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QA checkin Xiway - Jan 6, 2022

Notes about hiring and consulting services Clarify manual vs automated testing Budgeting for QA Hire testing company per project or per hour

TODO : find more good web testing tutorial.

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Last active May 14, 2020 19:22
Float API to google app script export - created by Diego Castro
// Compiled using ts2gas 3.6.1 (TypeScript 3.8.3)
const MAIN_MENU = 'Float Reports';
const MENU_GENERATE = '📗 Generate';
const MENU_CLEAR = '🗑️ Clear report';
* Makes a menu in the Google SpreadSheet
function onOpen() {
var ui = SpreadsheetApp.getUi();
Senior Account Director/Project Manager
You love a challenge and consider yourself organized? You love making clients happy, but aren't shy to make a confident argument to help win new business, deliver great work, and protect your teammates?
You work well with others and have the autonomy to lead projects within an organization? Evolving Web is seeking a professional, organized, detailed-oriented, enthusiastic account director/project manager!
As a rapidly growing web agency, our projects include web strategy, design, and development services. As a Project Manager, you'll ensure good communication with our clients, management of schedules and deliverables, and also management of our internal project team.
Main tasks:
<!DOCTYPE html>
<link type='text/css' rel='stylesheet' href='style.css'/>
<title>Finding Pi</title>
echo "Here is PHP, echoing Pi:" . " " . M_PI . "<br /><br />";
<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?q=$1 [L,QSA]

«J’avais 14 ans quand Internet est apparu, 18 lorsqu’il a éclaté au grand jour, 22 lorsqu’il a atteint sa maturité. J’ai suivi et participé — en tant que programmeur — à toutes les étapes du développement de cet outil qui semble être devenu un être à part entière dont beaucoup ne peuvent plus se passer. Mais, en 2005, alors que je gagnais confortablement ma vie et gérais une communauté virtuelle de 8 000 membres, j’ai tout quitté.
La vie virtuelle n’est pas ce qu’elle paraît être quand on la découvre. Elle est comme une jolie fille qui se transforme en araignée et tisse une toile d’une telle densité qu’on en vient à oublier qu’il y avait quelque chose au-dehors. Pour elle, j’ai mis ma vie réelle entre parenthèses pendant près de dix ans et cela a eu des conséquences dont je ne mesure la portée qu’aujourd’hui. Je sais que je ne remettrai jamais mon cœur dans ce monde-là, et je n’ai pas besoin de justifier ce qui m’est apparu comme un simple choix entre la Vie et la Mort. Toutefois, deux ans plus tard, j’ai déc

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Last active September 8, 2016 15:05
Here's some research on racks that I did, that you can share with Andre:
// this code is meant to run as a bookmarklet on URLs like
var name = window.location.href.replace(/.*to=/,'');
var subject = "Thanks for your participating in yesterday's /r/montreal AMA";
var text = "Hey " + name + "! I really enjoyed doing the AMA yesterday, and "
+ "really grateful for your question/point. My main motivation to do this is actually to meet "
+ "Montrealers with shared interests. I used to go to tech events, but lately they've been really "
+ "hit and miss for me. I'd love to meet up for tea/beer/pho or whatever quick thing, and find out "
+ "more about what you're up to. I'm buying the first round. Let me know if you'd be interested. "
+ "Actually, I'm actually meeting with another /r/montreal-er for lunch on Friday at 1pm, "
+ "you could join us if you're not far from old port. Or you can propose another time, I'm pretty "
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Last active October 13, 2020 14:32
Looking for gems buried in my old gists

Looking for gems buried in my old gists

Inspired to do some spring cleaning today, I reviewed my archived gists to see if there's anything noteworthy. I was pleasantly surprised to find a few nuggets buried amongst random error logs and git diffs.

Some of them are interesting technical guides that took hours to write, and it's a shame that they've rotted away in obscurity. Several others were picked up by google, and turns out they even got a few comments and a bunch of stars.

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Created March 30, 2016 02:03 Director of Marketing OperationsNEWquick apply Share to social media More options UserVoice

Job description

Are you curious if we use Marketo? SFDC? Infer? InsightSquared? Are you curious what percent of our leads are organic vs. paid? Do you get a kick out of solving the case of Encyclopedia Brown vs. the missing MQLs? Do you want to have a meaningful role at the table instead of a supporting one? Yup, we are definitely looking for you!

At UserVoice we create a product management platform which helps companies listen to their customers, intelligently prioritize their product roadmap, and provide an excellent customer experience. We're building a marketing team focused on delivering top-line revenue growth through leveraged methods like inbound marketing and focused SEM. Now, we need someone to help us turn our hacked-together backend into a F1 machine that will help everyone set new land speed records.

We're looking for a very special individual who has a demonstrated ability to build an effective marketing technology stack and the supporting analytics engine. We're not talking about that "b