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Dennis Ideler dideler

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dideler / turnstile.exs
Last active Jun 1, 2020
Code katas - small toy problems to practice technique
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# At a building there are two queues of people: entering and leaving.
# Only one person can go through the turnstile at a time.
# A person leaving and a person entering can approach the turnstile at the same time.
# Given two integer arrays of times and directions of people, figure out who goes when.
# If no conflict at time t, first come first served
# Otherwise,
# if gate was not used in previous second, out has priority
# if gate was used in previous second to go out, out has priority
# if gate was used in previous second to go in, in has priority
dideler / queries.ex
Last active Apr 28, 2018
Useful Elixir snippets
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iex> Ecto.Adapters.SQL.query!(MyApp.Repo, "select 1")
columns: ["?column?"],
command: :select,
connection_id: 7250,
num_rows: 1,
rows: [[1]]
dideler / bot.rb
Last active Jan 30, 2023
Sending a notification message to Telegram using its HTTP API via cURL
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# Use this script to test that your Telegram bot works.
# Install the dependency
# $ gem install telegram_bot
# Run the bot
# $ ruby bot.rb
dideler / usersettings.json
Last active Mar 11, 2018
VSCode override language-specific settings of a plugin, e.g. use tab size of 2 spaces
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"[fish]": {
"editor.tabSize": 2,
"editor.insertSpaces": true,
"editor.detectIndentation": false,
"editor.trimAutoWhitespace": true,

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am dideler on github.
  • I am dideler ( on keybase.
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To claim this, I am signing this object:


James Powell -


  • useful for dealing with iterators & iterables
  • e.g. chain (for appending lists and tuples, instead of +)
  • also includes algorithms, e.g. takewhile (e.g. takewhile fibonacci < 50)


dideler / Gemfile
Last active Nov 21, 2022
Example of building a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) for tasks that depend on each others
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source ''
gem 'plexus'
gem 'gratr' # dependency of plexus to visualize graphs
dideler /
Last active Jul 2, 2016 — forked from jezen/Io Example Problems
The example problems have gone missing from the Io language website, so here’s a backup.
# Hello world
"Hello world!" print
# Factorial
factorial := method(n, if(n == 1, 1, n * factorial(n - 1)))
99 bottles of beer
bottle := method(i,
dideler /
Last active Oct 23, 2022
Basic CLI loading animation
#!/usr/bin/env bash
for i in {0..12}; do
if ! (($i % 4)); then
printf "\e[1K\rloading"
printf "."
sleep 1
done && printf "\e[2K\r"