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import 'package:flutter/material.dart';
class FadeIndexedStack extends StatefulWidget {
final int index;
final List<Widget> children;
final Duration duration;
const FadeIndexedStack({
Key key,
this.duration = const Duration(
milliseconds: 800,
}) : super(key: key);
_FadeIndexedStackState createState() => _FadeIndexedStackState();
class _FadeIndexedStackState extends State<FadeIndexedStack>
with SingleTickerProviderStateMixin {
AnimationController _controller;
void didUpdateWidget(FadeIndexedStack oldWidget) {
if (widget.index != oldWidget.index) {
_controller.forward(from: 0.0);
void initState() {
_controller = AnimationController(vsync: this, duration: widget.duration);
void dispose() {
Widget build(BuildContext context) {
return FadeTransition(
opacity: _controller,
child: IndexedStack(
index: widget.index,
children: widget.children,
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przemekbroda commented Apr 13, 2020

Very useful. Thanks

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alifgiant commented Jun 27, 2020

Hey, thanks a lot for this 👍

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hectorAguero commented Oct 10, 2020

Sadly I have a rare glitch with this on iOS 14, Iphone X/XR/11/.., when I use a GoogleMap widget in one index, the google_map widget detect the OS padding a second after and refresh the widget with the google logo raise a little up, this doesn't happen to me with default IndexedStack.

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aliak00 commented Oct 15, 2020

This fades the selected stack index widget in, but doesn't fade the one that is going out, out. Is there a way to get that working?

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hetkpatel commented Oct 31, 2020

This solution works really well

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Maruf-S commented Dec 17, 2020

Thankyou sir, i now will be stealing this😁

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kurtsk commented Dec 23, 2020


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XavierSoh commented Jan 29, 2021

Works fine . Thank you.

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jagomf commented Apr 20, 2021

Hey @diegoveloper, regarding null safety:

  • line 9: key should be nullable: Key? key
  • lines 10 and 11: both named arguments are required
  • line 23: I'd declare AnimationController _controller as late to avoid Dart warning not_initialized_non_nullable_instance_field.

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lucasfalcaoo commented Jun 1, 2021

Great, man! Really great!

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sumeetkumar1 commented Sep 24, 2021

Extremely Help full thank you. I will be modifying it for my needs

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MinhCuongIT commented Oct 8, 2021

Thanks a lot!

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Eng-MFQ commented Dec 31, 2021

Thanks bro it very useful and smart

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bakhbk commented Jul 19, 2022

Thanks a lot!

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