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Forked from armand1m/Dockerfile
Created Sep 5, 2019
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Yarn cache compatible Dockerfile

Yarn Dockerfile

An yarn cache compatible Dockerfile, for building node.js images faster.


Clone this gist into your project root, and add it to your source control. Change the image service-name:latest tag to your project name in the Dockerfile and files. Then, always build your image using the script.

$ chmod +x ./
$ ./
if [ ! -f .yarn-cache.tgz ]; then
echo "+ build: Init empty .yarn-cache.tgz"
tar cvzf .yarn-cache.tgz --files-from /dev/null
docker build -t service-name:latest .
docker run \
--rm \
--entrypoint cat \
service-name:latest \
/tmp/yarn.lock > /tmp/yarn.lock
if ! diff -q yarn.lock /tmp/yarn.lock > /dev/null 2>&1; then
echo "+ build: Saving Yarn cache"
docker run \
--rm \
--entrypoint tar \
service-name:latest \
czf - /root/.yarn-cache/ > .yarn-cache.tgz
echo "+ build: Saving yarn.lock"
cp /tmp/yarn.lock yarn.lock
FROM alpine
RUN apk add --update --no-cache nodejs
RUN npm i -g yarn
ADD package.json yarn.lock /tmp/
ADD .yarn-cache.tgz /
RUN cd /tmp && yarn
RUN mkdir -p /service && cd /service && ln -s /tmp/node_modules
COPY . /service
WORKDIR /service
CMD ["start"]
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