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Last active August 15, 2023 08:02
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Display highly visible notification if the last command failed in the Microsoft Terminal using PowerShell
# Put this code in your PowerShell profile script
# This requires the MSTerminalSettings module which you can download with:
# Install-Module MSTerminalSettings -Scope CurrentUser -Repository PSGallery
Import-Module MSTerminalSettings
$msTermProfileName = 'pwsh' # Replace with whatever Terminal profile name you're using
$msTermProfile = Get-MSTerminalProfile -Name $msTermProfileName
$script:bombThrown = $false
function prompt {
if ($? -eq $false) {
# Only do this if we're using Microsoft Terminal
if ((Get-Process -Id $PID).Parent.Parent.ProcessName -eq 'WindowsTerminal') {
Set-MSTerminalProfile -Name $ -BackgroundImage '' -UseAcrylic:$false
$script:bombThrown = $true
} else {
# Reset to previous settings
if ($script:bombThrown) {
Set-MSTerminalProfile -Name $ -BackgroundImage $msTermProfile.backgroundImage -UseAcrylic:$msTermProfile.useAcrylic
$script:bombThrown = $false
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gpduck commented Jun 29, 2019

Great idea, this is fun :)

Set-MSTerminalProfile -Name pwsh -CommandLine "pwsh -noexit -command `$env:WT_PROFILE = 'pwsh'"
Set-MSTerminalProfile -Name powershell -CommandLine "powershell -noexit -command `$env:WT_PROFILE = 'powershell'"

function prompt {
  $IsFail = !$?
  if(!$Global:__PromptPS) {
    $Runspace = [runspacefactory]::CreateRunspace()
    $Global:__PromptPS = [PowerShell]::Create()
    $Global:__PromptPS.Runspace = $Runspace
      ipmo msterminal
      $OldProfile = Get-MSTerminalProfile -Name $env:WT_PROFILE
      Set-MSTerminalProfile -name $env:WT_PROFILE -BackgroundImage '' -backgroundImageStretchMode uniformToFill -UseAcrylic:$False
      Start-Sleep -Seconds 2.41
      $OldProfile | Set-MSTerminalProfile
  if($IsFail) {
  "PS $($executionContext.SessionState.Path.CurrentLocation)$('>' * ($nestedPromptLevel + 1)) ";
# Use this to reset the runspace if you update the function
$global:__PromptPS.Dispose(); $global:__PromptPS = $null

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For bonus notification visibility, you could add this function and point it at an appropriate sound when you error.

Function Play-Sound{
    $player = New-Object System.Media.SoundPlayer $SoundFile

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You might consider adding a blowoff valve for robocopy:

The return code from Robocopy is a bitmap, defined as follows:

    Hex   Decimal  Meaning if set

    0×00   0       No errors occurred, and no copying was done.
                   The source and destination directory trees are completely synchronized. 

    0×01   1       One or more files were copied successfully (that is, new files have arrived).

    0×02   2       Some Extra files or directories were detected. No files were copied
                   Examine the output log for details. 

    0×04   4       Some Mismatched files or directories were detected.
                   Examine the output log. Housekeeping might be required.

    0×08   8       Some files or directories could not be copied
                   (copy errors occurred and the retry limit was exceeded).
                   Check these errors further.

    0×10  16       Serious error. Robocopy did not copy any files.
                   Either a usage error or an error due to insufficient access privileges
                   on the source or destination directories.

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