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Code to generate an interactive map of Colchester public toilets
import os
import folium
import pandas as pd
from bng_to_latlon import OSGB36toWGS84
os.chdir("C:\Users\Duncan\Documents\Python Scripts\pythonGIS")
# Load map centred on Colchester
uk = folium.Map(location=[51.8860942,0.8336077], zoom_start=10)
# Load locally stored colchester public toilets data
toilets = pd.read_csv("public-toilets.csv")
#add a marker for each toilet
for each in toilets.iterrows():
folium.Marker(list(OSGB36toWGS84(each[1]['GeoX'],each[1]['GeoY'])), popup=each[1]['StreetAddress']).add_to(uk)
# Save map"./colch_toilets.html")
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