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dmlary /
Last active August 18, 2023 23:42
Bevy v0.10 SystemParam-based egui Widgets
/// implemention of SystemParam-based egui Widgets for bevy 0.10
/// adapted from:
/// Effectively widgets can access world components/resources similar
/// to systems.
use bevy::ecs::system::{SystemParam, SystemState};
use bevy::prelude::*;
use bevy_egui::egui;
dmlary /
Last active October 11, 2023 12:39
minimal example of adding a custom render pipeline in bevy 0.11
/// minimal example of adding a custom render pipeline in bevy 0.11.
/// When this example runs, you should only see a blue screen. There are no
/// vertex buffers, or anything else in this example. Effectively it is
/// shader-toy written in bevy.
/// This revision adds a post-processing node to the RenderGraph to
/// execute the shader. Thanks to @Jasmine on the bevy discord for
/// suggesting I take a second look at the bevy post-processing example
dmlary /
Created July 21, 2023 00:16
bevy 0.10.1 stun race-condition resolution
//! Example workaround for ecs-based race-conditions when used in muds.
//! The key problem is two characters stunning each other in the same
//! frame, only one of them should end up stunned.
//! This solution in bevy uses an exclusive system that runs without
//! world deferment.
use anyhow::{bail, Result};
use bevy::{log::LogPlugin, prelude::*};
dmlary / cscope.lua
Last active July 13, 2023 16:25
neovim cscope telescope integration
View cscope.lua
Navigate cscope in neovim using telescope with multiple databases
local cscope = require('cscope')
-- look for cscope.out in the current working directory
cscope.add_database { path = "." }
-- add a second database and set the top-level path for files in that db
cscope.add_database {
path = "/project/altitude/src",
dmlary /
Created May 29, 2023 01:28
Bevy egui 3d tile palette demo
use bevy::{
core_pipeline::tonemapping::Tonemapping, prelude::*, render::view::RenderLayers,
use bevy_dolly::prelude::*;
use bevy_egui::{egui, EguiContexts, EguiPlugin, EguiUserTextures};
use bevy_inspector_egui::quick::WorldInspectorPlugin;
dmlary /
Last active May 26, 2023 23:45
Bevy v0.10 draw Axis-Aligned Bounding-Boxes (AABB) around Scenes after they've been loaded
//! Load a GLB Scene, and draw an Axis-Aligned Bounding-Box around the entire
//! scene
//! Works in Bevy v0.10
use bevy::{
core_pipeline::tonemapping::Tonemapping, prelude::*, render::primitives::Aabb,
scene::SceneInstance, transform::TransformSystem::TransformPropagate,
dmlary /
Last active May 23, 2023 02:52
`bevy_mod_picking` raycast backend with support for multiple raycasting sets
// This is a rough & dirty fork of `bevy_picking_raycast` that supports multiple raycast sets.
// This is needed when you have multiple cameras you want to raycast from at the same time.
// The key change is making the `Backend` generic for raycast sets. It's harder to work
// with as it requires an understanding of `bevy_mod_raycast`.
// Other changes: removed `Picking` component management; added enable/disable via config
//! A raycasting backend for `bevy_mod_picking` that uses `bevy_mod_raycast` for raycasting.
use bevy::{prelude::*, utils::HashMap, window::PrimaryWindow};
dmlary / fzf-cscope.vim
Last active January 6, 2023 14:31
fzf-vim cscope integration
View fzf-cscope.vim
" Requires the fzf-vim plugin to work. Performs cscope queries against
" cscope.out, uses fzf-vim to display results and previews.
" specify multiple cscope databases to search.
" " short form, list of directories containing cscope.out
" let g:fzf_cscope_databases = [".", "~/kernels/2.6.12"]
" " long form database in separate directory from sources
" let g:fzf_cscope_databases = [
" [".", "build/cscope.out"],