranshaw ","Managing Director ","Cranden Diamond Products Ltd ","South East"
"1099 ","Jack ","Nagrecha ","Director ","Crane International Ltd ","London"
"1100 ","David ","Dugdale ","Partner ","Crathorne Farms ","North East"
"1101 ","Nick ","Kilby ","CEO ","Cratus Communications ","London"
"1102 ","Ian ","Crawford ","Director ","Crawford and Crawford ","North West"
"1103 ","Martin ","Davies ","Director ","Crazy cats crafts ltd ","West Midlands"
"1104 ","Simon ","Sanders ","Director ","CreAD Media Ltd ","East of England"
"1105 ","Peter ","Hartley ","Proprietor ","Creadis ","South East"
"1106 ","Paul ","Drabble ","Director ","Creating Business Growth (CBG) Ltd ","South West"
"1107 ","Angela ","Roth ","CEO and Lead Designer ","Creating Colour ","South West"
"1108 ","Lynne-Marie ","Kelly ","Director ","Creative Concepts Training Ltd ","London"
"1109 ","Charlie ","Morgan ","Director ","Creative Mocha ","South West"
"1110 ","Jeremy ","Rose ","Creative Director ","Creative Solutions ","East of England"
"1111 ","Daniel ","Webb ","Manager ","Crediton Coffee Company Ltd ","South West"
"1112 ","Dominic ","Holme ","Director ","Cress Ltd ","East of England"
"1113 ","Alex ","Kudrin ","Director ","Crewdson Management Ltd ","London"
"1114 ","Steve ","Heaword ","Director ","Crib Gogh Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1115 ","Geordie ","burnett stuart ","Owner ","Crichie Farms ","Scotland"
"1116 ","Mark ","Mason ","Company Director ","Cricket Creates Character Ltd ","London"
"1117 ","Adam ","Hildreth ","CEO ","Crisp Thinking ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1118 ","Phil ","Gray ","Director "," Ltd ","South East"
"1119 ","James ","Walley ","Director ","Crocky Trail Ltd ","East of England"
"1120 ","Bridget ","Baker ","Company secretary ","Croft Glass Ltd ","South East"
"1121 ","Benjamin ","Cabbell Manners ","chairman ","Cromer Hall Farms and Amazona Zoo ","East of England"
"1122 ","Juliet ","Boulton ","Owner Director ","Crosland ","North West"
"1123 ","John ","Fensom ","Director ","Crossbow Trading Limited ","East of England"
"1124 ","Richard ","Rout ","Director ","CrossFit A14 ","East of England"
"1125 ","Richard ","Stoughton ","Chairman ","Crossflight Limited ","South East"
"1126 ","Anthony ","Fenwick-Wilson ","Founder and chairman ","Cross-Flow Energy Company limited ","Wales"
"1127 ","Mary ","Flint ","Owner ","Crosskeys Riverside House ","East of England"
"1128 ","Sam ","Amrani ","Executive Chairman ","Crowdit Limited ","London"
"1129 ","Henry ","Freeman ","CEO ","CrowdShed ","London"
"1130 ","Richard ","Martin ","Managing Director ","Crown Dry Cleaners (Cheltenham) Ltd ","East of England"
"1131 ","Michael ","Pim ","Owner ","Crowthorne Family Chiropractic Centre ","East of England"
"1132 ","Riffat ","Sultans ","Mortgage advisor ","Crystal Lending ","West Midlands"
"1133 ","Andrea ","Dewsbery ","Chairwoman ","Crystal Mortgages Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1134 ","Sally ","Laird ","Director ","Crystal Spring Consumer Division Ltd ","South East"
"1135 ","Christopher ","Green ","Director ","Crystalink Jewellery Manufacturing Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1136 ","Charles ","Henderson ","Owner ","CshMarketing ","North West"
"1137 ","Tim ","Newman ","Managing Director ","CSN Solutions ","West Midlands"
"1138 ","Ulrike ","Vaughan ","Director ","CSV Construction Ltd ","South West"
"1139 ","Christopher ","Worsley ","Director ","CSW Retail Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1140 ","Mark ","Chetwynd-Talbot Partner ","CT Designs ","North East"
"1141 ","Geoff ","Mitchell Owner/director. ","CTM Carlisle Ltd. ","North West"
"1142 ","Mark ","Kempster CEO ","CTT Group ","East of England"
"1143 ","Paul ","Austin Owner ","Cubbitz limited ","East of England"
"1144 ","Suki ","Marwaha Director ","Cubic Alpha Ltd ","London"
"1145 ","David ","Tasker Director ","Cuddington Estates Limited ","South East"
"1146 ","Sean ","Wright Director ","Cumbria Tech Repairs ","North West"
"1147 ","Jonathan ","Cook Director ","Cummings Law Ltd ","London"
"1148 ","Tom ","Watson Director ","Cundalls ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1149 ","Anna ","Madden Co-founder and partner ","Curo Chartered Accountants ","West Midlands"
"1150 ","Gavin ","Douglas Director ","Current Marketing Limited ","Scotland"
"1151 ","Jonathan ","Lemon Partner ","Curry Popeck ","East of England"
"1152 ","Natalie ","Dalton Owner/Manager ","Curtain Call ","East of England"
"1153 ","Andy ","Bailey Director ","Custom Code Geek Ltd ","North West"
"1154 ","Neil ","Cuthbert Director ","Cuthbert Media Ltd ","London"
"1155 ","Steven ","Law Director ","Cutting Edge Machinery Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1156 ","Steven ","Horn MD ","CVP UK LTD ","East of England"
"1157 ","Carolyn ","Watson-Merret Owner ","CWM design ","East Midlands"
"1158 ","Rebecca ","Standish Founder and director ","Cygnature Ltd ","South East"
"1159 ","Matthew ","Kimpton-Smith Group CEO ","Cygnet Group Ltd ","North West"
"1160 ","John Patrick ","Cunningham Owner ","Cymba Technologies ","London"
"1161 ","Patricia ","Ball Manager/Owner ","Cymbal Properties ","South West"
"1162 ","Aryan ","Cyrus Director ","Cyrus Brothers Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1163 ","John ","Barfooy MD ","CZ Design and Print ","East of England"
"1164 ","Daniel ","Tidman MD ","D A Tidman limited ","West Midlands"
"1165 ","doug ","walker Director ","D G S Independent Financial Advisers Limited ","London"
"1166 ","Henry ","Bryant MD ","D H Bryant and Partners ","South East"
"1167 ","David ","Claydon Owner ","D L Claydon farms ","East of England"
"1168 ","David ","Simmons Owner ","D. H. S. Simmons ","South East"
"1169 ","David ","Fineberg Owner ","D.F.Shipping and Co ","London"
"1170 ","Bradley ","Hutchinson Director ","D.Whittaker and Co ltd ","North West"
"1171 ","James ","Harmsworth CowleDirector ","D:generations Ltd ","South East"
"1172 ","Ian ","Alderson Director ","DA Archive Solutions Ltd ","South West"
"1173 ","David ","Dadds Partner ","Dadds LLP Solicitors ","East of England"
"1174 ","Paul ","Huber Director ","Daedalus Safety Limited ","South East"
"1175 ","David ","Honess Director ","Dahsoftworks Ltd ","London"
"1176 ","Victoria ","Peterkin Managing Director ","Daisy Nursery Ltd ","South East"
"1177 ","Ken ","Apps Owner ","Dale (Surrey) Ltd ","South East"
"1178 ","Andrea ","Walwyn ","Partner ","Dale Stores ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1179 ","Gary ","Dale ","Director ","Dale Structural Engineers Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1180 ","Sarah ","Currey ","Managing Director ","Dales and Peaks Property Limited ","East Midlands"
"1181 ","James ","Maclean ","Director ","Dalriada Consulting (UK) Ltd ","London"
"1182 ","Matthew ","Dalton ","Director ","Dalton Seeds ","East of England"
"1183 ","David ","Basson ","Partner ","Damar Windows LLP ","South East"
"1184 ","Nicholas ","Skinner ","Director ","Dana Suria Ltd ","South East"
"1185 ","Philip ","Dalton ","CEO ","Danby Holdings Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1186 ","Mark ","Daniels ","Director ","Danco Construction Services Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1187 ","Alan ","Dand ","Senior partner ","Dand Carnegie LLP ","Scotland"
"1188 ","Lorna ","Dane ","Managing Director ","Dane Partnership Ltd ","East of England"
"1189 ","Laurence ","Prince ","Chairman and CEO ","Danilo Promotions Ltd ","London"
"1190 ","Peter ","Matthews ","M.D ","Danjoeli Consulting Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1191 ","Benjamin ","Ross ","Director ","Dante Recruitment Ltd ","London"
"1192 ","Peter ","Daresbury ","Director ","Daresbury Estates Ltd ","North West"
"1193 ","Paul ","Reach ","Owner ","D'art Gallery ltd ","South West"
"1194 ","Darren ","Smith ","Owner ","Dasfs Ltd ","South East"
"1195 ","Beth ","McNally ","Director ","Datarchia Ltd ","South West"
"1196 ","Michael ","Holliday ","Director ","Datasharp (South) Ltd ","South East"
"1197 ","Ben ","Harper ","Director ","Datify ","East of England"
"1198 ","Stephen ","Nickson ","Managing Director ","DATS (Holdings) Ltd ","North West"
"1199 ","David ","Shaw ","Director ","Datumo Ltd ","North West"
"1200 ","James ","Gubbins ","Partner ","Dauntons ","London"
"1201 ","Dave ","Cooling ","Director ","Dave Cooling and Associates Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1202 ","David ","Appleby ","Director/owner ","David Appleby Eng Ltd ","South East"
"1203 ","David ","Blunt ","Director ","David Blunt Catering Management Ltd ","South East"
"1204 ","David ","Cater ","Managing Direcor ","David Cater Limited ","Scotland"
"1205 ","David ","Wright ","Director ","David Charles Gardens Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1206 ","David ","Dale ","Senior Partner ","David Dale Removals ","North East"
"1207 ","David ","Filmer ","MD ","David Filmer Limited ","South West"
"1208 ","David ","Goss ","Owner ","David Goss Dental Laboratory ","South West"
"1209 ","David ","Greenwell ","Director ","David Greenwell Associates ","West Midlands"
"1210 ","David ","Harper ","Director ","David Harper and Co Ltd ","London"
"1211 ","David ","Leck ","Director ","David Leck Associates ","London"
"1212 ","Christine ","Mellor ","Director ","David Mellor Jewellers ","South West"
"1213 ","David ","Lilley ","Sole Proprietor ","David R. Lilley FRICS ","South West"
"1214 ","David ","Reid ","Director ","David Reid Accountancy Ltd ","East of England"
"1215 ","David ","Russell ","Director ","David Russell property maintenance Ltd ","South West"
"1216 ","David ","Samuell ","Owner ","David Samuell Partnership ","North West"
"1217 ","David ","Herbert ","Director ","David Seyfried Ltd ","London"
"1218 ","David ","Stevens ","MD ","David Stevens Associates Limited ","West Midlands"
"1219 ","Lindsay ","Sands ","Director ","David's Kitchen Ltd ","Scotland"
"1220 ","Georgina ","Hornsby ","Proprietor ","DavisHornsby ","South East"
"1221 ","David ","Pickles ","MD ","Davric Group ltd ","East of England"
"1222 ","Dawn ","Judd ","Sole Proprietor ","Dawn Judd Entertainments ","East of England"
"1223 ","John ","Day ","Director ","DaySparkes Limited ","East of England"
"1224 ","Douglas ","Barton ","Technical Specialist ","DBFS Consultancy ","Scotland"
"1225 ","Paula ","Staines ","Partner ","DBL Asset Management ","North West"
"1226 ","Dave ","Richards ","Director ","DD Excellence ","South East"
"1227 ","Debbie ","Harlow ","Director ","DD Inns Limited ","South East"
"1228 ","Paul ","Witten ","Director ","Ddsm Tools Ltd ","London"
"1229 ","Grant ","Hawthorne ","Managing Director ","De Novo Partners Ltd ","East of England"
"1230 ","Alston ","Shaw ","Director ","De Point Development ","North West"
"1231 ","Huw ","Parry ","Director ","De Souza Homes ","Wales"
"1232 ","Erica ","Livermore ","Director ","De Vere Solutions ","East Midlands"
"1233 ","James ","Waterhouse ","CEO ","Deal Connections ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1234 ","Ben ","Manton ","Waiter ","Deanes Restaurant Group ","Northern Ireland"
"1235 ","Deborah ","Mercer ","Owner ","Deborah Mercer Chiropodist ","East of England"
"1236 ","Jamie ","Hanlon ","Owner ","Decor Dezign ","South West"
"1237 ","Geoffrey ","Heron ","Consultant ","Decor Furnishings Ltd ","East of England"
"1238 ","Steve ","Fallows ","Managing Director ","Decormount Ltd ","East of England"
"1239 ","Ian ","Warwick ","Managing Partner ","Deepbridge Capital LLP ","North West"
"1240 ","Steve ","Knight ","Director ","Deepcut Garage Ltd ","South East"
"1241 ","David ","Bowen ","Owner ","Deepsan UK ","East Midlands"
"1242 ","Paul ","Fray ","Director ","Definitive Accounts Limited ","East of England"
"1243 ","James ","Deighton ","Company Secretary ","Deighton Engineers ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1244 ","Tony ","Iles ","MD ","Delacato Brickwork Ltd ","South West"
"1245 ","Stephen ","Prince ","MD ","Delbury Ltd ","South East"
"1246 ","Barbara ","Meeks ","Managing Director ","Delivered Health Solutions Ltd ","North West"
"1247 ","Haydar ","Al-Uzri ","Managing Director ","Delmon Pizza Limited ","London"
"1248 ","Innocent ","Okorji ","Director ","Delta Consultancy Limited ","London"
"1249 ","Tony ","Ayres ","Director ","Deltamark Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1250 ","Chris ","Allan ","Owner ","Deluxe Occasions ","North East"
"1251 ","Alistair ","Redler ","Senior Partner ","Delva Patman Redler LLP ","London"
"1252 ","Jens ","Bojen ","Chairman ","Denby Trawlers Limited ","North East"
"1253 ","Carl ","Reader ","Director ","Dennis and Turnbull ","South West"
"1254 ","John P. ","Dennis ","Owner ","Dennis Chartered Surveyors ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1255 ","Tony ","Dent ","Managing Director ","Dent Steel Services (Yorkshire) Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1256 ","Alexis ","Bigmore ","Practice Manager ","DentalCarePlus ","London"
"1257 ","Derek ","Hales ","directer ","Derek Hales Ltd ","East of England"
"1258 ","Michael ","Smith ","Managing Director ","Derrick Services (UK) Ltd ","East of England"
"1259 ","Kayeq ","Derwas ","Director ","Derwas Ltd ","Wales"
"1260 ","Kim ","Radford ","MD ","Des Res Security Ltd ","London"
"1261 ","Robert ","Thorpe ","Co-owner ","Design Central (Bath) Limited ","South West"
"1262 ","Scott ","White ","Owner/ Director ","Design Me Consultants Limites ","Scotland"
"1263 ","Susan ","Law ","Director ","Designer Time Limited ","West Midlands"
"1264 ","Michael ","Woodward ","Director ","Designers Mind ","West Midlands"
"1265 ","Esther ","Bond ","MD/Owner ","Designs for all Occasions ","South East"
"1266 ","Graham ","Postles ","Director ","Designs on Your Company Limited ","London"
"1267 ","Benjamin ","Katakwa ","Managing Director ","Destiny Recruitment Agency Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1268 ","Andrew ","Landsburgh ","Managing Director ","Destiny Scotland Ltd ","Scotland"
"1269 ","Ashish ","Pant ","Managing Director ","Deurali UK Ltd ","London"
"1270 ","James ","Rutherford ","Director ","Developers Direct Ltd ","Scotland"
"1271 ","Paul ","Morgan ","MD ","Development Direct Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1272 ","Florence ","Sibourd ","Director ","Devernois ","South East"
"1273 ","Lawrence ","Butler ","Chairman ","Devington homes ","South West"
"1274 ","Tony ","Chapman ","FD ","Devitt Insurance Services Ltd ","East Midlands"
"1275 ","Anthony ","Card ","Managing Director ","Devizes Trailer Centre ","South West"
"1276 ","Jayne ","Milford ","Owner proprietor ","Devonshire Pantry Cardiff ","Wales"
"1277 ","Martin ","Cawley ","CEO ","Devonshire Wealth Management ","London"
"1278 ","Craig ","Dexter ","Owner ","Dexter's Barbershop ","South East"
"1279 ","Kerry Sian ","Ballard ","Managing Director ","Dezines Internet Solutions Limited ","Wales"
"1280 ","Ghulam ","Shabir ","Director ","DGS Pharma Consulting Ltd ","East of England"
"1281 ","Tracey ","Dicker ","Director ","DH Recruitment ","South East"
"1282 ","Jack ","Docherty ","Manager ","DHM Vehicle Rental Ltd ","North East"
"1283 ","David ","Wynn ","Owner ","Diamond Dental of Harley Street ","London"
"1284 ","Keely ","Priestman ","Managing Director ","Diamond Distribution Ltd ","South East"
"1285 ","Kate ","Lester ","Founder ","Diamond Logistics Limited ","South West"
"1286 ","Diane ","Banks ","Founder ","Diane Banks Associates Ltd ","London"
"1287 ","Stuart ","Dickinson ","Partner ","Dickinson Farms ","East Midlands"
"1288 ","Neil ","Morris ","Managing Director ","Digby Morris Ltd ","South West"
"1289 ","Matthew ","Stephens ","Director ","Digital Cognition Limited ","West Midlands"
"1290 ","Charles ","Duance ","Managing Director ","Digital Samurai ","South West"
"1291 ","Aaron ","Broomhall ","Co-Owner ","Digital Web Studios ","North East"
"1292 ","Frank ","Walker ","CEO ","Digitorial Limited ","South East"
"1293 ","Graham ","Leslie ","Chairman ","Direct2Mum ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1294 ","Michael ","Tindale ","Director ","Directors Deals Limited ","East of England"
"1295 ","Roy ","Singer ","Director ","DIS Consultants Ltd ","London"
"1296 ","Vince ","Fowles ","Partner ","Disc solutions Europe LTD ","East of England"
"1297 ","Pete ","Terry ","Director ","Disco Bar and Club Limited ","East Midlands"
"1298 ","Jonathan ","Brock ","Manager ","Discount Motor Spares Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1299 ","Guy ","Bryan-Brown ","Director of Technology ","Displaydata Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1300 ","Dean ","Bubley ","Director ","Disruptive Analysis Ltd ","London"
"1301 ","Mark ","Elliott ","CEO ","Distinction Contract Ltd. ","London"
"1302 ","Cesar ","Quintero ","Manager ","Distriandina ","London"
"1303 ","Kay ","Allen ","Director ","Diverse Advice Ltd ","South West"
"1304 ","Keith ","Dewhurst ","Chair ","Diverse Cymru ","Wales"
"1305 ","Alexander ","Trewby ","Co-founder and COO ","Divide ","London"
"1306 ","Robert ","Beal ","COO ","Dix Media ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1307 ","Corne ","Wheeler ","Director ","Dixel Services ltd ","East of England"
"1308 ","Harriett ","Bradbury ","Director/ Owner ","Dixie's Deli ","East of England"
"1309 ","Deborah ","Hicks ","Director ","DJH International Tax Ltd. ","South West"
"1310 ","David ","Kerr ","Partner ","DKAhp ","South West"
"1311 ","Kai ","Hawaleschka ","Managing Director ","DKL Marketing Ltd ","East of England"
"1312 ","Donald ","Chambers ","Director ","DLC Projects Limited ","East of England"
"1313 ","Martyn ","Dallaway ","Director ","DLM Distribution Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1314 ","Dean ","Merritt ","Director ","DM Creative Management Ltd ","London"
"1315 ","Derran ","Stokes ","Director ","DMS Logistics Consultants Limited ","West Midlands"
"1316 ","Daren ","Robins ","Co-Owner ","DNA Custom Kit ","North West"
"1317 ","Martin ","Dobson ","MD ","Dobson Motors Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1318 ","Roger ","Wallhouse ","Chairman ","Docobo Ltd ","South East"
"1319 ","Bob ","Darby ","Director ","DocuStor ","South East"
"1320 ","Rohitkumar ","Shah ","Owner ","Dodhia Newsagent Ltd ","London"
"1321 ","Ben ","Shapiro ","Director ","Doff Portland Limited ","East Midlands"
"1322 ","Harry ","Murphy ","MD ","Dolce Verde ","East Midlands"
"1323 ","Alan ","Woodbridge ","Director ","Dolgellau Business Services ","Wales"
"1324 ","Barry ","Price ","Past Chairman ","Dolphin Head Group ","South East"
"1325 ","Ruth ","Donnelly ","Director ","Doma Architects ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1326 ","David ","Watson ","MD ","Domain Communications Ltd ","South West"
"1327 ","Mike ","Haigh ","Managing Partner ","Domus Financial Services ","South West"
"1328 ","Chris ","Mallinson ","Director ","Doncaster Cables Ltd ","East of England"
"1329 ","Don ","Davies-Evans ","Proprietor ","DonDe Photography ","East of England"
"1330 ","David ","Taylor ","Senior Partner ","Donels Consulting Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1331 ","Donna Ida ","Thornton ","CEO ","Donna Ida ","London"
"1332 ","Melody ","Adams ","Proprietor ","Donostia Restaurants Ltd ","London"
"1333 ","John ","White ","Franchise owner ","Dor2Dor (Fylde) ","North West"
"1334 ","Vinodkant ","Shah ","MD ","Doramex Ltd ","London"
"1335 ","Dorcas ","Londres ","Director ","Dorcas Children Limited ","South East"
"1336 ","Paul ","Silver ","CEO ","Dorchester living ","South East"
"1337 ","Tommy ","Taylor ","Owner ","Doubletee Discotheque Co. ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1338 ","John ","O'Brien ","Managing Director ","Dovetail H R S ","South East"
"1339 ","Denis ","Dowen ","Managing Director ","Dowen Estate Agents ","North East"
"1340 ","Graham ","Smith ","Managing Director ","Downland Bedding Co. Ltd. ","North West"
"1341 ","Ian ","Campbell ","Director ","Dr Snack ","Scotland"
"1342 ","Oonagh ","Grainger ","Director ","Drainbase Ltd ","South East"
"1343 ","Rebecca ","Pritchard ","Director ","Drew Pritchard Ltd ","Wales"
"1344 ","Amanda ","McCall ","Director ","Drinx.Com Ltd ","North East"
"1345 ","Sean ","Driscoll ","Proprietor ","Driscolls Greengrocers ","Wales"
"1346 ","Donald ","MacKenzie ","Director ","Drive Business Services Ltd ","Scotland"
"1347 ","Peter ","McGuinness ","Owner ","DRM Limited ","North West"
"1348 ","Kevin ","Coyle ","Director ","Drutek ","North West"
"1349 ","Scott ","Landsburgh ","Managing Director ","DS Landsburgh Limited ","Scotland"
"1350 ","Joe ","Avid ","Director ","DSA Accountancy Limited ","South West"
"1351 ","Phil ","Kehoe ","Director ","DSG Auto Contracts Ltd. ","East of England"
"1352 ","Richard ","Hoggart ","Managing Director ","DSG Financial Services Ltd ","North West"
"1353 ","Dominic ","Titchener-Barrett ","CEO ","DTB Sports Hospitality and Event Management Ltd. ","London"
"1354 ","Patrik ","Garten ","Director / owner ","DTG and Dad Ltd ","South East"
"1355 ","David ","Meredith ","Chairman ","Dual Seal Glass Ltd ","North West"
"1356 ","Michal ","Zajpt ","Founder ","Duallist Project ","London"
"1357 ","Tracey ","Reynolds ","Partner ","Duck Egg Blue Interiors ","East of England"
"1358 ","Dermott ","Quinn ","Managing Director ","Ductbusters Duckwork Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1359 ","Stuart ","Kellner ","Managing Director ","Dufton Kellner Limited ","North West"
"1360 ","Guy ","Stephenson ","General Manager ","Duke of York ","North East"
"1361 ","Andrew ","Strath ","Managing Director ","Dun-Bri Group ","South East"
"1362 ","Tom ","Hindmarch ","Director ","Duncan and Toplis ","East Midlands"
"1363 ","Kenneth ","Duncan ","Director ","Duncan Solutions Ltd ","Scotland"
"1364 ","Karen ","Mercer-West ","Director ","Dunelm Business Consultants Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1365 ","Craig ","Tracey ","Owner ","Dunelm Insurance Brokers ","West Midlands"
"1366 ","Shaun ","Lewis ","Director ","Dunscar Garden Centre Limited ","North West"
"1367 ","David ","Wroe ","Director ","Dunstan CMS Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1368 ","Malcolm ","Hearn ","Chairman Dunston Associates Ltd ","South East"
"1369 ","Gill ","Sabine ","Director Dustbusters (Barnes) Ltd ","London"
"1370 ","Giles ","Cunliffe ","Owner Dusty Miller Leisure Ltd ","Wales"
"1371 ","David ","Preston ","Proprietor Dutch Cottage, Camping and Caravanning. ","South West"
"1372 ","Charles ","Dutton ","Director Dutton Property Ltd ","East of England"
"1373 ","David ","Webb ","Owner DW Project Design ","Wales"
"1374 ","Robert ","Freeman ","Director DW WiFi ","South West"
"1375 ","David ","Musgrave ","Director DWM Heating Ltd ","South East"
"1376 ","John ","Cotton ","MD Dynamic Array ","South East"
"1377 ","Simon ","Gomes-DaCosta ","Partner Dynamic Bookkeeping ","London"
"1378 ","Nick ","Stacey ","Owner Dynamic Cars ","East of England"
"1379 ","Geoff ","Woolfenden ","Director E and G Websales Ltd ","Wales"
"1380 ","James ","Cole ","M.D E M Cole (Farms) Ltd ","East of England"
"1381 ","Edward ","Maloney ","Owner E M Joinery Services ","East of England"
"1382 ","David ","Rogers ","Managing Director E M ROGERS LTD ","East Midlands"
"1383 ","John ","Rogers ","Managing Director E. M. Rogers (Transport) Ltd ","East of England"
"1384 ","Eddie ","Bentley ","Managing Director E.G.B. Associates Ltd ","North West"
"1385 ","Edmond ","Ahmetaj ","Director EA Carpentry and Joinery Limited ","London"
"1386 ","Edward ","Asprey ","Director EA Designs Limited ","South West"
"1387 ","Robert ","Freeman ","Managing Director Eagle Europe ","South West"
"1388 ","Paula ","Malik ","Director Early Years Care Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1389 ","James ","Daniel ","Owner EarthMonkey Media Ltd ","Wales"
"1390 ","Nicholas ","Challacombe ","Chairman East Barton Properties Ltd ","East of England"
"1391 ","David ","Wright ","Proprietor East Coast Marine Heating and Electronics ","London"
"1392 ","William ","Morrison ","Centre Manager and Chair of TEast Doncaster Development Trust ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1393 ","Caroline ","Dibden ","Owner East Hoe Manor Farming ","South East"
"1394 ","Martyn ","Harris ","Director Eastern Aspects Ltd ","Wales"
"1395 ","Chris ","Siddall ","Managing Director Eastern Plastics Machinery Ltd ","East of England"
"1396 ","James ","Hervey-Bathurst ","Partner Eastnor Castle Enterprises ","Northern Ireland"
"1397 ","Bryan ","Hall ","Partner Eastwell Events ","South East"
"1398 ","Joanna ","Eastwood ","Director Eastwood Fine Art Ltd ","East of England"
"1399 ","Aurora ","Eastwood ","Owner Eastwood Stud ","South East"
"1400 ","Tracie ","Lee ","Director Easy Peasy Payroll Ltd ","East of England"
"1401 ","Richard ","Brandwood ","Partner Easypay Accountancy Solutions LLP ","North West"
"1402 ","Rahul ","Parekh ","Director Eatfirst UK ltd ","London"
"1403 ","Ronald ","Bradney ","Managing Director Eazipay Ltd ","East of England"
"1404 ","Joanna ","Kinch ","Owner/Manager Ebenezer Properties ","Wales"
"1405 ","Carl ","Nickson ","Director Eboracum Security ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1406 ","Bomi Sadri ","Proprietor Ebury News ","London"
"1407 ","Steven Street ","Company Secretary ECI Europe Ltd ","East Midlands"
"1408 ","Richard Parkin ","Sales Director Eclipse Automotive Technology Ltd ","East Midlands"
"1409 ","Pauline Brown ","Director Eclipse Executive Limited ","North West"
"1410 ","David Hall ","Owner Eclipse Worldwide Ltd ","East of England"
"1411 ","Stuart Southern ","Managing Director EcoGreen Plant Hire Ltd. ","North West"
"1412 ","Judith Adams ","Chairman E-Collectable.Com Lts ","West Midlands"
"1413 ","Richard Tolley ","Director Ecoplumb Worcester LTD ","West Midlands"
"1414 ","JILL BRISTOW ","OWNER Ecosse Unique Holiday Cottages ","Scotland"
"1415 ","Barry Champion ","Director Ecotec Systems Ltd ","East Midlands"
"1416 ","Gerry Collins ","Equity partner Ecovis Wingrave Yeats ","London"
"1417 ","eric whittaker ","MD Ecs Computer Recycling Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1418 ","Diane Edwards ","Owner Ed and Edwards Event Catering ","London"
"1419 ","Chris Mahn ","MD Ed Fagan Europe Ltd ","South West"
"1420 ","Hamza Jamil ","Company Director Edara Consulting ","London"
"1421 ","Fredrik Ostlund ","Founder Edge of Belgravia ","London"
"1422 ","Peter Hyne ","MD Edmondsons Limited ","London"
"1423 ","Roger Barclay-Edwards ","Managing Director EDS Engineering Ltd ","East of England"
"1424 ","David Whincup ","Managing director Educare Nursery Ltd. ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1425 ","Edward BENCE ","Managing Director Edward Bence Hotels Ltd ","South West"
"1426 ","Ashley Cooper ","Senior Partner Edward Cooper Young Chartered Surveyors ","East Midlands"
"1427 ","Charles Turner ","Managing Director Edward Turner and Son Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1428 ","(Mrs.) Freda Gittos ","Chairman Edwardian Postcards ","South West"
"1429 ","steve edwards ","Owner Edwards Maintenance Services ","London"
"1430 ","Tahereh-NeginBemanzadeh ","CEO EEE ASC LTD ","London"
"1431 ","matthew gerrard ","Managing Director Egmg Ltd ","South East"
"1432 ","Simon Le Marechal ","Owner Eight Bells Serviced Offices ","South West"
"1433 ","Hans Meissner ","Managing Partner EISER Infrastructure ","London"
"1434 ","Dogan Aslan ","Owner Ekol Paper Products ","South West"
"1435 ","Lee Roberts ","Director Elan Flooring ","East of England"
"1436 ","John Jack ","Chairman �lan Vital UK Ltd ","North West"
"1437 ","Simon Smith ","MD Electechs Ltd ","Wales"
"1438 ","Shirra Smilansky ","CEO, Creative Director Electrify Worldwide ","South East"
"1439 ","Carol Swallow ","MD Electroparts Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1440 ","Lisa McDowall ","Owner Elegant Nail Studio ","South West"
"1441 ","Joel Conway ","Owner and Managing Director Elevator Insight Ltd. ","London"
"1442 ","Craig elford ","Director Elford Commercial Ltd ","South East"
"1443 ","Mustafa Gocmen ","Director Elgards Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1444 ","Elisabeth ","Ling ","Director ","Elisabeth Ling Consulting ","London"
"1445 ","Garry ","Robinson ","Practice Principal ","Elite Financial Planning Consultants ","North West"
"1446 ","Michael ","Ward ","Managing Director ","Elite Leisure Developments ","London"
"1447 ","Sonya ","Baterip ","General Manager ","Elite Scanning Production Ltd ","East of England"
"1448 ","Robert ","Grinsell ","Proprietor ","Elite Solihull ","West Midlands"
"1449 ","Isobel ","Rickards Sanger ","MD ","Elite Spas Ltd ","South West"
"1450 ","Emma ","Warren ","Owner ","Elite Staffing Solutions ","South West"
"1451 ","Keith ","Dickins ","Partner ","Elizabeth Beacham Interiors ","South East"
"1452 ","Mark ","Hook ","Owner ","ELJ Furnishing ","South East"
"1453 ","Hugh ","Brook ","Principal and M.D. ","Ellingham House Day Nursery Ltd. ","South West"
"1454 ","Helen ","Elliott ","Manager ","Elliott and Co. ","East of England"
"1455 ","John ","Hodgkinson ","Director ","Elliott Musgrave Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1456 ","Philip ","Everett-Lyons ","Director ","ELM Creative Media ","South West"
"1457 ","Christopher ","Mold ","Managing Director ","Elmwood Fencing Limited ","London"
"1458 ","J ","Gill ","Director ","Elosteopathy Limited ","East of England"
"1459 ","Heather ","Smith ","Managing Director ","Elouise Lingerie ","East of England"
"1460 ","Rebecca ","Mayes ","Managing Director ","Elysian Escapes Limited ","South West"
"1461 ","Nikolai ","Askaroff ","MD ","EMC Management Consultants Ltd ","South East"
"1462 ","Emily ","Wright ","MD ","EMCInteractive Ltd ","London"
"1463 ","Carroline ","Tompkins ","Company Secretary ","Emerald Consultancy Services Limited ","East of England"
"1464 ","David ","Saunders ","MD ","Emerald Digital ","North West"
"1465 ","Alison ","Cotter ","Director ","Emerald Vets Ltd ","Wales"
"1466 ","Steven ","Fleming ","Director ","Emerging Technology Consulting Limited ","London"
"1467 ","Paul ","Milsted ","MD ","Eminent Eng ","North East"
"1468 ","Andrew ","Emmerson ","Director ","Emmerson Development Company ","North West"
"1469 ","Martin ","Jackson ","Owner ","Emmjay Technical Services Ltd. ","North East"
"1470 ","Wesley ","Emms ","Director ","Emms Transport and Training Group ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1471 ","Eamonn ","Molloy ","Managing director ","Ems Ltd ","East Midlands"
"1472 ","Robert ","Molloy ","Director ","Ems truck and Trailer Parts ","East Midlands"
"1473 ","Christopher ","Sweet ","Director ","Emsea Ltd ","South West"
"1474 ","Andrew ","Butt ","MD ","Enable Intl Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1475 ","Jonathan ","Shotton ","Owner ","Enchanting Magic ","South East"
"1476 ","Russell ","Upton ","Managing Director ","Engage Business Solutions Ltd ","East Midlands"
"1477 ","Kate ","Wilde ","MD ","Engage with Business Ltd ","East of England"
"1478 ","James ","Ellis ","Managing Director/Founder ","EngageTech Ltd ","London"
"1479 ","Stephen ","Walker ","M.D. ","Engineering Business Support Ltd ","East Midlands"
"1480 ","Idris ","Roberts ","Operations Manager ","Engineering Safety and Testing Ltd ","East of England"
"1481 ","Faith ","McCarthy ","Owner ","English Handmade Soap ","South East"
"1482 ","John ","Calvert ","Owner English Voice Over Ltd ","South West"
"1483 ","Paul ","Kavanagh ","Managing Director Enhanced Glazing Systems Ltd ","East of England"
"1484 ","Raymond ","Brand ","Director Enlight Electrical Services Ltd ","East Midlands"
"1485 ","Mike ","Bates ","Director Enterprise Project Delivery ","North East"
"1486 ","Mark ","Kass ","CEO Enterprise4good ","London"
"1487 ","Colin ","Baterip ","Owner and MD Enterprise-Document Solutions UK Limited ","South East"
"1488 ","Neville ","Dick ","Owner Entertainment ","London"
"1489 ","Troy ","Hewitt ","MD Entourage Security ltd ","London"
"1490 ","Peter ","Valinski ","Director Entoyment Ltd ","South West"
"1491 ","Mike ","Rankin ","Managing Director Envirolec Limited ","North West"
"1492 ","Tony ","Dowse ","Chairman Environ Communities Ltd ","East of England"
"1493 ","Nigel ","Evans ","Managing Director Environment and Safety in Partnership Limited ","East Midlands"
"1494 ","Aaron ","Hepworth ","Owner Enviroply Roofing Ltd ","North West"
"1495 ","Shaun ","Glanville ","Managing Director Envisage Media Consultants ","South East"
"1496 ","Peter ","Weavers ","Director EOS Architects Limited ","Wales"
"1497 ","Howard ","Marles ","Managing Director Eozone Group Ltd ","East of England"
"1498 ","Mark ","Thompson ","Director / Owner EPIC Consultancy and Training Ltd ","North East"
"1499 ","Elizabeth ","Sinclair ","director Epica Management Solutions Ltd ","North West"
"1500 ","Nicky ","Owen ","Chief Executive Epigram Communications and Design Ltd ","North West"
"1501 ","Chris ","Richards ","Commercial Director EpiValence Ltd ","North East"
"1502 ","Stuart ","Lowther ","Chairman EPR Architects ","London"
"1503 ","Edward ","Funnell ","Managing Director Epsilon Communications Ltd ","London"
"1504 ","Sarah ","Taylor ","Owner/ Piano and Music TheorEpsilon Music ","South East"
"1505 ","Jason ","Donaldson ","Director Equilibrium Risk Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1506 ","Andrew ","Burgess ","CEO Equimedia ","South West"
"1507 ","Mark ","Wilkins ","Proprietor Equity Consulting ","South West"
"1508 ","James ","Culverhouse ","Head of Media Relations Equus Group ","London"
"1509 ","Julie ","Deadman ","Director Equus HR Solutions Ltd ","South East"
"1510 ","Sarah ","Martin ","Director ER Vets Ltd ","South East"
"1511 ","Daniel ","Mendoza ","Director Ereira Mendoza ","London"
"1512 ","David ","Stubbings ","Owner Ergochair Limited ","South West"
"1513 ","Rob ","Wyatt ","Proprietor Ergospan ","East of England"
"1514 ","Tom ","Harris ","Partner Eric Jon Group ","West Midlands"
"1515 ","Erick ","Smart ","Sole Director Erick Smart LTD ","Scotland"
"1516 ","John ","Theobald ","Director Erimus Management Ltd ","South East"
"1517 ","Geoffrey ","Sexon ","Managing Director Erisoft ltd ","West Midlands"
"1518 ","Jeff ","Burke ","Director ES Global Ltd ","London"
"1519 ","Rosario ","Heneghan ","Director ES Vida Ltd ","London"
"1520 ","Scott ","Davies ","Director ","Esdee Construction and Electrical Ltd Wales"
"1521 ","Naeem ","Ahmad ","Managing Director ","Eshcol House Nursing Home South West"
"1522 ","Robert ","Croydon ","MD ","Esprit International Limited East of England"
"1523 ","Derek ","Essen ","Owner ","Essen valuers East of England"
"1524 ","David ","Allen ","Chairman "," Ltd. East of England"
"1525 ","Les ","Conway ","Director ","Essentially Financial London"
"1526 ","Steve ","Hawkins ","MD ","Essex Leisure East of England"
"1527 ","Louise ","Hornagold ","Managing Director ","Essex Mediation South East"
"1528 ","Peter ","Sherwood ","Proprietor ","Essex pallet truck services East of England"
"1529 ","Robert ","turner ","Director ","Estio Capital Limited Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1530 ","Robert ","Scriven ","Managing Director ","Eswa South East"
"1531 ","Winnie ","Etebe ","Director ","Eternal. Care UK Ltd East of England"
"1532 ","Maureen ","Scott ","Founder ","Ether Books Ltd East of England"
"1533 ","David ","Martin ","Managing Director ","Ether Solutions Limited East Midlands"
"1534 ","Malcolm ","Young ","Chief Executive ","ETherapeutics Plc North East"
"1535 ","Ian ","Hilditch ","CEO ","ETL Systems Ltd West Midlands"
"1536 ","Ian ","Butherway ","Owner ","ETTS Ltd Wales"
"1537 ","David ","Stubbs ","MD ","Etwb Ltd East of England"
"1538 ","Jamie ","Edgar ","MD ","EU Promotions SP Ltd South East"
"1539 ","Piers ","Rajapakse ","MD ","Euro Asia Brands Ltd South East"
"1540 ","Angela ","Wade ","CEO ","Europe Analytica South East"
"1541 ","Andy ","Williams ","Managing Director ","European Handling Equipment Ltd West Midlands"
"1542 ","Jim ","Hart ","CEO ","Europlus Direct Ltd Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1543 ","Craig ","Coverman ","Director ","Eutopia London"
"1544 ","Neil ","Dickinson ","Director ","Evander Properties Limited London"
"1545 ","Stephen ","Evans ","Managing Director ","Evans Hart Ltd London"
"1546 ","Verity ","Fifer ","Director ","Event Management Services West Midlands"
"1547 ","Stephanie ","upton-Prowse ","owner ","Event Priv� London"
"1548 ","Ian ","Everett ","Director ","Everark Weldtronics Limited East of England"
"1549 ","Tina ","Powerful ","MD ","Everest School of Transformational Leadership LimitedEast Midlands"
"1550 ","Lachhya ","Gurung ","Managing Director ","Everest Supermarket London"
"1551 ","Sukhbir ","Sidhu ","Commercial Director ","Evergen Systems Ltd South East"
"1552 ","Patrick ","Evershed ","Chairman ","Evermore Investment Trust PLC London"
"1553 ","John ","Everritt ","Partner ","Everritt Partnership London"
"1554 ","Ben ","Askin ","Director ","Everyday Wines Ltd London"
"1555 ","John ","Jenkinson ","Managing Director ","Evesham Hotel Co Ltd West Midlands"
"1556 ","Nigel ","Osborne ","Director ","Evolomedica South East"
"1557 ","David ","Barker ","Partner ","Evolution Town Planning East of England"
"1558 ","Cath ","Davies ","Director Evolve Marketing Partners Ltd ","South East"
"1559 ","Amanda ","Shaw ","Director EvolveODM ","North West"
"1560 ","Sylvia ","Gregson ","Owner Exact Abacus Limited ","North West"
"1561 ","Adam ","Shuter ","Managing Director Exact Logistics Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1562 ","Matthew ","Copsey ","Operations Director Exacta Technologies Ltd ","South West"
"1563 ","Tina ","OBrien ","Managing Director Exactech UK Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1564 ","Thomas ","Spencer-Bancroft ","Managing Director Exalon Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1565 ","Michael ","Taylor ","Director Excalibur Hygiene Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1566 ","Lucy ","Waite ","Founder and Managing DirectoExcel Cheer Centre LTD ","North West"
"1567 ","Phil ","Dixon ","Owner Excel Driver Training ","North East"
"1568 ","Brian ","Kirk ","Director Excell Engineering ","East of England"
"1569 ","Paul ","Hetherington ","Director Executive Benefit Consultancy Limited ","Scotland"
"1570 ","Steve ","Nicholls ","MD Executive Connexions Ltd ","South West"
"1571 ","Christopher ","Watson ","Owner Executive Mortgage Solutions ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1572 ","Adrian ","Ezra ","CEO Execuzen Ltd ","London"
"1573 ","Ed ","Hall ","Managing Partner Expert Media Partners ","London"
"1574 ","Catherine ","Convery ","Owner Explosive Learning Solutions ","South East"
"1575 ","Mike ","Callaghan ","Proprietor Express EPC ","East of England"
"1576 ","Terry ","Samuel ","Director ExpressUK Couriers Ltd ","Wales"
"1577 ","Andrew ","Hookway ","MD Extech ","South East"
"1578 ","Liz ","Simmonds ","Director Extreme Testing Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1579 ","Simon ","Morton ","Managing Director Eyeful Presentations Ltd ","East Midlands"
"1580 ","Ninian ","MacGregor ","Operations Director Eyes Down Media ","West Midlands"
"1581 ","Clement ","Lloyd ","Director Eyes Front IT Ltd ","South West"
"1582 ","Les ","Long ","Principal/ Surveyor Eyesurvey Chartered Surveyors ","East of England"
"1583 ","Andrew ","James ","Technical Director Eye-Tech IT ","South West"
"1584 ","Stephen ","Potter ","Director F Drury and Sons Ltd ","South West"
"1585 ","Donald ","Loe ","Consultant F K Howard Ltd ","East of England"
"1586 ","Steven ","Rich ","Director Fabbrica d'Italia Ltd ","London"
"1587 ","Chris ","Shaw ","Owner Face to face Fonancial Spolitions ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1588 ","Kevin ","Armstrong ","tea maker Factory-Fit (UK) Limited ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1589 ","Felix ","Parker ","Director Fairfax and Favor Ltd ","East of England"
"1590 ","Michael ","Bradfield ","Chairman and CEO Fairford Capital Limited ","London"
"1591 ","Niall ","Fairhead ","Director Fairhead Fine Art Limited ta Images ","London"
"1592 ","John ","Thornley ","Managing Director Fairhurst Estates Ltd ","North West"
"1593 ","John ","Scurr ","Owner Fairshares Software Limited ","Wales"
"1594 ","Ana-maria ","Croke ","Managing Director Falcon Construction Projects Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1595 ","Satish ","Chauhan ","Managing Director Falcon International Bags Ltd. ","East of England"
"1596 ","Leo ","Brumfitt ","M.D. ","Falcon Sportswear Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1597 ","Justin ","Heaven ","Owner ","Fantasy World ","North East"
"1598 ","Graham ","Simpson ","Owner/Managing Director ","Far and Wide Ltd. T/A Simpson Travel ","London"
"1599 ","Lucinda ","Morris ","Managing Director ","Far Horizons Marketing ","South West"
"1600 ","Jonathan ","Baker ","Managing director ","Farm and Garden Ltd ","East Midlands"
"1601 ","Gerry ","Hooper ","Director ","Farm Gas Power Ltd ","South West"
"1602 ","Charlie ","Ward ","Director ","Farm Studios Limited ","East of England"
"1603 ","Tony ","Deane ","Proprietor ","Farmer Giles Farmstead ","South West"
"1604 ","Jack ","Farrer ","Founder ","Farrer Consulting Ltd ","London"
"1605 ","Duncan ","Farrington ","Managing Director ","Farrington Oils Ltd ","East Midlands"
"1606 ","Samantha ","Farrow ","Managing Director ","Farrow Creative Limited ","South East"
"1607 ","Nayneh ","Rayarel ","Director ","Farsan express ltd ","East of England"
"1608 ","Alison ","Lewy ","Founder ","Fashion Angel ","London"
"1609 ","Shelley Jaan ","Kapoor ","Director ","Fashme UK Ltd ","London"
"1610 ","Julian ","Hill ","Director ","Fast Flues Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1611 ","Wendy ","Evans ","Director ","Fastavia Ltd ","North West"
"1612 ","Michael ","Adams ","Chairman ","Fastline group ltd ","East of England"
"1613 ","Nathan ","Evans ","MD ","Fathom IT Ltd ","North West"
"1614 ","Simon ","Hyde ","Chief Executive Officer ","FAUN Zoeller UK Limited ","West Midlands"
"1615 ","Kevin ","O'Connor ","Director ","FCGW ","Wales"
"1616 ","Lee ","Dobson ","Director ","Fcjuk Ltd ","North West"
"1617 ","Philip ","Matthews ","Director ","FDA UK Ltd ","South East"
"1618 ","david ","Bloom ","Director ","fdu group ","London"
"1619 ","Mathew ","Goms ","Managing Director ","Feast Express Limited ","London"
"1620 ","Tim ","Ceney ","Director ","Feathers Hotel Ludlow Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1621 ","James ","Downney ","Director ","Fed3 Projects Limited ","East of England"
"1622 ","Dean ","Chapman ","CEO ","Fedr8 ltd ","South East"
"1623 ","Mark ","Spicer ","Co-Owner ","Feedback Ferret Limited ","South East"
"1624 ","Nicolas ","Roe ","CEO ","Felix Rosenstiel's Widow and Son Ltd ","London"
"1625 ","David ","Orr ","Group MD ","Fencor Packaging Goup Limited ","East of England"
"1626 ","Paul ","Mayes ","Director ","Ferrers Technical Services ","East Midlands"
"1627 ","James ","Connelly ","CEO ","Fetch Media Ltd ","London"
"1628 ","Alice ","Beaumont ","Director ","Feu de Beaumont ","London"
"1629 ","Ffiona ","Reid-Owen ","Owner ","Ffiona's Restsurant ","London"
"1630 ","Paul ","Abraham ","Sales Manager ","FGS Services (UK) Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1631 ","Claire ","Collins ","Partner/Manager ","Fich and Ramous Hairdressing ","Wales"
"1632 ","Christopher ","White ","Chairman ","Fiddes Payne ","West Midlands"
"1633 ","Alberto ","Thomas ","Partner ","Fideres Partners LLP ","London"
"1634 ","John ","Millican ","Managing Director ","Fiducia Wealth Management Limited ","East of England"
"1635 ","Andrew ","Brixey-Williams ","Managing Partner ","Fiduciary Partners LLP ","London"
"1636 ","Debbie ","Field ","Director ","Field Training Services Limited ","South East"
"1637 ","Cordelia ","Meacher ","Managing Director ","FieldHouse Associates ","London"
"1638 ","Andy ","Kingston ","MD ","Fiesta Studios Ltd ","South West"
"1639 ","Maggie ","Baldwin ","Director ","Fifthstreet Management Limited ","London"
"1640 ","John ","Munton ","MD ","File Flatners Ltd ","East of England"
"1641 ","Margaret ","Phipps ","Owner ","Fillybrook Farm Touring Caravan Park ","South West"
"1642 ","William ","Tapley ","Director ","Filmdog Ltd ","London"
"1643 ","Michael ","Harris ","Non Executive Director ","Filmlight Limited ","London"
"1644 ","christopher ","beard ","Director ","Filter Laundry Services Ltd ","East of England"
"1645 ","John ","Senior ","Owner ","Finalweb Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1646 ","Aileen ","Major ","Partner ","Finance and Accounting for Business ","East Midlands"
"1647 ","Chris ","Kay ","Director ","Financetech Management Services Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1648 ","Julita ","Nikonowicz ","Managing Director ","Financial Expert Independent Limited ","North West"
"1649 ","Steve ","Wilkinson ","CTO ","Financial Satnav Limited ","East of England"
"1650 ","Matt ","Fincham ","Director ","Finch PR ","London"
"1651 ","Andrew ","Dunn ","Director ","Finchatton ","London"
"1652 ","James ","King ","Director ","Find Invest Grow Limited ","London"
"1653 ","Joel ","Kidd ","Director ","Find My Bus Ltd ","South West"
"1654 ","Dan ","Channer ","MD ","Finders Keepers ","East of England"
"1655 ","Sheila ","Urquhart ","Owner ","Findhorn Holiday Lets ","Scotland"
"1656 ","Tania ","Macnabb ","Owner ","Fine and Scandi ","South East"
"1657 ","Reg ","Clarke ","Owner ","Fine Claret Media Limited ","South East"
"1658 ","Sunil ","Patel ","Owner ","Fine foods ","South East"
"1659 ","Deborah ","Horler-Smith ","Director ","Fine Oils and Ingredients Ltd ","South West"
"1660 ","Simon ","Gough ","Managing Partner ","FineCal Group ","South West"
"1661 ","Joe ","Speight ","Director ","Fineline Media ","London"
"1662 ","Fiona ","Eastman ","Owner/Director ","Fiona Eastman Consulting Ltd ","South East"
"1663 ","Fiona ","Shipley ","Owner ","Fiona Shipley Equestrian Services ","West Midlands"
"1664 ","Simon ","Kent ","MD ","Fireball media ltd ","North West"
"1665 ","Eddie ","Rivers ","MD ","Fireout Protection Ltd ","London"
"1666 ","Peter ","Alcaraz ","MD ","Firsa ","South East"
"1667 ","Paul ","Lawrenson ","MD ","First Call Gas Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1668 ","Mark ","Padgett ","Director ","First Graphic Communications Ltd ","South West"
"1669 ","Gideon ","Kasfiner ","CEO ","First Luggage Ltd ","London"
"1670 ","Chris ","Hall ","Owner ","First of May Properties ","South West"
"1671 ","Mark ","Clough ","Director ","First UK Online Ltd ","North West"
"1672 ","Philip ","Andrews ","Director First Water Limited ","South West"
"1673 ","Steven ","Newton ","Director/owner Firstcall (Midlands) Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1674 ","Benaz ","mobayen ","Director Firstop Pizza ","North East"
"1675 ","Topps ","Awosika ","Founder Fittexpert ","London"
"1676 ","Paul ","Fitz-George ","Managing Director Fitz-George Consulting Limited ","North East"
"1677 ","Thomas ","Broad ","Director Flat TV Limited ","South East"
"1678 ","Eural ","Huggins ","Director Flavours Catering ","East of England"
"1679 ","Andrew ","Leech ","Managing Director/Owner Fleet Evolution ","East Midlands"
"1680 ","Tom ","Fletcher ","Managing Director Fletcher Equity Ltd ","South East"
"1681 ","michele ","Skelly ","Co founder FlexAcc Solutions Ltd ","South East"
"1682 ","Justin ","Anderson ","CEO Flexeye ","South East"
"1683 ","Jeanette ","Phillips ","CEO Flexicare UK Ltd ","South West"
"1684 ","Anthony ","Williamson ","Director Flexilube Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1685 ","Rishi ","Bansal ","CEO Flexistay ","London"
"1686 ","David ","Filmer ","MD Flockman ","South West"
"1687 ","Franklin ","Owusu-Antwi ","Managing Director Flogic Ltd ","South West"
"1688 ","Nick ","Dighton ","Managing Director Floorspan Contracts Ltd ","East of England"
"1689 ","Bartek ","Hladun ","Director Flower Maid Limited ","London"
"1690 ","Simon ","Flude ","Director Fludes S.H Ltd ","East Midlands"
"1691 ","Vicky ","Hooley ","Owner Fly Only Limited ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1692 ","Andy ","Ormrod ","Owner/MD Flying Colours Flagmakers Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1693 ","Clive ","Pinder ","Founder and Managing PartnerFlying Pigs Partnership Limited ","South East"
"1694 ","Laurie ","Hinds ","Proprietor Flying Start 2 Driving ","London"
"1695 ","Francis ","Logan ","Director FML - Information Solutions Ltd ","East Midlands"
"1696 ","Tim ","Pearce ","Director Focus Accountancy Solutions ","West Midlands"
"1697 ","Ian ","Laverick ","Director Focus Furniture ","London"
"1698 ","Gavin ","Crowe ","Director Focus Resourcing ","South East"
"1699 ","Gregory ","Watson ","Managing Director Folder Media Ltd ","London"
"1700 ","Amy ","Folkes ","Director Folkes Holdings Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1701 ","Gary ","Edwards ","Director Fomiger Limited ","West Midlands"
"1702 ","Kyriakos ","Pegasiou ","Director Food Designers Ltd ","London"
"1703 ","Rob ","Hawes ","MD / Founder Food Industry Associates ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1704 ","Rhianon ","Williams ","Owner Food KICK ","South West"
"1705 ","Harry ","Hogan ","Managing Director Foodservice Equipment Marketing Ltd ","Scotland"
"1706 ","Susie ","Foottit ","Director Foottit Financial ","London"
"1707 ","Peter ","Dury ","Partner Footwear Associates LLP ","South West"
"1708 ","Jack ","England ","Director Ford Electrical Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1709 ","Alexander ","Buchanan ","Director Fordoune Consultants Ltd. ","Scotland"
"1710 ","Thomas ","Webster ","Director ","Fordyce and Playle ","South East"
"1711 ","Kim ","Simmonds ","Owner ","Forest View Retreat Holiday Log Cabins ","West Midlands"
"1712 ","A.Khalique ","Chowdhury ","Owners ","Forestofindia ","East of England"
"1713 ","Rob ","Murdoch ","Commercial Director ","Forge Special Projects Limited ","West Midlands"
"1714 ","Ken ","Forrest ","Chairman ","Forrest Furnishing Ltd ","Scotland"
"1715 ","Heidi ","Nickson ","Director ","Forrester Sales Ltd ","North West"
"1716 ","Michael ","Fort ","Chairman ","Fort Farming ","East Midlands"
"1717 ","Gail ","Theakston ","Director ","Forward Thinkers (UK) Ltd ","North East"
"1718 ","Stephen ","Yarrow ","Director ","Forwoods ","South East"
"1719 ","Alastair ","Foster ","MD ","Foster and Co IFA Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1720 ","Jamie ","Foster ","Partner ","Foster and Griffin ","South West"
"1721 ","Nicola ","Holloway ","Owner ","Foster frame ","East of England"
"1722 ","Emma ","Ward Hunt ","Managing Director ","Foundation PR Ltd ","London"
"1723 ","Jessica ","Gurley ","Operations Manager ","Foundations 2006 ","West Midlands"
"1724 ","Geoffrey ","Collins ","Chairman ","Fountain Properties Ltd ","London"
"1725 ","Mike ","Mcgarry ","Managing director ","Four Seasons Blinds ","South East"
"1726 ","Adrian ","Waldron ","Director ","Fourth Estates Solutions Ltd ","London"
"1727 ","YOGI ","ABHEE ","Director ","Foxley Lodge Care Limited ","South East"
"1728 ","Jason ","Howard ","Owner ","Franking Direct Ltd ","South East"
"1729 ","Johnny ","Mcmahon ","MD ","Fransen Investments Limited ","West Midlands"
"1730 ","Neil ","Fraser ","Partner ","Fraser and Fraser ","London"
"1731 ","Susan ","Fraser ","Managing Director - Owner ","Fraser Enterprises Ltd ","South West"
"1732 ","F. ","Hamilton ","Director ","Fraser Hamilton Consulting Ltd ","London"
"1733 ","John ","Frayling ","Director ","Frayling Investments ","West Midlands"
"1734 ","Peter ","Frayling ","Chairman ","Fraylings Holdings Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1735 ","Ian ","Miller ","Managing Director ","Frederick R Miller Ltd ","South East"
"1736 ","George ","Halford ","Finance Director ","Fredericks Foundation ","South East"
"1737 ","Roseanne ","Rooney ","Company Secretary ","Frederick's Ice Cream Ltd ","North West"
"1738 ","Joshua ","Taee ","Director ","Freebrights Ltd ","South West"
"1739 ","Ivor ","Freedman ","Senior Partner ","Freedman and Partners ","East of England"
"1740 ","Caroline ","Hart ","Director ","Freedom Vehicle Contracts Limited ","West Midlands"
"1741 ","Iestyn ","Roberts ","CEO ","Freeport Retail Ltd ","London"
"1742 ","Wally ","French ","Director ","Frenbury Developments Limited ","East of England"
"1743 ","Paul ","Philpott ","Managing Director ","Fresh Air Studios Ltd ","South West"
"1744 ","Leanne ","Morris ","Directer ","Fresh Delights Delights LTD ","East of England"
"1745 ","Joyce ","Scott ","Managing Director ","Fresh ideas ","Scotland"
"1746 ","Gwen ","Cutmore ","Owner ","Freshstart Office Services ","South East"
"1747 ","Daniel ","McIntyre ","Sole Director ","Friendly Green Giant Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1748 ","Jerry ","Lawson ","Director ","Frog Bikes ","South East"
"1749 ","Alistair ","Galloway ","Owner ","Frontier Horizons ","London"
"1750 ","Grahame ","Mellanby ","Owner ","Frost Studios ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1751 ","James ","Fraser ","Director ","Fruit Art Ltd - The Framed Picture Company ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1752 ","Felix ","Stockmann ","Engineer ","FS Engineering (Automation Systems) Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1753 ","Petro ","Nicolaides ","Practice Principal ","FT Financial Solutions ","West Midlands"
"1754 ","David ","Berens ","Senior Partner ","Fuglers Solicitors ","London"
"1755 ","Susie ","Parkin ","Partner ","Fulford IFA ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1756 ","Andrew ","Cotton ","Owner ","Fulham Osteopaths ","London"
"1757 ","Colin ","Thornton ","Director/ Owner ","Full Circle Employment Agency Ltd ","East Midlands"
"1758 ","Tony ","Factor ","Founder ","Function Business Services Ltd ","London"
"1759 ","David ","Furnell ","Chairman ","Furnell Transport ","East of England"
"1760 ","John ","Scholes ","Director ","Furniss and White (Foundries) Ltd ","East of England"
"1761 ","Kevin ","Huggins ","MD ","Fusion Hair and Beauty Consultants Ltd ","East of England"
"1762 ","Tim ","Fussell ","Sales Manager ","Fussels Fine Foods ","South West"
"1763 ","Philip ","Small ","Director ","Future Power Technology Limited ","East of England"
"1764 ","Viv ","Watts ","MD ","Future Property Developments ","East Midlands"
"1765 ","Chris ","Hanlon ","Managing Director ","Future Water Ltd ","East Midlands"
"1766 ","Ben ","Croston ","Managing Director ","Fuzzy Duck Brewery Ltd ","North West"
"1767 ","Paul ","Howe ","Director ","FW Gapp ltd ","East of England"
"1768 ","Christopher ","Compston ","Founder ","FXConcierge UK Ltd ","London"
"1769 ","Jonathan ","Duffy ","Owner ","Fylde imports ","North West"
"1770 ","Annette ","Keyworth ","Owner ","Fyveways Ltd Trading as Value For Money ","West Midlands"
"1771 ","Tim ","Geoghegan ","Director ","G C Financial Services Limited ","South East"
"1772 ","William ","Knight ","Director ","G & W Groundworks Ltd ","South East"
"1773 ","Graham ","Allman ","Director ","G A Select ","East Midlands"
"1774 ","Nick ","Giardina ","Director ","G and C Produce Ltd ","East of England"
"1775 ","Greg ","Evans ","Director ","G and M Evans ltd ","South West"
"1776 ","Garry ","Taylor ","Principal ","G J Taylor Consultancy ","East of England"
"1777 ","Garry ","McClintock ","Director ","G MAC Services Ltd ","East of England"
"1778 ","John ","Goucher ","Family member ","G R Goucher ","East of England"
"1779 ","Garry ","Tuffen ","Director ","G Tuffen roofing and Building Spcialist Ltd ","South East"
"1780 ","James ","Lucas ","MD ","G. G. Lucas Ltd. ","East of England"
"1781 ","mark ","Smedley ","partner ","G. Smedley Transport Limited ","North East"
"1782 ","Bryan ","Georgiou ","Finance Director ","G.I.S. Industrial Supply Co Ltd ","East of England"
"1783 ","Paul ","Bradbury ","Director ","G2 Electrical Wholesale Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1784 ","Allan ","Nott ","MD ","GA Reproductions Ltd ","London"
"1785 ","Gabriel ","Gheorghita ","Director ","Gabriel Gheorghita Consulting Engineers Ltd ","Wales"
"1786 ","Gabrielle ","Teare ","CEO Gabrielle Teare Image Consultant ","London"
"1787 ","Sara ","Richards ","Director Gainsborough Ironing ","East of England"
"1788 ","Hussein ","Mohamed ","Director Gamass Ltd ","London"
"1789 ","Neil ","Jory ","Director Games and Computers (UK) Ltd ","South West"
"1790 ","Enam ","Chowdhury ","Owner Ganges ","South West"
"1791 ","John ","Gannon ","Director Gannon Communications LTD ","West Midlands"
"1792 ","Victor ","Gardner ","Proprietor Gardner Property Investments ","South West"
"1793 ","Raymond ","John ","Director Garfield John Ltd ","Wales"
"1794 ","Alexander ","West ","MD Garthwest Limited ","East of England"
"1795 ","Mary ","Cox ","Director/Company Secretary Gary Cox Glazing Ltd ","South West"
"1796 ","Barry ","Ellis ","Operations Director Gasway ","East of England"
"1797 ","Brian ","Gazzard ","MD Gazzmatic international Ltd ","East of England"
"1798 ","Gerry ","Burton ","Managing Director GB WELDING (Rutland)Ltd ","East Midlands"
"1799 ","Christine ","Goodyear ","Director GBH Law Limited ","South East"
"1800 ","Colin ","Gibb ","Managing Partner GC Partnership LLP ","East of England"
"1801 ","Cassie ","Hutchings ","CEO GCH Capital Ltd ","London"
"1802 ","Penelope ","McDonald ","Co-owner GCPR Ltd ","London"
"1803 ","Gordon ","Wilkie ","Owner/MD Gemini Technical Services (UK) Ltd ","Wales"
"1804 ","Catherine ","Hinchliffe ","Director Gemmologie limited ","East of England"
"1805 ","Gemma ","Welch ","Principal Gem's Dance Academy ","West Midlands"
"1806 ","Philip ","Edmonds ","Managing Director Gemsec ","South West"
"1807 ","Elena ","Sidwell ","Director Genesis SK Limited ","London"
"1808 ","Lawrence ","Crees ","M.D. Genial Genetic Solutions Ltd ","North West"
"1809 ","Katy ","Aldridge ","Executive Assistant Genisys ","East of England"
"1810 ","Abdul ","Chaudhrey ","Director Genius Business Solutions ","West Midlands"
"1811 ","Geoffrey ","Ross ","managing director Geoff Ross Consulting Limited ","Scotland"
"1812 ","Ben ","Lyon ","Proprietor Geoplex ","North West"
"1813 ","Richard ","Gawith ","Director George Gawith (Taxis) Ltd ","North West"
"1814 ","George ","Cutler ","Owner / Funeral Director George John Funeral Directors ","West Midlands"
"1815 ","Peter ","Vale ","Chairman George Law Plant Ltd. ","West Midlands"
"1816 ","George ","Twist ","MD George Twist (Wholesale) Ltd ","North West"
"1817 ","Georgina ","Swabey ","Owner Georgina Swabey PA Services ","London"
"1818 ","Keith ","Hollinrake ","MD Get Busy Living Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1819 ","Leonarfo ","Ciccarone ","Director Geteck UK Ltd ","East of England"
"1820 ","Duncan ","Smith ","Director GGS ","East of England"
"1821 ","Stephen ","Bryce ","General Manager GHA Coaches Ltd ","Wales"
"1822 ","Ryan ","Davis ","Operations and Managing DirecGHE Solar Ltd ","South East"
"1823 ","Michaela ","Lymbery ","Owner GhurkaOne ","East Midlands"
"1824 ","Caroline ","Pearce Rental Manager ","Gilford Van Hire Ltd ","Northern Ireland"
"1825 ","Gerard ","Gillingham Director ","Gillingham Associates Limited ","South East"
"1826 ","Roger ","Gilpin Owner ","Gilpin Executive Search ","Northern Ireland"
"1827 ","Darren ","Curle Company Director ","GIO Limited ","East of England"
"1828 ","John ","Scott Propriator ","Glebe house bed and breakfast ","East of England"
"1829 ","Rob ","Gledhill Owner ","Gledhill Homes ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1830 ","Robert ","McCready Proprietor ","Glen Dochart Caravan Park ","Scotland"
"1831 ","Ian ","Oliva Owner ","Glen Drummond Limited ","Scotland"
"1832 ","Ewen A. ","Cameron Director ","Glen Nevis Holidays Ltd ","Scotland"
"1833 ","Garry ","Stephens Managing Director ","Glenngarry LImited ","South East"
"1834 ","James ","Himmons MD ","Glenwood Limited ","East of England"
"1835 ","Steve ","Barnett MD ","Glevum Security Ltd Gloucester ","East of England"
"1836 ","Glin ","Markey Director ","Glinicus Ltd ","South West"
"1837 ","Alan ","Farmery Md ","Glo Hair Salon ","East of England"
"1838 ","Mark ","Royden Owner ","Global Forwarding Limited ","London"
"1839 ","Tony ","Laurenson Managing Director / Founder ","Global Infusion Group ","South East"
"1840 ","Rosemary ","Parr Managing Director ","Global PA Association Ltd ","South East"
"1841 ","Ross ","Williams Founder and CEO ","Global Personals Limited ","South East"
"1842 ","Trisha ","Whitehouse director ","Global Promotional Solutions Ltd ","East of England"
"1843 ","Stephen ","Dawkins CEO ","Global Property TV Limited ","London"
"1844 ","William ","Jones Chairman ","Global Village Ltd ","South East"
"1845 ","Elaine ","Dunn Owner ","Global Web Solutions Ltd ","Northern Ireland"
"1846 ","Hannah ","Murphy Director ","Globe Fit ","South East"
"1847 ","Ian ","Livingston Director ","GLOBEX Solutions Ltd ","East Midlands"
"1848 ","Ellie ","Fleming Owner ","Glow Beauty Spa ","Scotland"
"1849 ","Matthew ","Wood Director ","Gluefirm Ltd ","London"
"1850 ","Glynn ","Martyn Director ","GM Contractors Devon Ltd ","South West"
"1851 ","Gill ","May Director ","GMC ","South West"
"1852 ","Ian ","Bell Managing Director ","GMI Domestics ","North East"
"1853 ","Keiron ","Rice MD ","GMM Commercial Insurance Services Ltd ","South West"
"1854 ","Gwyn ","Pritchard -Williamsowner ","GMS ","East Midlands"
"1855 ","George ","Winn-Darley Proprietor ","GMV Winn and Co. ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1856 ","Geoffrey ","Odds Director ","GO 21 ","South East"
"1857 ","James ","hancher Managing director ","Go IFA ltd ","West Midlands"
"1858 ","Paul ","Norton Managing Director ","Go Media Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1859 ","Simon ","Ingham Founder Director ","Go Modern Limited ","London"
"1860 ","Guy ","Nixon CEO ","Go Native Limited ","London"
"1861 ","paul ","jauncey MD ","Gobbler Boats Ltd ","South East"
"1862 ","Colin ","Beattie ","Partner ","Godalming Classic Knitwear Ltd ","East Midlands"
"1863 ","Godfrey ","Pool ","Manager ","Godfrey Pool (Remedial and Sports Massage) ","East of England"
"1864 ","Nigel ","Wignall ","Proprietor ","GoExplore Motorhome Hire ","Wales"
"1865 ","Steve ","Watkins ","MD ","GoGo Digital Media ","South West"
"1866 ","Fiach ","Maguire ","Owner ","Gojoko Marketing Ltd ","South East"
"1867 ","Melindi ","Scott ","Director ","Gold Track Driving Club ","East Midlands"
"1868 ","Victoria ","Aitken ","Sole Trader ","Goldlabeldirect ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1869 ","Mark ","Oglesby ","MD ","Goldsborough Hall ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1870 ","Will ","Northam ","Managing Director ","Golf Exclusive ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1871 ","Paul ","Kurn ","Diretor ","Gomshall Design Ltd ","South East"
"1872 ","Chris ","Good ","Director ","Good as it gets Limited ","East of England"
"1873 ","Andrew ","Moore ","Managing Director ","Goodmans Financial Planning Ltd ","South West"
"1874 ","Richard ","Goodenough ","Partner ","Goodrich Consulting LLP ","East Midlands"
"1875 ","Laurence ","Porter ","Principal ","Goodwin Porter Advisors Limited ","South East"
"1876 ","Don ","Greaves ","Company Secretary ","Gordon Greaves (Slate) Ltd ","North West"
"1877 ","Alastair ","Gordon ","Director ","Gordon Investment Corporation Ltd ","Scotland"
"1878 ","John ","Gordon ","Director ","Gordon117 ","London"
"1879 ","Mark ","Hook ","Chairman ","Gosport Borough Football Club ","South East"
"1880 ","Sue ","Bailey ","Managing Director ","Gough Bailey Wright ","West Midlands"
"1881 ","Martin ","Gould ","proprietor ","Gould Emergency Locksmiths ","North West"
"1882 ","Tim ","Spanoudakis ","MD ","GPLUS2 Ltd ","East of England"
"1883 ","Sarah ","Peacock ","Director ","GPS Property Management Ltd ","East Midlands"
"1884 ","Michael ","Grantham ","Director ","GR Technologie Ltd ","South East"
"1885 ","Jane ","Elliott ","Co secretary ","Graceco Limited ","London"
"1886 ","Michaela ","Reaney ","Managing Director ","Gradvert ","North East"
"1887 ","Graeme ","Quar ","Managing Director ","Graeme Quar and Co ","South East"
"1888 ","Ray ","Lacey ","Joint owner ","Graffic ltd ","South East"
"1889 ","Graham ","Day ","Owner ","Graham Day Print ","South East"
"1890 ","Graham ","Hunt ","Proprietor ","Graham Hunt and Co. ","East of England"
"1891 ","Graham ","O'Neill ","Senior Partner ","Graham Oneill Associates ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1892 ","Graham ","Sifflet ","Managing DIrector ","Graham Sifflet Accountants ltd ","London"
"1893 ","Paul ","Keane ","Owner ","Grandads Shed ","East of England"
"1894 ","Stephen ","Axford ","Owner ","Grange Accountancy ","North East"
"1895 ","Peter ","Whitehead ","Technical Director ","Grange Computer Management Consultants Limited ","South East"
"1896 ","Linda ","Davis ","Director ","Grange Homes Berkshire Ltd ","South East"
"1897 ","Jill ","Davies ","MD ","Granite 5 Ltd ","East of England"
"1898 ","Stephen ","Sellers ","Director ","Grant Sellers ","South West"
"1899 ","Greg ","Jones ","MD ","Granvilles ","South East"
"1900 ","Daniel Connolly ","Director Grape or the Grain ","East of England"
"1901 ","Nigel Hancock ","Sole trader Grass Media Web Design ","South East"
"1902 ","Peter Baxter ","Owner / Director Grasslands Ltd ","South East"
"1903 ","Stephen Owen ","Managing partner Graves Son and Pilcher LLP ","South East"
"1904 ","Paul Gray ","MD Gray Wealth Management ","London"
"1905 ","anne gray ","Director Graybrowne ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1906 ","Peter Wood ","Managing Director Grayshott Leisure Ltd ","South East"
"1907 ","Harpal Singh ","Director GRDJ ","South East"
"1908 ","Paul Baker ","Owner Great Choice ","South West"
"1909 ","Liz Jackson ","Managing Director Great Guns Marketing Ltd ","South East"
"1910 ","Dr MohammedAshraf ","Principal Great Horton Dental Practice ","East of England"
"1911 ","William Guthrie ","Director Greater Expectations Ltd ","North East"
"1912 ","Rustom Cambata ","Chairman Greaves Travel Ltd. ","London"
"1913 ","Susan Seery ","Director Green capital Man Ltd ","South East"
"1914 ","David Grant ","Operations Director Greenfield Capital Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1915 ","David Grant ","Director Greenfield Finance Ltd ","West Midlands"
"1916 ","Lew Bingham ","MD Greenfield Group ","East of England"
"1917 ","Ian Smith ","MD Greenfox garage ltd ","East of England"
"1918 ","peter hearn ","Director Greengate Furniture ","South East"
"1919 ","Tracey Barry ","Director GreenKoala ltd ","East of England"
"1920 ","Ben Kola ","Director GreenLife Contractors ","London"
"1921 ","Lisa Stubbs ","Director Greenlight FM ","East of England"
"1922 ","Iain Lister ","Chief Executive Greenray ","East Midlands"
"1923 ","Simon Bennett ","Founder and Managing PartnerGreenright Homes ","East of England"
"1924 ","Andrew MacGregor ","Proprietor Greenshootz ","East Midlands"
"1925 ","Will Clayton ","Managing Director Gresham Collective Ltd ","London"
"1926 ","Tim Behrsin ","Founder Grexie ","North West"
"1927 ","Giles Weaver ","Proprietor Greywalls Hotel ","Scotland"
"1928 ","Gradyn Runyeard-Hunt ","Ops Director GRH Relief Chef Services ","South West"
"1929 ","Nicholas Grierson ","Partner Grierson Associates (London) Ltd ","London"
"1930 ","Stephen Norton ","CEO Grimsby Fish Merchants Association Ltd ","East of England"
"1931 ","William GrahaMassey ","Owner Grindleford Private Hire ","East of England"
"1932 ","Ruth Higgin ","Owner Groeslon Ty Mawr ","Wales"
"1933 ","Mike Harlington ","Director GroGlo Horticulture ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1934 ","Alistair Ponder ","Partner Grose and Co Solicitors ","East of England"
"1935 ","David St John ","Managing Director Grosvenor Brokers ","London"
"1936 ","Stephen Moss ","Chairman Grosvenor Secuirities Ltd. ","London"
"1937 ","Pip Witheridge ","CEO Grove Group ","London"
"1938 ","Tim ","Rose ","Managing Director ","Growbridge Advisors East of England"
"1939 ","Jill ","Mytton ","Managing Director ","Growhr Limited West Midlands"
"1940 ","Jenny ","Harper ","Partner ","Growing Gardens Scotland"
"1941 ","Julian ","Wood ","CEO and Founder ","Grq Consulting Ltd London"
"1942 ","Graeme ","Smith ","MD ","GRS Fleet Graphics Ltd East of England"
"1943 ","Fiona ","Gordon Smart ","Managing Director ","GS Recruitment South West"
"1944 ","Paul ","Timson ","Managing Director ","GSD Corporate Ltd North West"
"1945 ","Mohammed ","Jaja ","Owner ","Guardian Concepts England London"
"1946 ","Neil ","Wilson ","Director ","Guest Wilson Ltd West Midlands"
"1947 ","Hugh ","Gunn ","MD ","Gunn Trading Ltd East of England"
"1948 ","Reiner ","Heendeniya ","MD ","Gunther UK Limited South East"
"1949 ","Lesley ","Chandler ","Partner ","GW and Mrs L Chandler t/a Chandler Manor Farm StudSouth East"
"1950 ","Tim ","Batterbee ","Director ","GWH Contracting East of England"
"1951 ","Matthew ","Green ","GROUP IT DIRECTOR ","GWP GROUP LTD South West"
"1952 ","Keith ","Large ","Director ","H and A Transport Leeds Ltd Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1953 ","Russell ","Thompson ","Secretary ","H and V A Thompson Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1954 ","Howard H ","Bradley ","Owner ","H H BRADLEY North West"
"1955 ","Hughie ","Morrison ","Owner ","H Morrison (Racing) Limited South West"
"1956 ","Anthony ","Brookes ","MD ","H T Barnes and Sons Ltd North West"
"1957 ","Allan ","Chatham ","Partner ","H W Chatham and Co West Midlands"
"1958 ","Lance ","Forman ","Owner ","H.Forman and Son London"
"1959 ","Ian ","Smith ","Director ","H12 Consulting Ltd East of England"
"1960 ","Shiva ","Kumar ","Managing Director ","Haddington wines Scotland"
"1961 ","Peter ","Hadfield ","Managing Director ","Hadfield Accountants East Midlands"
"1962 ","Stanley ","Silver ","MD ","Hadley Group Ltd London"
"1963 ","Paul ","Johnson ","Managing Director ","Hadmans Place Ltd South East"
"1964 ","Christopher ","Cobham ","Owner/Managing Director ","Hagley Park LLP West Midlands"
"1965 ","James ","White ","Director ","Hailsham House Ltd London"
"1966 ","Trevor ","Gooding ","Director ","Hainault Investments Ltd East of England"
"1967 ","Simon ","Sothcott ","Director ","Hair Art (Alresford) South East"
"1968 ","Stephen ","Morley ","M D. ","Hair Management West Midlands"
"1969 ","Janet ","Bolton ","Director ","HairStation Academy South East"
"1970 ","Trevor ","Hunter ","Director ","Halcyon HealthCare Ltd Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1971 ","Halgurd ","Hussain ","Director ","Halgurd foods limited West Midlands"
"1972 ","Phillip ","Hall ","MD ","Hall Group Ltd South East"
"1973 ","Jennifer ","Vincent ","Owner ","Hall Place Equestrian Centre South East"
"1974 ","James ","Fenwick ","Director ","Hallwick Ltd West Midlands"
"1975 ","Jenny ","Halpern Prince ","CEO ","Halpern London"
"1976 ","Nick ","Stafford ","Senior Partner ","Hambleton Ales Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1977 ","John ","Rushton ","Owner ","Hamer + Perks North West"
"1978 ","Carol ","Oldbury ","Director ","Hames Chocolates Ltd East of England"
"1979 ","Christopher ","Shrubb ","Partner ","Hamlyns LLP South East"
"1980 ","Nicholas ","Arnold ","Managing Director ","Hampshire Electro Plating South West"
"1981 ","Chris ","Greenfield ","Director ","Hampshire Framing Ltd South West"
"1982 ","Jerry ","Hall ","Owner ","Hampshire Pest Control South East"
"1983 ","Ed ","De Mesquita ","Owner ","Hampstead Creperie London"
"1984 ","Ahmet ","Madenci ","Director ","Hamsey Trading (Oxford) Limited East of England"
"1985 ","Nicola ","Kennaugh ","Owner ","Handmade in North Devon South West"
"1986 ","Dhrumil ","Shah ","Director ","Harcourt House Dental Studios Ltd London"
"1987 ","Simon ","Card ","Proprietor ","Harepath Farm South West"
"1988 ","John ","Kelsey ","MD ","Harkel Services Yorkshire and the Humber"
"1989 ","Siva ","Harindiran ","Director ","Harlans Ltd London"
"1990 ","Neil ","Stock ","Managing Director ","Harlequin East of England"
"1991 ","David ","Gordon-Smith ","Finance Director ","Harlow Group Limited South East"
"1992 ","Andrew ","Ricks ","Partner ","Harlyn Dive School South West"
"1993 ","Andy ","Howarth ","Director ","Harmonise IT Ltd South East"
"1994 ","Jane ","Hadfeld ","Director ","Harper Recruitment Limited East Midlands"
"1995 ","Harriet ","Day ","Owner ","Harriet's Boutique East Midlands"
"1996 ","Stephen ","Less ","Director and Chairman ","Harrington Starr Limited South East"
"1997 ","Jacqui ","Harris ","CEO ","Harris Healthcare Ltd West Midlands"
"1998 ","Mark ","Harris ","Director ","Harris Land and Development Services Ltd Wales"
"1999 ","Pat ","Stuart ","Director ","Harrow Fencing Supplies Limited London"
"2000 ","Barry ","Hart ","Chairman ","Hartech Automotive North West"
"2001 ","Philip ","Parris ","Director ","Harvard Managed offices Ltd London"
"2002 ","Emma ","Wilson ","CEO ","Harvest Digital London"
"2003 ","John ","Harvey ","Owner ","Harvey Precision Tools South West"
"2004 ","Edmund ","Shillabeer ","Boss ","Harwell Vet Centre South West"
"2005 ","Murali ","Gunarajah ","Owner/Manager ","Harwell Village Newsagent South East"
"2006 ","Mark ","Platt ","Company Director ","Harwoods of Essex Ltd South East"
"2007 ","Michael ","Shuttleworth ","Co-owner ","Hathersage Hall Business Centre East Midlands"
"2008 ","Julian ","Wheatland ","Chief Executive ","Hatton International Limited South East"
"2009 ","Amir ","Sadjady ","Owner ","Haven Green Launderette London"
"2010 ","Clive ","Hawes ","Managing Director ","Hawes Signs ltd East Midlands"
"2011 ","Stuart ","Brear ","Director ","Hawk Communications and Business Services Limited Yorkshire and the Humber"
"2012 ","Angela ","Hawkes ","Director ","Hawkes Development Ltd North East"
"2013 ","Scott ","Seaman-Digby ","Joint Managing Director ","Hawtrey Dene Ltd London"
"2014 ","Steve Hayes ","Partner ","Hayes the Bakers (Somercotes) ","East Midlands"
"2015 ","Simon Langley ","Director ","Haygate developments ltd ","West Midlands"
"2016 ","Mark Brady ","Managing Director ","Hayley 247 Engineering Services Ltd ","West Midlands"
"2017 ","Robert Hayward ","Partner ","Hayward and Partners ","London"
"2018 ","Robert Irvine ","Managing Director ","Hazard Management Solutions Ltd ","North West"
"2019 ","Bryn Tennant ","CEO ","Haztec International Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"2020 ","Paul Holmes ","Director ","HD Developers ","East Midlands"
"2021 ","Stephen Woods ","Director ","HDD Computers ","North West"
"2022 ","Stephen Thorns ","Sales Director ","HDUK ","North West"
"2023 ","Roger Tame ","Director ","HDWT Ltd ","West Midlands"
"2024 ","Robert grosvenor ","Director ","Headmasters Birmingham Ltd ","West Midlands"
"2025 ","Isobel Hamid ","Owner ","Healing Hands ","North West"
"2026 ","Roger Berry ","Managing Director ","Healthmatic ","South West"
"2027 ","James Davies ","Director ","Heap and Digby Ltd ","East of England"
"2028 ","Neil Malone ","Chairman ","Heat Trace Ltd ","North West"
"2029 ","Stephen Arrowsmith ","Director ","Heatcare limited ","East Midlands"
"2030 ","Darren MichaeKempster ","Proprietor ","Heath Financial Management ","East of England"
"2031 ","Gavin Hill-John ","Director ","Heath Veterinary Group ","Wales"
"2032 ","Neill Greenfield ","Finance Director ","Heathbrook Ltd ","South East"
"2033 ","denis aaronson ","MD ","Heathcote and Ivory ","London"
"2034 ","Vic (LodewicuVan Rooy ","Principal Dentist/Owner ","Heatherside Dental Studio Ltd ","East of England"
"2035 ","Alec Meadows ","Operations Director ","Heating Plumbing Supplies Limited ","South East"
"2036 ","Ben Berry ","Partner ","HeavySet ","East of England"
"2037 ","Graham McLellan ","M/D ","Hebridean Luxury Holidays Ltd ","Scotland"
"2038 ","Mike Shaw ","Managing Director ","Hedley Asset Management Ltd ","Wales"
"2039 ","Helen Jobson ","Owner Operator ","Helen Jobson Photographer ","North East"
"2040 ","Michael Slade ","CEO ","Helical Bar plc ","London"
"2041 ","Jeremy Parkin ","Owner "," ","South East"
"2042 ","Joanna Dabrowska ","Director ","Helix Business Solutions Limited ","London"
"2043 ","Victoria Allen ","Director ","Hello Sweet Thing Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"2044 ","Richard Sidlin ","Managing Director ","Help Internet Ltd ","South East"
"2045 ","Peter Heming ","Director ","Heming Group Limited ","West Midlands"
"2046 ","John Henderson ","Owner ","Henderson Farms ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"2047 ","Chris Wason ","Chairman ","Hengar Manor Ltd ","South West"
"2048 ","Margherita Cerullo ","Owner ","Henleaze hair and beauty ","South West"
"2049 ","Rabinder Gill ","Partner ","Henley Charles ","West Midlands"
"2050 ","Charlotte Butler-Creagh ","Director ","Henley Finance Ltd ","South East"
"2051 ","Mary Lawson-Evans ","Owner ","Henley Rooms ","East Midlands"
"2052 ","Russell ","Henley ","Managing Director Henley Software Limited ","South East"
"2053 ","Matthew ","Hennings ","Managing Director Hennings Wine Merchants Limited ","South East"
"2054 ","Gerry ","Skeels ","Owner Henry George Wines ","South East"
"2055 ","Michael ","Hazelton ","Partner Henry Riley LLP ","London"
"2056 ","Martin ","Henshaw ","Director Henshaw developments ltd ","North West"
"2057 ","Gill ","Jeffries ","Owner Herbalife Wellness Coach ","North West"
"2058 ","Martin ","Schoenbeck ","Proprietor ","East Midlands"
"2059 ","Juliet ","Brazil ","Owner Manager Herbs Gardens and Health ","South East"
"2060 ","James ","Lauchlan ","Director Hereford 4x4 Ltd ","West Midlands"
"2061 ","James ","Lauchlan ","Managing Director Hereford Tyres Ltd ","West Midlands"
"2062 ","Sue ","Rawle ","Partner Heritage Cob and Lime ","South West"
"2063 ","Robert ","Freeman ","Director Hermes Systems ","South West"
"2064 ","Roger ","Trigg ","Owner Hertfordshire Property Services Ltd. ","East of England"
"2065 ","Anil ","Shah ","Partner Hewetson Shah LLP ","London"
"2066 ","Sarah ","Hewson ","Distributor of medical devices Hewson Medical Ltd ","East Midlands"
"2067 ","Steve ","Bowles ","Partner HFP Architects ","South East"
"2068 ","Nicholas ","Jones ","Director HFT Global Ltd ","East Midlands"
"2069 ","Simon ","Smedley ","MD Hgv Direct Ltd ","East Midlands"
"2070 ","Robert ","Ginsberg ","Managing Director HiB (London) Holdings Ltd ","South East"
"2071 ","Nicholas ","Chandler ","Managing Director Hibreeds International Limited ","East of England"
"2072 ","John ","Hicks ","Chairman Hicks Holdings (Woodley)LTD. ","South East"
"2073 ","Jens ","Bojen ","Chairman Higgins Builders Limited ","North East"
"2074 ","Lesley ","Thompson ","Owner High Bank Nursery and Little Ladybirds Nursery ","North East"
"2075 ","Joe ","Regan ","Director High Energy HR Limited ","South East"
"2076 ","Alan ","Wiseman ","owner High Parks Farm ","Scotland"
"2077 ","Glen ","Taylor ","Operations Director High Speed Lasers Ltd ","West Midlands"
"2078 ","Torjus ","Baalack ","Principal/ owner High Street Dental Practice ","South West"
"2079 ","Nick ","Taylor ","Owner Higham Vets ","East of England"
"2080 ","Beverley ","Clark ","Owner Highbury Hotel Blackpool ","North West"
"2081 ","Brian ","Watkin ","Partner Higher Ashwell Farm ","South West"
"2082 ","Roger ","Duckworth ","Director Highland Developments Ltd ","South East"
"2083 ","Stewart ","Maclean ","Chairman Highland Portfolio Limited ","Scotland"
"2084 ","Kevin ","warne ","owner Hilbornes traditional sweets ","South East"
"2085 ","Dean ","Dowsett ","Partner Hill Newton Recruitment ","London"
"2086 ","Patrick ","Hinde ","Partner Hill Rise Antiques ","London"
"2087 ","Christoph ","Brooke ","Managing Director Hillbrooke Hotels ","South East"
"2088 ","Andy ","Hill ","Owner Hillsons newsagent ","North East"
"2089 ","Jacqueline ","Smith ","Director Hillwood Limited ","East Midlands"
"2090 ","Peter Titchener ","Chief Executive Hilmor Port Partners Ltd ","South East"
"2091 ","Russel Weisberg ","Owner Hilton House Investments ","North West"
"2092 ","Nigel Barfoot ","Managing Director Hindwoods Limited ","London"
"2093 ","David Steven O'Connor ","Managing Director Hing Wah Limited ","South West"
"2094 ","Sadie Reid ","Editor Hip and Healthy Ltd ","London"
"2095 ","Adam Baker ","Director HIPC Europe Ltd ","West Midlands"
"2096 ","Sara Jones ","Director ","East of England"
"2097 ","James Allen ","Proprietor HJA Supplies ","South East"
"2098 ","Johnson MackKyeswa ","CEO HK Brookes Investment ltd ","East of England"
"2099 ","Toby Fermor ","Director HLR Developments Ltd ","South East"
"2100 ","Heather Stack ","Director HM Stack Consulting Ltd ","West Midlands"
"2101 ","Martyn Hale ","Partner HME Logistics LLP ","West Midlands"
"2102 ","Martyn Hale ","Owner/Director HME Technology Limited ","West Midlands"
"2103 ","Peter Hayes ","Director Ho Ho Bird ","East Midlands"
"2104 ","Emma Hobbs ","Chairman Hobbs on choice ltd ","East of England"
"2105 ","Rachael Hockmeyer ","Director Hockmeyer Motors Ltd ","East of England"
"2106 ","Bob Hodds ","Director Hodds PPM Ltd ","East of England"
"2107 ","Diana Hodgetts ","Director Hodgetts Limited ","West Midlands"
"2108 ","Cameron Hodgson ","Owner Hodgsons ","Scotland"
"2109 ","Golnar Bokaei ","Managing Partner Hoffman-Bokaei Solicitors ","London"
"2110 ","Chris Evans ","MD Hoist and Plant Hire Co Ltd ","South East"
"2111 ","Theresa Pereira ","Owner Holiday Cottage ","East of England"
"2112 ","Philippa Galloway ","Owner Holiday Cottage Little Garth Normanby ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"2113 ","Richard Curtis ","director Hollands and Curtis Estate Agents ","South West"
"2114 ","David Holloway ","Director Holloway Safety Management Ltd ","South East"
"2115 ","Raj Patel MBE ","CEO Hollowood Chemists Limited ","North West"
"2116 ","Malcolm Barnes ","Director Hollywood Gaming Ltd ","West Midlands"
"2117 ","Anthony Lee ","Owner Holt Retirement Home ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"2118 ","James May ","General Manager / Director Home From Home Pet Care Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"2119 ","Justin Visser ","Director Home From Home Properties ","South West"
"2120 ","Graham Wood ","Director Home Lettings ","East of England"
"2121 ","Sohrab Borozwan ","Director Home London ","London"
"2122 ","Homer Lindsay ","Owner Homer Lindsay Online Business Consultant ","Scotland"
"2123 ","Susan redpath ","Director Homes + Interiors ","Scotland"
"2124 ","Matthew Miller ","Chief Executive Officer and PreHomewood Group ","South East"
"2125 ","Richard Murray Wells ","Director Homfray Hotels ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"2126 ","Ben mcqueeney ","Laboratories Director Honeyman group ","North East"
"2127 ","Darius Mehta ","Owner Honeysuckle Cottage ","South West"
"2128 ","Adrian ","Staley Managing Director (CommerciaHook Norton Brewery Company Limited ","West Midlands"
"2129 ","Jill ","Hagley Administrator ","Hopelands Limited ","South West"
"2130 ","Peter ","Herring Chairman ","Hornbeam Ivy Limited ","South West"
"2131 ","Michael ","Gudgeon Director ","Horton landscaping ltd ","East of England"
"2132 ","James ","Harvie Director ","Hospital Ambulance Car Service Ltd ","Scotland"
"2133 ","Michelle ","Newstead Partner ","Hospital Radio Publications ","South East"
"2134 ","Richard ","Wilson Managing Director ","Hot Options Ltd ","South East"
"2135 ","Rupert ","Pick Managing Director ","Hot Pickle ","London"
"2136 ","Kathryn ","Hoyles Partner ","Hotel Continental Limited ","East of England"
"2137 ","Kishor ","Patel Managing Director ","Houghton Trading Ltd ","East of England"
"2138 ","Colin ","Wetherall Chief Executive Officer ","House and Son Property Consultants Ltd ","South West"
"2139 ","Chad ","Chudasama Owner ","House of Ducentis ltd ","East of England"
"2140 ","Ian ","Martin Managing Director ","Housemartins (Property) Limited ","South East"
"2141 ","Caroline ","Cooper MD ","How to succeed ","East of England"
"2142 ","Paul ","Hawkins Share Holder ","Howfield Response Limited ","East of England"
"2143 ","George ","Bryson Director ","Howford Hydraulics Ltd ","Scotland"
"2144 ","Simon ","Hoyle Owner ","Hoyle and Associates ","South West"
"2145 ","Paul ","Moran CEO ","HR Strategy and Solutions Limited ","South West"
"2146 ","Janos ","Draviczki Director ","HRL Refurbishment & Mainenance Ltd ","South West"
"2147 ","Martin ","Read Managing Consultant ","HRM Consulting Group ","South East"
"2148 ","Haydn ","Nunney Principle Consultant ","HRN Consulting ","North West"
"2149 ","Harsimran ","Saini Director ","HS Lawyers Ltd ","West Midlands"
"2150 ","Howard ","Crawshaw Director ","HSA Renewable Technologies Ltd ","West Midlands"
"2151 ","Abid ","Shah Director ","Huckleberry Willow Ltd ","East Midlands"
"2152 ","Sherry ","Hornagold-Prosser Owner ","Huddle and Bliss ","East of England"
"2153 ","Mike ","Newlove COO ","Hudson and Yorke Ltd ","South East"
"2154 ","Richard ","taee Director ","Huffkins ","West Midlands"
"2155 ","Peter ","Foster Managing Director ","Hugh J Boswell Ltd ","East of England"
"2156 ","Mac ","Chappell Director ","Hulabaloo Soft Play ","South West"
"2157 ","Steven ","McHugh Owner ","Hull Pets and Gardens ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"2158 ","Jonathon ","Humphries CEO ","Humphries Plumbing Northampton ","East of England"
"2159 ","Gavin ","Johnstone MD ","Hunter Healthcare ","London"
"2160 ","William ","hunter Director ","Hunter Wealth Mgt Ltd ","Scotland"
"2161 ","Sheila ","Newsum Managing Director ","Hunters Associates Ltd ","London"
"2162 ","Glynis ","Frew MD ","Hunters Property Group ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"2163 ","Robert ","Court Chairman ","Hunton Powerboats Limited ","South East"
"2164 ","Susan ","Buckland Founder and Director ","Hurleyburley Ltd ","London"
"2165 ","Steven ","Hurwitz Managing Director ","Hurwitz Exports Ltd ","London"
"2166 ","Robert ","Hutchinson ","Managing Director ","Hutchinson Lilley Investments Ltd ","London"
"2167 ","Peter ","Hutton ","Managing director ","Hutton Hire Ltd ","South West"
"2168 ","David ","Hoggarth ","MD/Owner ","Huttons Ltd ","South West"
"2169 ","Huw ","Edmund ","Managing Director ","Huw J Edmund Chartered Accountants ","Wales"
"2170 ","William ","Annison ","Director ","HWWA Consulting Ltd ","East Midlands"
"2171 ","Jacky ","Hyde ","Partner ","Hyde International ","East of England"
"2172 ","James ","Petter ","Managing Director ","Hydro Navitas Solutions Ltd ","East of England"
"2173 ","John ","Saunders ","M D ","Hye Oak Ltd ","South East"
"2174 ","Richard ","Nicholson ","MD retired 20 years ago ","Hyland Nicholson Ltd ","South East"
"2175 ","Andrew ","Hatter ","CEO ","Hylec Components Ltd ","East of England"
"2176 ","Alex ","Warren ","General Manager ","Hype Dance Company ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"2177 ","Phil ","Barber ","Director ","I and P Management Services Ltd ","South West"
"2178 ","Natasha ","Gavin ","Managing Director ","I Know Why It's Yum, Mum! ","London"
"2179 ","Andrew ","Hill ","CEO ","I Like Music ","London"
"2180 ","Stuart ","Smith ","Director ","I.B.A. Limited ","East of England"
"2181 ","Adam ","Greenwood ","Managing director ","IADigital ","South West"
"2182 ","Ian ","Bruce ","Chairman ","Ian Bruce Associates Ltd ","South West"
"2183 ","Charles ","Landless ","Partner ","Ian Landless Farming Partnership ","West Midlands"
"2184 ","Ian ","Moncur ","owner ","Ian Moncur Newsagents ","East of England"
"2185 ","Ian ","Munro ","Managing Director ","Ian Munro Properties Ltd ","London"
"2186 ","Ian ","Saville ","Managing Director ","IanSaville Fabrications LTD ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"2187 ","Gareth ","Thomas ","Managing Director ","Icon Plastics ltd ","North East"
"2188 ","Leslie ","Costar ","Director ","ICUK Computing Services Ltd ","East of England"
"2189 ","Itayi ","Chirinda ","Director ","Ideal Home Care Solutions Limited ","East of England"
"2190 ","Susan ","Bone ","Director / Shareholder ","Ideal Transport Ltd ","South East"
"2191 ","Harvey ","Ward ","Director ","Ideas Box Ltd ","London"
"2192 ","John ","Lloyd ","Partner ","Ideas-4-pets ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"2193 ","Iwan ","Corcoran ","Director ","Idraulica Ltd ","South West"
"2194 ","Aaron ","Wright ","Director ","iEnergise LTD ","London"
"2195 ","John ","Mason ","Operations Director ","IES Instrumentation Electrical Services Ltd ","North East"
"2196 ","Ian ","Duthie ","Director ","IfD Consulting ","Scotland"
"2197 ","Joanna ","reeves ","director ","Iloveprimrosehill Ltd ","London"
"2198 ","Dave ","King ","Director ","Imagine You Can UK Limited ","North East"
"2199 ","Imogen ","Belfield ","Creative Director ","Imogen Belfield ","London"
"2200 ","Clare ","Dooley ","Partner ","Impact dance and theatre school ","North West"
"2201 ","Alexander ","Stevenson ","Managing Director ","Imperial GB ","East Midlands"
"2202 ","Chalres ","Khan ","Director ","Imperium Electrical Limited ","London"
"2203 ","Steve ","Digva ","CEO ","In Phase International Ltd ","East of England"
"2204 ","Sarju ","Radia ","CEO ","Inaspect Technology ltd ","London"
"2205 ","Ann ","Cain ","M.D. ","Inca Geometric Limited ","South East"
"2206 ","James ","Lowe ","Managing Director ","Inception Risk Solutions Ltd ","East of England"
"2207 ","Jason ","Lunn ","Director ","Independent Event Management Ltd ","East of England"
"2208 ","Ian ","Steel ","Owner ","Independent Print Management ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"2209 ","Helen ","Geall ","Director ","Indepth diving UK ltd ","East of England"
"2210 ","Trevor ","Ruddle ","Managing Director ","Indigo Awnings Ltd ","North West"
"2211 ","Penni ","Wallace ","Owner ","Indigo Daisy Weddings ","South West"
"2212 ","David ","Castle ","Co Owner ","Indigo Furniture ","East Midlands"
"2213 ","Angus ","Allan ","Managing Director ","Indulgence Patisserie Limited ","East of England"
"2214 ","Phill ","Buckley ","Managing Director ","Industrial Personnel Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"2215 ","Michael ","Holland ","MD ","Infiniti Finance ","East of England"
"2216 ","Jay ","Valambhia ","Director ","Infinity 3 Limited ","South East"
"2217 ","Fraser ","Wright ","Director ","Infinity EPS Ltd ","South East"
"2218 ","Roger ","Moore ","Director ","Infinity Online Ltd ","East of England"
"2219 ","John ","Simpson ","co-owner ","Influential Software ","South East"
"2220 ","John ","Griffiths ","Managing Director ","In-Form Solutions Ltd ","West Midlands"
"2221 ","Alastair ","Cartwright ","MD ","Ingenium People ","South West"
"2222 ","shaun ","varga ","Chairman ","Ingenuity ","London"
"2223 ","Jamie ","Matthews ","CEO ","Initials Marketing Ltd ","London"
"2224 ","Chris ","Jackson ","CEO ","Injection Alloys Ltd ","East of England"
"2225 ","David ","tremmil ","company director ","Inloco Events Ltd ","West Midlands"
"2226 ","Edward ","Schneider ","Director ","Innego Limited ","London"
"2227 ","Selina ","Seesunkur ","Director ","Innomovate Consultants Ltd ","London"
"2228 ","Jennifer ","Arcuri ","Founder ","InnoTech Network ","London"
"2229 ","Adrian ","Saint ","Chief Operating Officer ","InnoVent Leasing ","South East"
"2230 ","Sanjay ","Srivastava ","Managing Director ","Innoventech Solutions ","London"
"2231 ","Kristina ","Crabbe ","Director ","Innoxy Limited ","South East"
"2232 ","Ian ","Bennett ","Managing Director ","Inside Information Limited ","South East"
"2233 ","Kate ","Sissons ","Managing Director ","Insider Chic Ltd ","London"
"2234 ","Sally ","Price ","Director ","Insider Dealings (Chiswick) Ltd ","London"
"2235 ","David ","Carey ","Owner ","Inspire Career Consultancy ","South West"
"2236 ","Matthew ","Thornton ","Director ","Inspired Energy PLC ","North West"
"2237 ","Ben ","Rosen ","CEO ","Inspiringinterns ","London"
"2238 ","Adam ","Kent ","Managing Director ","Install Automation Ltd ","West Midlands"
"2239 ","Ben ","Leet ","MD ","Instantly UK Ltd ","London"
"2240 ","David ","Gare ","Chairman ","Instem Plc ","West Midlands"
"2241 ","Alex ","Emodi ","Director ","Int2Med ","South East"
"2242 ","Michael ","Day ","Managing Director ","Integra Property Services ","South East"
"2243 ","Martin ","Hanson ","Director ","Integrail Ltd ","East of England"
"2244 ","Bill ","Geddes ","Pricipal ","Integrated Search ","North West"
"2245 ","Colin ","Godfrey ","MD ","Intelemarketing Ltd ","South East"
"2246 ","Peter ","Brennan ","Managing Director ","Intelligent Working ","London"
"2247 ","Duncan ","Hughes ","Co owner ","Intellitec MV Ltd ","North West"
"2248 ","Paul ","Chadderton ","Operations Director ","Interface NRM ","West Midlands"
"2249 ","Ian ","Harris ","Sales Manager ","Interior Surface Solutions Ltd ","South West"
"2250 ","James ","Coleman ","Owner director ","Interlink group ltd ","East of England"
"2251 ","John ","Polak ","M.D. ","International Marketers London Ltd ","South West"
"2252 ","Philip ","Butterworth ","Director ","Interoffice Global Ltd ","London"
"2253 ","Steve ","Morrisey ","Managing Director ","InterQuest Group ","South East"
"2254 ","Amish ","Shah ","Director ","Intoto Kitchens Northampton ","East of England"
"2255 ","Jon ","Ingram ","Sales manager ","Introsoft Ltd ","South West"
"2256 ","Julian ","Philpott ","MD ","Intuitive Event Marketing Ltd ","South East"
"2257 ","Colin ","Williams ","Owner ","Invicta Produce Ltd ","South East"
"2258 ","See Kim ","Siow ","Company Secretary ","Invigoris Limited ","East Midlands"
"2259 ","Yusef ","Mamoojee ","Commercial Manager ","Invincible Drain Care Limited ","South East"
"2260 ","John ","Sword ","Director ","Involution Technologies Ltd ","West Midlands"
"2261 ","rob ","booth ","Director ","Invosys Ltd ","North West"
"2262 ","Paul ","Richards ","MD ","IP Solutions ","London"
"2263 ","Niall ","Hackett ","MD ","IPH Fire Solutions Ltd ","North West"
"2264 ","rick ","kerry ","MD ","Ipswich Accident Repair Centre Ltd ","East of England"
"2265 ","Tony ","Quinn ","Owner ","IQ Marketing ","South East"
"2266 ","George ","Sullivan ","Director ","IQ Prints ","East Midlands"
"2267 ","Scott ","Perry ","Director ","IQual Ltd. ","South East"
"2268 ","Steve ","Holder ","owner ","IRC Carocelle Limited ","West Midlands"
"2269 ","Irene ","Waters ","owner ","Irene Waters, Health Consultant ","South East"
"2270 ","Chris ","Mahony ","Director ","Irons Aviation ","South West"
"2271 ","Jane ","Whitehouse ","Managing Director ","IS Group ","Wales"
"2272 ","Daniel ","McNicol ","Owner ","Isabella Lloyd Associates Ltd ","East of England"
"2273 ","David ","Harper ","CEO ","iSat Ltd ","South East"
"2274 ","Mark ","Hollyman ","Managing Partner ","ISIS Accountants ","East of England"
"2275 ","hugh ","riches ","Managing Director ","Island Auction Rooms ","South West"
"2276 ","Roy ","asten ","Director retired ","Island Decorators Ltd ","South West"
"2277 ","Justin ","Broadbent ","Chairman ","Isoenergy Ltd ","South East"
"2278 ","Satvinder ","Mann ","Founder ","Isource IT UK Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"2279 ","Joel ","Musongela ","Founder ","Israel Africa Business LTD ","West Midlands"
"2280 ","Ian ","Merton ","Managing Director ","ISSM LTD ","East of England"
"2281 ","Keith ","Windram ","Director ","Information Services Group ","South West"
"2282 ","Robert ","Rutherford ","CEO ","IT Services ","South West"
"2283 ","Grace ","Gabani ","Director ","Italian wholesale furniture limited ","London"
"2284 ","Graham ","Williams ","Managing Director ","ITC FX ","London"
"2285 ","raj ","rana ","Director ","Itihaas ","West Midlands"
"2286 ","Nicola ","Thompson ","Owner ","It's a wooden world ","North West"
"2287 ","Angela ","Muir ","Director ","It's curtains for you ","Scotland"
"2288 ","Laurence ","Fretwell ","Director ","ITS Fire and Security Ltd ","South East"
"2289 ","Mark ","Betts ","Managing Director ","Ives and Taylor Insurances Ltd ","North West"
"2290 ","David ","Hattersley ","Manager ","Ivy Cottage(Giggleswick) Limited ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"2291 ","Andrew ","Giusti ","Manager ","Ivy leaf Chicken Bar ","Scotland"
"2292 ","Anthony ","Harling ","Instructor ","iWAY Driving School ","North West"
"2293 ","Peter ","Haddad ","Managing Director ","iWood Inc Limited ","London"
"2294 ","Lisa ","Bean ","Managing Director ","IX7 ","North East"
"2295 ","Lee ","Werrell ","MD ","IYC Cubed Limited ","South East"
"2296 ","Jeff ","Marshall ","MD ","J & G Marshall Ltd ","North West"
"2297 ","Angela ","Livall ","Partner ","J and A Livall ","South West"
"2298 ","Ranjit S ","Baxi ","MD ","J and H Sales Intl ","East of England"
"2299 ","Peter ","Baker ","Director ","J and M Parsons ","South West"
"2300 ","Simon ","Cook ","Director ","J and S Products Ltd ","East of England"
"2301 ","Mavis ","Arnold ","Partner ","J Arnold and Son Farmers ","East Midlands"
"2302 ","John ","Corrie ","Chairman ","J B Corrie and Co Ltd ","South East"
"2303 ","Alan M.J. ","Frost ","Chairman ","J C Frost and Co Holdings Ltd ","London"
"2304 ","John ","Edwards ","Managing Director ","J C Rathbone Associates ","London"
"2305 ","Debbie ","Stone ","Director ","J G interiors ","London"
"2306 ","James ","Buchan ","Director ","J J Buchan ltd. ","Scotland"
"2307 ","Jim ","Fleming ","Managing Director ","J J Fleming Business Services Ltd ","South East"
"2308 ","Charles ","Mann ","Partner ","J J Mann and Co ","South West"
"2309 ","James Keith ","Starkie ","Proprietor ","J K S Advertising ","North West"
"2310 ","Colin Martin ","Rayner ","Director ","J Rayner and Sins Ltd ","South East"
"2311 ","Joseph ","Rotherham ","MD ","J Rotherham Masonry Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"2312 ","James ","Gunn ","Partner ","J S Gunn ","Scotland"
"2313 ","Matthew ","Rotherham ","Director ","J. Rotherham Masonry Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"2314 ","Jack Watson ","Brown ","Partener ","J.B.Transport ","East Midlands"
"2315 ","Christopher ","Boddington ","Managing director ","J.Boddington Law Associates Ltd ","South West"
"2316 ","Paul ","Barrow ","Chairman ","J.W.Barrow Tanker Specialists Ltd ","North West"
"2317 ","Ray ","Jackson ","Managing Director ","Jackson and Jackson Europe Ltd ","South East"
"2318 ","Rick Barrow ","Marketing Director ","Jackson Barrett and Gass ","North West"
"2319 ","David Jackson ","Managing Director ","Jackson Grundy Estate Agents Ltd ","East of England"
"2320 ","Charlie Jackson ","MD ","Jackson Rose Recruitment Solutions Limited ","South East"
"2321 ","Peter Matthew ","Managing Director ","Jacksons Wealth Management ","South West"
"2322 ","Duncan Ford ","Director ","Jackstay Consulting Ltd ","South East"
"2323 ","Keith Senior ","Director ","Jacobs Allen Ltd ","East of England"
"2324 ","Vijay Jagpal ","Director ","Jagpal Enterprises Ltd ","London"
"2325 ","Uday Thakrar ","Owner ","Jai Chemist ","East of England"
"2326 ","Jason Miller ","MD ","JamCap LTD ","South East"
"2327 ","James Becke ","Owner ","James Becke Plumbing and Heating ","West Midlands"
"2328 ","Gordon Callander ","Managing Director ","James Callander and Son Ltd. ","Scotland"
"2329 ","Marcel Cooper ","Construction Director ","James Development Co Ltd ","East of England"
"2330 ","James Dolan ","Director ","James Dolan Limited ","East of England"
"2331 ","James barton ","MD ","James Gold Ltd ","South East"
"2332 ","Michael James ","MD ","James Industrial ","North West"
"2333 ","Sally Paynter ","Shareholder ","James Reed Public Relations Ltd ","South West"
"2334 ","James Riley ","Director ","James Riley Ltd ","South East"
"2335 ","Amie McGranaghan ","Director ","Jamies gymnastics academy ","London"
"2336 ","Jane Bond ","Owner ","Jane Bond Interior Design ","South East"
"2337 ","Janet Redler ","Chief Executive ","Janet Redler Travel and Tourism ","West Midlands"
"2338 ","Stuart Bray ","Chef/Director ","Janito Bistro Knowle ","West Midlands"
"2339 ","Arthur CharlesHollomon ","Director ","Jan's Floral Boutique Ltd. ","East of England"
"2340 ","Geoffrey Shaw ","Chairman ","Janson Capital ","London"
"2341 ","Peter Howson ","Managing Director ","Jardak Services Limited ","South East"
"2342 ","A woodvine ","director ","Jaw demolition ltd ","South East"
"2343 ","Jayne Shufflebotham ","Director ","Jayne Shufflebotham Limited ","North West"
"2344 ","Jens Bojen ","Chairman ","JBA Fishsales Limited ","North East"
"2345 ","Jon Blake ","Director ","JBC Ltd ","South East"
"2346 ","James McDonald ","Chairman ","JBM Associates ","South East"
"2347 ","Paul Moore ","Director ","JCT Consultancy Ltd ","East Midlands"
"2348 ","Jean Fullerton ","Manager ","Jean Fullerton- Author ","East of England"
"2349 ","Paul Natolie ","MD ","JEC Industrial Equipment Ltd ","South West"
"2350 ","James Griffith ","Director ","Jeddis Engineering Limited ","London"
"2351 ","Edmund Farley ","Proprietor ","JEFCare Services ","South West"
"2352 ","Keith Jenkinson ","Principle ","Jenkinson Associates ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"2353 ","Jennifer Mitchell ","Owner ","Jennifer Mitchell Interior Design ","South East"
"2354 ","Jenny Greenwood ","Proprietor ","jenny greenwood Telephone Marketing ","Wales"
"2355 ","Peter Oldham ","Director ","Jensham Ltd ","North West"
"2356 ","Michael Holland ","MD ","Jenya Property Investments Ltd ","Scotland"
"2357 ","Lucas Markou ","Director ","Jerroms Priddey ","West Midlands"
"2358 ","Andrew Harrington ","Director ","Jet Set Speaker Ltd ","South East"
"2359 ","John Ettridge ","MD ","Jett Communications Ltd ","South East"
"2360 ","Angela King ","Company secretary/designer ","Jewellery by Michael King Ltd ","North West"
"2361 ","Michael Siodmok ","Director ","Jfa Contracts Ltd ","North West"
"2362 ","John Greaves ","Self-employed Owner ","Jfg Sales ","South East"
"2363 ","john Pendreich ","MD ","JHealth on Air ltd ","London"
"2364 ","Felix Felix ","Director ","JHK Estate Agents ","London"
"2365 ","sarbjit jhooty ","acquisition director ","Jhoots ","West Midlands"
"2366 ","John Milburn ","Director ","Jigsaw Corporate Financial Management Ltd ","South West"
"2367 ","Dale Howarth ","Managing Partner ","Jigsaw Sales and Marketing Consultants ","South East"
"2368 ","Jim French ","Owner ","Jim French ","South East"
"2369 ","John Plunkett ","Owner ","JJ Plunkett Ltd ","North West"
"2370 ","Dharmendra Joshi ","Manager ","Jk marketing UK ","East of England"
"2371 ","Jon Land ","Proprietor ","JLE ","North West"
"2372 ","Jason Rippingale ","Managing Director ","JLR Combustion Engineering Ltd ","North West"
"2373 ","James Crockett ","Director ","JMCR Inspection Services Ltd ","North West"
"2374 ","Jonathan painter ","MD ","JMJC LTD ","South West"
"2375 ","Joseph Blair ","Director ","JMS Blair Ltd ","Scotland"
"2376 ","Thomas Bryn Jones ","Director ","Jo at MonLtd ","Wales"
"2377 ","Guy Atkins ","Managing Director ","Jo Bird and Co Ltd ","South West"
"2378 ","Jo Egerton ","Owner ","Jo Egerton photography ","South West"
"2379 ","Joanna Humphrey ","Owner ","Jo Humphrey Business Support ","South East"
"2380 ","Jo Pavey ","Principal ","Jo Pavey Insurance Services ","South West"
"2381 ","Jamie Baguley ","Director ","Job logistics limited ","North West"
"2382 ","Stephen Hoggett ","Director ","Johan Ku Design Ltd ","London"
"2383 ","Sarah Hudson ","Director ","John Bennett (Billiards) Ltd ","South East"
"2384 ","John Bruce ","Senior Partner ","John Bruce Associates ","Scotland"
"2385 ","John Chambers ","Director ","John Chambers Associates Limited ","South East"
"2386 ","Sarah Roberts ","Marketing Manager ","John Cullen Lighting ","London"
"2387 ","John Cutmore ","Director ","John Cutmore Builds Limited ","East of England"
"2388 ","Ronald Gordon ","Chairman ","John Gordon and Son Limited ","Scotland"
"2389 ","John Hawkes ","Proprietor ","John Hawkes ","East of England"
"2390 ","Mark Cheetham ","Director ","John Hunt ","North West"
"2391 ","Graeme Rudd ","Director ","John J Rudd and son ltd ","North West"
"2392 ","john joseph ","MD ","John Joseph Financial Solutions Limited ","East of England"
"2393 ","John Lewis ","Owner ","John Lewis Technical Translations ","South West"
"2394 ","John ","Moss ","Owner ","John Moss Regeneration ","London"
"2395 ","John ","Nicholson ","Director ","John Nicholson Ltd ","South East"
"2396 ","john ","noott ","Owner ","john noott gallleries ","West Midlands"
"2397 ","Ann ","Pye ","Director ","John Pye Auctions ","East of England"
"2398 ","John ","Spencer ","Managing Director ","John Spencer Associates ","London"
"2399 ","Joanna ","Whippy ","Company director ","John Whippy insurance brokers ","South East"
"2400 ","Russell ","Johnson ","Managing Director ","Johnson Associates Consultancy Ltd ","South East"
"2401 ","David ","Johnson ","Managing Partner ","Johnson Homes ","East Midlands"
"2402 ","Tessa ","Johnstone ","Director ","Johnstone landscapes ","East of England"
"2403 ","Lynne ","Butler ","Proprietor ","Jollies Hotel ","North West"
"2404 ","julian ","thompson ","Director ","Jolliffe and Flint Ltd ","South West"
"2405 ","Simon ","Guppy ","Managing Director ","Jomat Management Services Ltd ","South West"
"2406 ","Jonathan ","Knowles ","Partner ","Jonathan Knowles Photography ","London"
"2407 ","Jonathan ","Lambert ","Director ","Jonathan Lambert Ltd ","East of England"
"2408 ","Jonathan ","Rees ","Managing Director ","Jonathan Rees Property Services ","South East"
"2409 ","Jonathan ","rees ","Director ","Jonathan Rees Quality Services Limited ","Wales"
"2410 ","Michael ","Jones ","Managing Director ","Jones Associates ","Scotland"
"2411 ","Jane ","Field ","Owner / Founder ","Jonny's Sister ","South West"
"2412 ","Robert ","Sessford ","Director ","Joraph Managed Services Limited ","West Midlands"
"2413 ","Stephanie ","Heymer ","Director ","Joujou Papillon ","South East"
"2414 ","Brian ","Payne ","Director ","JR Grounds Maintenance Ltd ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"2415 ","John ","Ruck ","Owner ","JR Marketing ","West Midlands"
"2416 ","Jonathan ","Ross ","Owner ","JRS Motorsport ","East of England"
"2417 ","Karen ","Drinkwater ","Director ","JSC Rotational Ltd ","West Midlands"
"2418 ","Juliet ","Newton-Smith ","sole trader ","JSR Research ","South East"
"2419 ","James ","Tucker ","Managing Director ","JT Retail Ltd ","South West"
"2420 ","Carol ","Saint ","Director ","JTS Corporate Solutions Ltd ","North West"
"2421 ","Tom ","Williams ","Editor/Photographer ","JTW Aviation Images ","Wales"
"2422 ","Tanya ","Sillett ","Director ","Jubilee Property Development Limited ","South East"
"2423 ","Diane ","Rivens ","MD ","Juicy Marketing ","South East"
"2424 ","Stuart ","Cole ","Director ","Juicy SEO Limited ","South West"
"2425 ","Julia ","Hailes ","Owner ","Julia Hailes Environmental writer and consultant ","South West"
"2426 ","Julian ","Hakes ","Creative Director ","Julian Hakes Footwear ","Yorkshire and the Humber"
"2427 ","Mike ","Elsey ","Managing Director ","Jumbocolor Ltd ","South West"
"2428 ","June ","Norman ","Proprietor ","June Norman Clinic ","South East"
"2429 ","June ","Irani ","Owner ","June's Kitchen ","East Midlands"
"2430 ","victoria ","Odey ","Deputy President ","Junior Chamber International ","East of England"
"2431 ","Clive ","Brothers ","MD ","Junior Scholars Ltd ","East of England"
"2432 ","Oliver ","Hyde ","Founder and CEO ","Juniper Carering Limited ","South East"
"2433 ","Andrew ","Langley ","Owner / Managing Director ","Juniper Trading Ltd ","East Midlands"
"2434 ","Gordon ","Howley ","Partner ","Juno Equine Ltd ","North West"
"2435 ","Steven ","Daniels ","MD ","Just Right Products UK Europe Ltd ","South West"
"2436 ","Dave ","Sanders ","Managing Director ","Justice Fire and Security ","West Midlands"
"2437 ","Terry ","Edwards ","Director ","Justwords Ltd ","South West"
"2438 ","William ","Notcutt ","Director ","JWJ Morris Ltd ","East of England"
"2439 ","john ","Wright ","MD ","JWResource ","London"
"2440 ","Kevin ","Attwood ","Owner ","K D Attwood and Partners ","South East"
"2441 ","Ken ","Hall ","Director ","K J Hall Surveyors Ltd ","South East"
"2442 ","Keith ","Postlethwaite ","Director ","K Postlethwaite Ltd ","East of England"
"2443 ","Kevin ","Taylor ","MD ","K. T. Electrics Ltd ","South East"
"2444 ","Jason ","Agar ","Managing Director ","Kadale Consultants (UK) Ltd ","London"
"2445 ","David ","Rushton ","Owner ","Kall Kwik Printing ","South East"
"2446 ","Paul ","Filby ","MD ","Kalsec Europe Ltd ","East of England"
"2447 ","Kevin ","Armstrong ","Managing Director ","KAMA Tech Ltd ","North West"
"2448 ","Piyoosh ","Chotai ","Director ","Kamsons Pharmacy ","South East"
"2449 ","Jonathan ","Kane ","Chief Executive ","Kane International Ltd ","East of England"
"2450 ","Barry ","Jeynes ","Managing Director ","Kangaroo Concepts Ltd ","East of England"
"2451 ","Karen ","