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Rebox game in Red with gpio-powered joypad. Asset files:
Red [
Needs: View
Title: "red-box"
Author: "Huang Yongzhao"
Tabs: 4
Version: "Alpha"
Purpose: "Famous BoxWorld! game ported to red"
Rights: "Copyright (C) 2015-2018 Red Foundation. All rights reserved."
License: {
Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.
ctx-redbox: context [
tiles: [
1 wall
2 floor
3 target
boxes: make block! 10
man-img: make block! 2
map-img: make image! 480x420
targets: make block! 10
moves-file: load %moves.ini
maps: none
level: 1
lx: ly: 0
man-pos: 0x0
undo-box: undo-man: 0x0
box-index: 0
load-bin: func [file][reduce load decompress read/binary file]
judge: true
box-move-num: 0
maps: load-bin %map.gz
all-image: load %all-image.png
crop: function [offset [integer!] size [pair!]][
copy/part skip all-image offset size
l1: crop 0 30x30
l2: crop 30 30x30
r1: crop 60 30x30
r2: crop 90 30x30
d1: crop 120 30x30
d2: crop 150 30x30
u1: crop 180 30x30
u2: crop 210 30x30
box1: crop 240 30x30
wall: crop 270 30x30
floor: crop 300 30x30
target: crop 330 30x30
box2: crop 360 30x30
credits: crop 390 * 30 378x292
append man-img l1
append man-img l2
tile-type?: function [pos [pair!]][
pos: pos + 1x1
to-integer pick pick level-data/map pos/y pos/x
decode-tile: function [value [integer!]][
any [reduce select tiles value 'unknown]
for-pair: function [
'word [word!]
start [pair!]
end [pair!]
body [block!]
do-body: func reduce [word] body
val: start
while [val/y <= end/y][
val/x: start/x
while [val/x <= end/x][
do-body val
val/x: val/x + 1
val/y: val/y + 1
dir-to-pos: func [value [word!]][
select [up 0x-30 down 0x30 left -30x0 right 30x0] value
can-move?: func [value [word!] pos [pair!]/local new1 new nx ny][
new1: pos - 0x20 + dir-to-pos value
nx: new1/x / 30
ny: new1/y / 30
new1: as-pair nx ny
new: tile-type? new1
find [2 3] new
box-world: layout/tight [
title "red-box"
style btn: button bold 40x20
at 0x0 btn "Goto" [level-choose/offset: none view level-choose]
at 40x0 btn "Undo" [
if 0x0 <> undo-box [
box-world/pane/:box-index/offset: undo-box
move-txt/data: move-txt/data - 1
poke boxes (:box-index - 12) undo-box
undo-box: 0x0
mad-man/offset: undo-man
at 80x0 btn "Retry" [init-world]
at 120x0 btn "About" [about-win/offset: none view about-win]
at 0x20 base map-img
mad-man: base transparent 30x30 rate 6 now on-time [
judge: not judge
mad-man/image: pick man-img judge
style txt: text 85x20 black font-size 10 font-color white bold
style num: text 15x20 black font-size 10 font-color white bold
at 0x420 txt "your move: "
at 85x420 move-txt: num "0"
at 100x420 txt " best move: "
at 185x420 best-move-txt: num "0"
at 200x420 txt " your level: "
at 285x420 level-txt: num "1"
is-best?: func [/local bt mt][
mt: move-txt/data
bt: best-move-txt/data
either bt = 0 [
moves-file/:level: mt
if bt > mt [
moves-file/:level: mt
write %moves.ini mold moves-file
turn: func [value [word!] /local box c-pos b-pos bp pb next-box][
undo-box: 0x0
undo-man: mad-man/offset
c-pos: mad-man/offset + dir-to-pos value
b-pos: find boxes c-pos
either b-pos [
bp: index? b-pos
pb: bp + 12
box-index: :pb
undo-box: c-pos
next-box: c-pos + dir-to-pos value
if all [can-move? value c-pos next-is-box? next-box][
move-txt/data: 1 + move-txt/data
box-world/pane/:pb/offset: next-box
boxes/:bp: box-world/pane/:pb/offset
mad-man/offset: c-pos
if check-win? [
if level = 100 [
alert-win/pane/1/text: "Victory!"
alert-win/offset: none
view/flags alert-win 'modal
level: level + 1
if can-move? value mad-man/offset [
mad-man/offset: c-pos
level-choose: layout [
title "red-box"
text bold "please enter the level that you want" return
pad 60x0 fld: field 60x20 return
pad 60x0 button bold "ok" [
level: to-integer fld/text
next-is-box?: func [pos [pair!]][
none? find boxes pos
init-world: func [][
undo-box: 0x0
move-txt/data: 0
system/view/auto-sync?: no
clear boxes
clear targets
clear skip box-world/pane 12
show box-world
system/view/auto-sync?: yes
alert-win: layout [
title "red-box"
text center 200x20 "you have done a good job!" return
pad 70x0 button "ok" [
about-win: layout [
title "red-box"
image center credits return
text center 400x20 bold "Original game by Jeng-Long Jiang (1992)" return
text center 400x20 bold "Rebol port done by Nenad Rakocevic (2001)" return
text center 400x20 bold "Red port done by Yongzhao Huang (2018)" return
dispatch-move: func [key [word!]][
switch key [
up [man-img/1: u1 man-img/2: u2]
down [man-img/1: d1 man-img/2: d2]
left [man-img/1: l1 man-img/2: l2]
right [man-img/1: r1 man-img/2: r2]
turn key
box-world/actors: make object! [
on-key-down: func [face [object!] event [event!]][dispatch-move event/key]
check-win?: has [win? box a i pb][
win?: yes
i: 1
foreach box boxes [
a: find targets box
pb: 12 + i
either a [box-world/pane/:pb/image: box2][box-world/pane/:pb/image: box1]
win?: all [win? a]
i: i + 1
draw-map: has [tile lx ly][
map-img/rgb: black
level-data: maps/:level
level-txt/data: :level
best-move-txt/data: pick moves-file :level
man-pos: undo-man: mad-man/offset: level-data/start * 30 + 0x20
for-pair pos 0x0 15x13 [
tile: 0
unless zero? tile: tile-type? pos [
if 3 = tile [
append targets pos * 30 + 0x20
tile: decode-tile tile
change-image tile map-img pos * 30
draw-boxes: has [bx pos pb][
foreach pos level-data/boxes [
pb: pos * 30 + 0x20
append box-world/pane bx: make face![type: 'base size: 30x30 offset: pb image: box1]
append boxes pb
change-image: function [src [image!] dst [image!] pos [pair!]][
sx: src/size/x
dx: dst/size/x
sy: src/size/y
px: pos/x
py: pos/y
repeat y sy [
xs: y - 1 * sx + 1
xd: y + py - 1 * dx + 1 + px
repeat l sx [
dst/:xd: src/:xs
xd: xd + 1
xs: xs + 1
joypad: context [
mapping: [
16 down 20 up
17 left 21 right
row: [(id) state: #[false] direction: (direction)]
table: collect [
foreach [id direction] mapping [keep compose row]
pins: extract table length? row
port: none
acquire: has [pin][
port: open gpio://
foreach pin pins [
insert port [
set-mode pin in
pull-down pin
insert port [
set-mode 18 out
set-mode 4 out
set 4 on
pressed?: function [][
foreach pin pins [
entry: find table pin
old: entry/state
insert port [get pin]
entry/state: make logic! port/data
;-- detect 0-to-1 transition only, to avoid auto-firing
if all [not old entry/state][return entry/direction]
show-win: does [insert port [set 18 on]]
release: does [
insert port [
set 4 off
set 18 off
close port
start-rebox: function [][
view/no-wait box-world
until [
if key: joypad/pressed? [dispatch-move key]
none? do-events/no-wait
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