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Created Apr 29, 2016
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Automatically create BibTeX entries from DOIs
This file contains python functions for automatically retreiving DOI metadata
and creating bibtex references. `get_bibtex_entry(doi)` creates a bibtex entry
for a DOI. It fixes a Data Cite author name parsing issue. Short DOIs are used
for bibtex citation keys.
Created by Daniel Himmelstein and released under CC0 1.0.
import urllib.request
import requests
import bibtexparser
from bibtexparser.bparser import BibTexParser
from bibtexparser.bibdatabase import BibDatabase
def shorten(doi, cache={}, verbose=False):
Get the shortDOI for a DOI. Providing a cache dictionary will prevent
multiple API requests for the same DOI.
if doi in cache:
return cache[doi]
quoted_doi = urllib.request.quote(doi)
url = '{}?format=json'.format(quoted_doi)
response = requests.get(url).json()
short_doi = response['ShortDOI']
except Exception as e:
if verbose:
print(doi, 'failed with', e)
return None
cache[doi] = short_doi
return short_doi
def get_bibtext(doi, cache={}):
Use DOI Content Negotioation ( to retrieve a string
with the bibtex entry.
if doi in cache:
return cache[doi]
url = '' + urllib.request.quote(doi)
header = {
'Accept': 'application/x-bibtex',
response = requests.get(url, headers=header)
bibtext = response.text
if bibtext:
cache[doi] = bibtext
return bibtext
def get_bibtex_entry(doi, bibtext_cache={}, shortdoi_cache={}):
Return a bibtexparser entry for a DOI
bibtext = get_bibtext(doi, cache = bibtext_cache)
if not bibtext:
return None
short_doi = shorten(doi, cache = shortdoi_cache)
parser = BibTexParser()
parser.ignore_nonstandard_types = False
bibdb = bibtexparser.loads(bibtext, parser)
entry, = bibdb.entries
quoted_doi = urllib.request.quote(doi)
entry['link'] = '{}'.format(quoted_doi)
if 'author' in entry:
entry['author'] = ' and '.join(entry['author'].rstrip(';').split('; '))
entry['ID'] = short_doi[3:]
return entry
def entries_to_str(entries):
Pass a list of bibtexparser entries and return a bibtex formatted string.
db = BibDatabase()
db.entries = entries
return bibtexparser.dumps(db)
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