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mikecrittenden /
Last active Nov 23, 2019
Download an entire website with wget, along with assets.
# One liner
wget --recursive --page-requisites --adjust-extension --span-hosts --convert-links --restrict-file-names=windows --domains --no-parent
# Explained
wget \
--recursive \ # Download the whole site.
--page-requisites \ # Get all assets/elements (CSS/JS/images).
--adjust-extension \ # Save files with .html on the end.
--span-hosts \ # Include necessary assets from offsite as well.
--convert-links \ # Update links to still work in the static version.
tejacques / HOCBaseRender.tsx
Last active Oct 16, 2019
React Higher Order Components in TypeScript
View HOCBaseRender.tsx
import * as React from 'react';
import { Component } from 'react';
export default function HOCBaseRender<Props, State, ComponentState>(
Comp: new() => Component<Props & State, ComponentState>) {
return class HOCBase extends Component<Props, State> {
render() {
return <Comp {...this.props} {...this.state}/>;
View tap-and-hold.js
const touchStart = Rx.Observable.fromEvent(window, 'touchstart').timestamp();
const touchMove = Rx.Observable.fromEvent(window, 'touchmmove');
const touchEnd = Rx.Observable.fromEvent(window, 'touchend').timestamp();
const touchAndHold = touchStart
.flatMap(() => touchEnd.takeUntil(touchMove), (x, y) => { start: x.timestamp, end: y.timestamp })
.filter(ts => (ts.end - ts.start) / 1000 > 2);
const subscription = touchAndHold.subscribe(
() => console.log('touch and hold!')
zxbodya /
Last active Nov 27, 2019
React with RxJS, reactive way :)

Observable React elements with RxJS

Note: if you want to skip history behind this, and just looking for final result see: rx-react-container

When I just started using RxJS with React, I was subscribing to observables in componentDidMount and disposing subscriptions at componentWillUnmount.

But, soon I realised that it is not fun to do all that subscriptions(that are just updating property in component state) manually, and written mixin for this...

Later I have rewritten it as "high order component" and added possibility to pass also obsarvers that will receive events from component.

mattpodwysocki / users.html
Created Apr 15, 2015
Getting a list of users with RxJS and JSX
View users.html
<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta http-equiv='Content-type' content='text/html; charset=utf-8'>
<title>Basic Example with JSX</title>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="base.css" />
<h1>ReactJs + RxJs</h1>
<div id="container">
aidanhs / gist:5ac9088ca0f6bdd4a370
Last active Oct 26, 2019
Rust binary tree worked example
View gist:5ac9088ca0f6bdd4a370

% Let's build a binary tree!

Let's build a binary tree of strings in Rust. To recap, each node in a binary tree:

  1. must have a value
  2. may or may not have left and/or right children

So we can describe a single node like this:

branneman / client.js
Created Nov 8, 2014
Node.js TCP Socket - if either of them breaks, they'll keep trying to reconnect
View client.js
var net = require('net');
// Client
function openSocket() {
var socket = net.connect(3e3);
socket.on('connect', onConnect.bind({}, socket));
View CategoryActions.js
'use strict';
var createAsyncActions = require('./createAsyncActions')
var CategoryAPI = require('../api/CategoryAPI')
var CategoryActions = createAsyncActions({
create: function(category) {
bitcrazed / boxstarter.ps1
Last active Oct 23, 2019
Boxstarter script
View boxstarter.ps1
# Description: Boxstarter Script
# Author: Rich Turner <>
# Last Updated: 2019-07-08
# Run this Boxstarter by calling the following from an **ELEVATED PowerShell instance**:
# `set-executionpolicy Unrestricted`
# `. { iwr -useb } | iex; get-boxstarter -Force`
# `Install-BoxstarterPackage -DisableReboots -PackageName <URL-TO-RAW-GIST>`
#---- TEMPORARY ---
mathisonian /
Last active Dec 2, 2019
requiring npm modules in the browser console

demo gif

The final result: require() any module on npm in your browser console with browserify

This article is written to explain how the above gif works in the chrome (and other) browser consoles. A quick disclaimer: this whole thing is a huge hack, it shouldn't be used for anything seriously, and there are probably much better ways of accomplishing the same.

Update: There are much better ways of accomplishing the same, and the script has been updated to use a much simpler method pulling directly from browserify-cdn. See this thread for details:


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