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Hello █████,

Thanks for getting in touch and for this tremendous invitation. I'm flattered and excited by the offer.

Representation matters to me. I'm curious: How are you aiming to build a diverse speaker line-up this year? Last years's conference only had 1 female and 1 person of color.

My inclusion rider: I'll join as a speaker if the line-up includes at least ██ women and ██ POC.

I realize putting together a diverse line-up is difficult. As a white male, I'd rather not take up a slot that could better feature someone not like me. Here's a list of people I can recommend.

People I personally know, if you need an introduction:

  • █████
  • █████
  • █████

People I follow, but haven't met

  • █████
  • █████
  • █████

Looking forward to your response!

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