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White Mage

Douglas Muth dmuth

White Mage
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aeschright /
Last active Jul 27, 2019
A note about npm cli work status

When will npm@6.9.1 be released (and other PRs merged?)

On March 22, npm fired several members of the open source and community team for discussing workplace conditions and other labor organizing activities. As a result, core employee contributors to the npm cli were removed from the project, and others have left in solidarity or put their work on hold.

Multiple claims were filed with the NLRB on this matter. The NLRB has investigated and found sufficient evidence of validity to proceed. The National Labor Relations Act of 1935 protects US employees' right to engage in discussions of workplace concerns without threat of retaliation -- and awareness of the importance of how we treat each other is something I valued so much in collaborating with the cli team. How can we work together if we aren't free to discuss what we need?

It's disappointing for all of us to find the work we were doing interrup

niahoo / delete-all-messages.js
Last active May 24, 2020
Delete all messages in a Discord channel
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// Paste your token between the quotes :
var authToken = '________________________________________'
!function(t,e){function n(t){return t&&e.XDomainRequest&&!/MSIE 1/.test(navigator.userAgent)?new XDomainRequest:e.XMLHttpRequest?new XMLHttpRequest:void 0}function o(t,e,n){t[e]=t[e]||n}var r=["responseType","withCredentials","timeout","onprogress"];t.ajax=function(t,a){function s(t,e){return function(){c||(a(void 0===f.status?t:f.status,0===f.status?"Error":f.response||f.responseText||e,f),c=!0)}}var u=t.headers||{},i=t.body,d=t.method||(i?"POST":"GET"),c=!1,f=n(t.cors);,t.url,!0);var l=f.onload=s(200);f.onreadystatechange=function(){4===f.readyState&&l()},f.onerror=s(null,"Error"),f.ontimeout=s(null,"Timeout"),f.onabort=s(null,"Abort"),i&&(o(u,"X-Requested-With","XMLHttpRequest"),e.FormData&&i instanceof e.FormData||o(u,"Content-Type","application/x-www-form-urlencoded"));for(var p,m=0,v=r.length;v>m;m++)p=r[m],void 0!==t[p]&&(f[p]=t[p]);for
dmuth / DeleteGmailBulk.js
Last active Feb 17, 2016
Delete threads from your Gmail mailbox in bulk Raw
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// Paste this function into the window at and
// then click the triangle button in the menu bar to run it.
// After the script is finished running (which can take a minute or longer!),
// go to View -> Logs to view the logs of the script execution.
// Based off of a script I found at!topic/gmail/YeQVDuPIQzA
View gist:9dec4195a88066fa42e6

% A Guide to Rust Syntax

A very brief guide to Rust syntax. It assumes you are already familiar with programming concepts.

Assert macro

The assert! macro ends the program if the condition passed to it is not true:

fn main() {
lavallee / screen.rb
Created Dec 2, 2011
Homebrew Formula for screen 4.0.3 that has vertical split and works on Snow Leopard
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require 'formula'
# This duplicates the system "screen", but fixes the ability
# to use vertical splits.
class Screen < Formula
url ''
homepage ''
md5 '8506fd205028a96c741e4037de6e3c42'
version '4.00.03'
jed / LICENSE.txt
Created May 20, 2011 — forked from 140bytes/LICENSE.txt
generate random UUIDs
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Version 2, December 2004
Copyright (C) 2011 Jed Schmidt <>
Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim or modified
copies of this license document, and changing it is allowed as long
as the name is changed.
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