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Common Jupyter Lab Keyboard Shortcuts

Note, if you are on a Mac, substitute command for control. Don't type the + (it means press both keys at once).

Shortcuts when in either command mode (outside the cells) or edit mode (inside a cell):

  • Shift + Enter run selected cells

  • Ctrl + S save and checkpoint

  • Ctrl + Shift + S save as

  • Ctrl + B toggles hide/show left sidebar

Shortcuts when in command mode:

  • Scroll up with the up arrow

  • Scroll down with the down arrow

  • A insert a new cell above the active cell

  • B insert a new cell below the active cell

  • M make the active cell a Markdown cell

  • Y make the active cell a code cell

  • Shift + Up Arrow select the current cell and the cell above

  • Shift + Down Arrow select the current cell and the cell below

  • X cut the selected cell or cells

  • C copy the selected cell or cells

  • V paste the cell(s) which were copied or cut most recently

  • Shift + M merge multiple selected cells into one cell

  • DD (D twice) delete the active cell

  • Z undo most recent command mode action

Shortcuts when in edit mode:

  • Esc takes you into command mode

  • Tab code completion (or indent if at start of line)

  • Shift + Tab tooltip help

  • Ctrl + Shift + - split the active cell at the cursor

The usual commands for code editors:

  • Ctrl + ] indent

  • Ctrl + [ dedent

  • Ctrl + / toggle comment

  • Ctrl + A select all

  • Ctrl + Z undo

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