Red []
dive: function [path action [block!] filter [block!]][
bind action 'path
if filter [bind filter 'path]
foreach file read path [
if dir? file [dive append copy path file action filter]
if any [not filter do filter][do action]
Red [
Purpose: "Demo how to serialize/deserialize a face tree on disk"
mold-face: function [root [object!] return: [string!]][
foreach-face root [
face/parent: none face/state: none
if font: face/font [font/parent: none font/state: none]
if para: face/para [para/parent: none]
Red [
Title: "Parse Info"
Purpose: {
Provides some stats about internal parse states usage for a given parsing job.
Could be used as a way to compare efficiency of different parsing strategies.
Date: 06-Oct-2017
context [
Red [
Purpose: {Implementation of a "capture-by-value" closure generator}
Date: 4-Oct-2017
collect-words: function [
spec [any-list!]
Red [
Note: ""
time-it: func [block /count ct /local t baseline][
ct: any [ct 1]
t: now/time/precise
loop ct [do []]
baseline: now/time/precise - t
t: now/time/precise
turtle: #()
win: layout [ panel [
tfield: base 500x500 white draw []
origin tfield/offset tlayer: base 500x500 draw [] ]
panel [
text "History" return history: text-list 200x350 data [] return
panel [ button "Save" [save request-file history/data]
button "Load" [commands: load request-file foreach cmd commands [process-cmd cmd]] ]
return status: text "" 200x25 ]
Red [
Title: "Dynamic View usage example"
Author: "Nenad Rakocevic"
Date: 08/07/2017
generate: function [board [pair!] sz [pair!] return: [block!]][
pane: make block! sz/x * sz/y
pos: 1x1
count: 1
; We have other reflective functions (words-of, body-of, etc.), but
; this is a little higher level, sounded fun to do, and may prove
; useful as we write more Red tools. It also shows how to make your
; own typesets and use them when parsing.
arity-of: function [
"Returns the fixed-part arity of a function spec"
spec [any-function! block!]
/with refs [refinement! block!] "Count one or more refinements, and add their arity"
Red []
load-any: function [input [string!]][
out: make block! 100
junk: none
until [
result: load/trap/next input 'pos
either error? result/3 [
append any [junk junk: make string! 20] result/2/1
Red [
Author: "ifgem"
#do [
macro: context [
make-object-spec: function [words] [
spec: copy []