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Last active February 28, 2023 19:50
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dhruv commented Oct 8, 2021

Pushed revision 92 removing the BIP 61 REJECT p2p message which is no longer used.

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GeneFerneau commented Nov 5, 2021

On rekey, it may help strengthen entropy to feed the last 32 bytes of keystream into the HKDF:

... The IV is initialized to 0 and incremented on every re-key event.

k0 = key
iv = 0
k0 = HKDF_EXPAND(prk=k0, hash=SHA256, info="BitcoinK_Rekey", L=32)
ks0, k1 = ChaCha20DRBG(k0, iv)[0:4064], ChaCha20DRBG(k0, iv)[4064:4096]
iv = iv + 1
k1 = HKDF_EXPAND(prk=k1, hash=SHA256, info="BitcoinK_Rekey", L=32)
ks1, k2 = ChaCha20DRBG(k1, iv)[0:4064], ChaCha20DRBG(k1, iv)[4064:4096]
iv = iv + 1
k2 = HKDF_EXPAND(prk=k2, hash=SHA256, info="BitcoinK_Rekey", L=32)
ChaCha20Forward4064DRBG(key) = ks0 || ks1 || ks2 || ...

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dhruv commented Oct 7, 2022

We now have a bips repo PR and will continue community engagement there.

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Is there any reference code (or other library?) for your x-only ECDH secret derivation? There are several places with Gordian Envelope, in particular for pairing between a coordinator or watchtower and holders of bitcoin keys where we'd like to encrypt the PSBTs. This would enhance the security of our current UR PSBT approach that a dozen wallet vendors support that can optionally be transported with animated QRs.

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Yes, see may also be helpful to navigate the jungle of the PRs.

Be aware that our key exchange encodes the EC points contributed from both sides using Elligator Swift.

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