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QA checkin Xiway - Jan 6, 2022

Notes about hiring and consulting services Clarify manual vs automated testing Budgeting for QA Hire testing company per project or per hour

TODO : find more good web testing tutorial.



  • search on forums like reddit and hacker news for relevant items
  • Look for wordpress and other CMS and web technologies / communities
  • Look at books on manual testing, if any

SECURITY TESTING GUIDE : (Not for us for now, but for future)

Testing theory / stategy (high level) videos:

Accessibility tutorial:

This is how I performed Accessibility testing for my project

  1. Get the version (WCAG 2.0, 2.1 etc) and level of compliance (A, AA, AAA) from client
  2. Generate a checklist using WCAG for above information.
  3. Do some visual manual testing
  4. Run keyboard testing
  5. Run color analyzer for suspicious area
  6. Run screen reader
  7. Run some automated tools like Axe
  8. I recorded test results in matrix (instead of testcases) with column headers as testing type and row headers as pages iv tested (It was a fairly small site)
  9. According to test results marked checklist created in 2.

Other resources:


The Appnovation team developed a customized unique delivery system, the Drupal Launch Pad, a system to ensure that all content is managed and delivered in a dynamic way, can evolve with time, focused on promoting good decision making by all parties, and ensures guidelines are not only present during project initiation, but live throughout the entire project lifecycle.

The vision for the Cookbook is a launchpad which will be a single point of reference to find all the information necessary to design, develop, test, and deploy a Pfizer website. Key topics of the cookbook include: * Digital Web Asset Request Management     * Gallery of Existing Web Initiatives and Modules * Environment Setup     * Test Strategy, Test Plan, Test Report, Test Triage     * Deployment Checklist * Recommended Tools and Platform * Training Materials     * Success Criteria


General website:

AD Idea: Don’t forget to Google search for various top keywords “Evolving Web” or “Drupal Montreal” “Drupal agency” “Bonjour Quebec Drupal” and look at Google SERP and see how it looks. 

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