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// this code is meant to run as a bookmarklet on URLs like
var name = window.location.href.replace(/.*to=/,'');
var subject = "Thanks for your participating in yesterday's /r/montreal AMA";
var text = "Hey " + name + "! I really enjoyed doing the AMA yesterday, and "
+ "really grateful for your question/point. My main motivation to do this is actually to meet "
+ "Montrealers with shared interests. I used to go to tech events, but lately they've been really "
+ "hit and miss for me. I'd love to meet up for tea/beer/pho or whatever quick thing, and find out "
+ "more about what you're up to. I'm buying the first round. Let me know if you'd be interested. "
+ "Actually, I'm actually meeting with another /r/montreal-er for lunch on Friday at 1pm, "
+ "you could join us if you're not far from old port. Or you can propose another time, I'm pretty "
+ "flexible during lunch and after work. Also, let me know if you're active on any social networks for "
+ "networking purposes, I just started using [twitter]( "
+ "and [linkedin](, feel free to connect if you're interested. "
+ "Cheers!";
jQuery('.usertext-edit textarea[name="text"]').val(text);
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