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Kubernetes Resources

Folks, Leave me a comment / URL if something you like is missing!

Beginner Resources

Resource Description
Kube Academy
Docs Home
CKS CKA CKAD Simulator
cheat sheet
learn k8s
Intro slides copy slides
code walk throughs
Exam prep resources
Core concepts of Kubernetes
CNCF YouTube
Kubernetes Design Principles
Kubernetes Fundamentals
CKAD Resources
Security resources

Developers Resources

Resource Description
Dims Twitter thread - contribution to k8s
Kubernetes Contributor site
Kubernetes Slack
Developers guide
Contributors guide
Release Engineering
Community Calendar
Test Grid
Search k8s repos
Kubernetes Enhancements repo
Test Infrastructure
PR dashboard
Prow jobs
Bot commands
Aggregated Failures
Dev Stats
Merge Queue
Short URL(s)
On call
Kubernetes the hard way
What are Kubernetes Pods Anyway?
The Almighty Pause Container
Events, the DNA of Kubernetes
QoS, "Node allocatable" and the Kubernetes Scheduler
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dims commented May 11, 2021

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Thanks @dims. @magnologan I went ahead and did a PR to your awesome repo which includes this gist: 🚀

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this is wonderful @dims

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@dims this contributing to kubernetes workshop would be a nice addition 🙂

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Really love this @dims! 🙂

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This is really useful !! Thanks @dims for contributing to it :)

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pshail commented Jul 28, 2021

@dims This is awesome collection Thank!!
I found this curated list to be a good resource -

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Thanks for this amazing list !

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saiyam1814 commented Aug 9, 2021

@dims can you add Civo Academy ->
It's completely free, you need to signup but no credit card is required to access the academy -> mentioning this for clarification

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pchan commented Apr 17, 2022

Hi @dims

Thanks for this list. I found Kubernetes the hard way an excellant way to know about how all the things that come together to make a functional cluster. Please consider adding it.

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