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Hi David,
I came across your profile online and wanted to reach out about Development
Opportunities here at Groupon. The company is growing, and we're always
looking for folks with solid skills that can make positive contribution to
our continued success. Any chance you'd be open to a quick conversation
about opportunities, or for any possible networking potential? If so, let me
know when you're free and we can set up a time to chat. Also, if you are
interested, it would be great if you could forward a current resume over
that I can take a look at. I look forward to hearing back from you! Please
let me know if you have any questions.
<Yet Another Clueless Tech Recruiter>

Awesome! :)


Simply reply "I INVENTED THIS SHIT. PISS OFF." or something equally vengeful. Recruiters are worthless.


LOL, Love it.


My laugh of the day :D


Recruiter: How many years of Rails experience do you have?


You have 10+ years of experience with rails, right???


Haha, Laugh of the day...


@jrmehle, I blame you for my lack of productivity; can't stop laughing. hehe


Send the resume. See what they say


Hi ,

Smile, you're on,, and

After you're done laughing, maybe read I also wrote a piece on what I think about Groupon's business that you might find interesting:

Have a nice day!

(what I sent him back)


This is presumably how Heroku recruited Matz, right?




Hah, awesome.

I've had precisely one job interview through a recruiter, for a small security testing outfit. The interviewer constantly referred to the recruiter as "The Car Salesman". I asked him why they used him if he was so aweful and his response was the guy was the least worst they'd come across, but he was still awful.

I once had one ring me, who seemed to think that UML and XML were the same kind of thing. I declined the opportunity.


That's crazy, but how awesome is it to be recruited for a framework you created!?!?


This is just a lazy job. I dislike recruiters.


When I read, "Have a nice day!"

In my head, it sounded like that FPS Russia guy from YouTube.


so... did You apply?


Haha. PLEASE send your resume and post reply - if any.


I'm surprised the email didn't say you needed rails experience. ;)


OMG Lol it made my day!


Definitely send your resume and thank them for the opportunity :D
See how far and deep the cluelessness and ignorance goes.


@rodrigoflores it was the best meme \0/


+1 edgerunner



"Look, I have no idea what the fuck I'm asking here and I don't really know anything about you even though you seem to be well respected here on I'd like to persuade you into considering our mediocre and doomed business, because let's be frank – we are totally fucked – we are Groupon after all, and we used to be the hottest startup in the world. That has to still carry some weight, but, again, I have no fucking clue who you are or what you do. I did notice "Rails" was something you have mentioned doing, we do that, so hopefully I've been convincing enough to persuade you into taking a sail on this sinking ship.

We're all going to die."


Funny as hell.




lol, jrmehle had the best response


@rodrigoflores best meme so far! lolz


Pure gold.. that right there sums up whats wrong with IT Recruiters


Hey, you made my day! WAHAHA!~~~






This honestly made me laugh out loud into tears


what a lovely joke


lol, 囧


This recruiter needs his own show!


ahahaha :) wew!


nail in the coffin


Next chapter:

Grupon folks: "Hey look! I just found this Linux Trovalds guy! He seems to have some experience with Linux... Let's offer him a position as sysadmin?"


my goodness, this dude just landed himself right on the frying pan. Is this s a joke or what? somebody needs to even ask, how much are they trying to offer and what position will he fill? lol

Just imagine @dhh Junior Rails Developer Groupon, hahahahahahahahaha. shit this is the Joke of the century. I'll bet my entire balls on it.


I heard Chuck Norris can hire DHH for his Rails development efforts.


@dhh stop being Arrogant and accept the job ...


@dhh wouldn't have got it anyways, 8 years Rails experience required.


Good thing they didn't try to hire DHH as a CSS / HTML guy bhwhahahahahahaha :))))


So, David, we have this Junior Java Developer position and I think you might be interested in it...


@muzlim the recruiters text should be something like "Do you know scaffolding?"


@SleepTillSeven .... "Do you know scaffolding?" .................. huhhh ... this is fun man ... I'm gona do it


@muzlim brilliant.
Recruiter: "Minute over, I fear you don't know rails at all!"




after a few weeks and they get over it:
we have a position as recruiters. Do you know dhh?


I think that recruiter lost his job by now


@muzlim no, but his mind!


Thanks for the laugh! Maybe Larry Wall would be available for a Perl gig.


With those kind of recruiters Groupon has a bright future :P


The recruiter to his wife: Today something strange happened, everybody was making fun of me cuz I offered This guy called dhh a job,
The wife: mmmm .... I bet you he's too bad and everybody knows that.


Recruiter: ok good you are the creator, then you must be very good at it. Still interested?


Recruiter: ok good you are the creator, then you must be very good at it. Still interested?
:D :D


Awesome awesome awesome. Thanks for the Friday laugh.


Awesome. haha


I don't know about you guys but I've seen recruiters on the rampage for Rails developers lately, so the fact that someone didn't do their homework is not surprising




Awesome. Ha Ha Ha... :D


I also heard that he is looking for a Dart programmer who can write a "Hello JavaScript" script in more than 17000 lines of Javascript code. Many that would be an option. What do you think @DHH?


AHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH @rodrigoflores it was the best meme \0/


Agreed, @rodrigoflores made the best one!
Damn recruiters...


So funny ! You made my day...


This has made my day. Thank you for the laugh. I am so glad I don't work at Groupon. I'd die of the shame.


@sfloresv it's not Groupon's fault.




Waoooooooo.... Please send your resume.......... ;)

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