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Last active Jan 18, 2023
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Sending a notification message to Telegram using its HTTP API via cURL
  1. Create a bot
  2. Get the bot's API token from @BotFather
  3. Add your bot to the chat you'll be sending messages to
  4. Get the ID of the chat
    a. Fetch bot updates and look for the chat id:
    curl$TELEGRAM_BOT_TOKEN/getUpdates | jq
    b. OR, run bot.rb and @-mention your bot in the chat. The chat id will appear in bot.rb's output.
    The bot may need temporary message access: @BotFather > Bot Settings > Group Privacy > Turn off
  5. Send a message using the HTTP API:
    curl -X POST \
         -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
         -d '{"chat_id": "123456789", "text": "This is a test from curl", "disable_notification": true}' \$TELEGRAM_BOT_TOKEN/sendMessage
# Use this script to test that your Telegram bot works.
# Install the dependency
# $ gem install telegram_bot
# Run the bot
# $ ruby bot.rb
# Send a message to the bot to get the current chat's ID in the console output.
# If it's a group chat, invite them to the chat first.
require 'logger'
require 'telegram_bot'
bot = TELEGRAM_BOT_TOKEN, logger:
bot.get_updates(fail_silently: true) do |message|
puts "@#{message.from.username}: #{message.text}"
puts "Chat-ID: #{}"
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Thanks for sharing this:
Also you can just use another curl to get the chat id instead of running this ruby code.<YourBOTToken>/getUpdates


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dideler commented Jun 16, 2019

Thanks for the tip @thilinapiy! I've updated the instructions.

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curl -s -X POST $URL -d chat_id=$ID -d text="Hello World"

Example, copy script to /usr/local/bin/



if [ "$PAM_TYPE" != "open_session" ]
	exit 0
	curl -s -X POST $URL -d chat_id=$ID -d text="$(echo -e "Host: `hostname`\nUser: $PAM_USER\nHost: $PAM_RHOST")" > /dev/null 2>&1
	exit 0

Add to end file /etc/pam.d/sshd

session    optional  /usr/local/bin/

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Is there anyone here please can explain how can you send a media file through HTTP request in telegram bot?

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dideler commented Nov 16, 2020

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yvikt commented Dec 12, 2020


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In Windows I use a small BAT with the help of UnxUtils:

SET ID_CHAT=-000000000
SET MESSAGE="Hello from my Windows"
curl -v -X POST --silent --output /dev/null %URL% -d chat_id=%ID_CHAT% -d text=%MESSAGE%

And in UNIX I use the following SHELL which works very well for me:

SET MESSAGE="Hello from my Solaris"
curl -X POST --silent --output /dev/null $URL -d chat_id=$ID_CHAT -d text="$THE_MESSAGE"
exit 0

You only have to change the Token of the BOT and the ID_CHAT.


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Dear friens, i need help. Is it possible send a notification message to Telegram using its HTTP API via cURL but using ptiority.normal or priority.low to get a message withouth buzz or get a message in silence mode? Thanks in advanced. Best regards.

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Yes see
add: -d disable_notification=true

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Yes see
add: -d disable_notification=true

Ohhh. thank you very much dear friend. Your answer was really useful for me. I have tried it and it works.

Would it be possible to deactivate the notification within a specific time via curl? This would be great for me, but I'm not sure if it would be possible. Thanks in advance. a cordial greeting

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I think at that moment you are either better of writing a shell script or writing it in another programming language

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dneprpi commented Sep 17, 2021

hi guys,
is it possible to get the bot's API token from @Botfather NOT through telegram but using some api?
I need to create bots automatically in my .net app

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This might be helpful if looking for cli examples

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xjustbmw commented May 4, 2022

is it possible to write "to" a telegram bot using http request ?
i managed to send the message to the chat_id it but appears in the chat as its written by the bot

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What a great, quick tutorial! Thank you!

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If you are getting an empty result list when doing getUpdates for your bot, kick the bot out of the group, invite again and fetch again.

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jogerj commented Oct 7, 2022

Very useful. Made a neat little script that you can import in bash. Adds a title/timestamp to it. Keeps me informed whenever my deployments need my attention.



send_telegram () {
    timestamp="$(date -R)"
    msg="$title\n$timestamp\n\n$(echo "$2" | sed -z -e 's|\\|\\\\|g' -e 's|\n|\\n|g' -e 's|\t|\\t|g' -e 's|\"|\\"|g')"
    data="{\"chat_id\":\"$CHAT_ID\",\"text\":\"$msg\",\"entities\":$entities,\"disable_notification\": true}"
    curl -s -o /dev/null -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d "$data" -X POST$TELEGRAM_BOT_TOKEN/sendMessage

Import with source /path/to/ then can call the function each time you want to send a message like so send_telegram "title in bold" "this is the message body".
title in bold
Sat, 07 Oct 2022 00:24:57 +0100
this is the message body

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