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Created Feb 7, 2011
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An increasingly complete version of Textile for Arc. Works, but still todo: links, images, footnotes, span attributes, lists.
; Textile for Arc, version 0.1
; by David Kendal
; still todo as of this version: links, images, lists, span attributes, footnotes
; also: internal preflight routine to normalise line endings, strip BOM, etc.
; known bugs: subscript not working due to use of tilde sign in function name
(load "lib/re.arc")
(= txt-block-names* (list "h[1-6]" "bq" "fn[0-9]+" "p" "bc" "pre")
txt-block-re* (string "(" (joinstr txt-block-names* "|") ")")
txt-blocktag-re* (string "^" txt-block-re* "(.*?)" #\\ ".(" #\\ ".?)" #\\ "s+")
txt-attr-lang* (string #\\ "[([a-zA-Z-]{1,5})" #\\ "]")
txt-attr-class* (string #\\ "((.+?)" #\\ ")")
txt-attr-style* (string #\\ "{(.+?)" #\\ "}")
txt-std-spans* (obj "**" "b" "__" "i"
"*" "strong" "_" "em"
"-" "del" "+" "ins" "??" "cite"
"^" "sup" ; "~" "sub" -- tilde causes problems -- special case needs to be made.
"%" "span" "@" "code"))
(def textile (text)
(trim (joinstr (txt-block
(txt-spans text)) "\n\n") 'both))
(def txt-block (text)
(flat ; some shorthand features require splicing
(= ext? nil tag "p" xattrs "" content "") ; todo -- fixme so not to use globals
txt-html-block (str-split text "\n\n"))))
(def txt-html-block (text)
(with (bname (cadr (re-match-pat (string "^" txt-block-re*) text)) retcon "")
(if bname ; if there's a tag name...
(let (_ _ txtattrs txtext?) (re-match-pat txt-blocktag-re* text)
(when ext? ; when the previous tag is an extended block
(= retcon (string (txt-do-tag content tag (txt-pa xattrs)) "\n\n")
ext? nil tag "p" content "" xattrs "" tag))
(with (txtcontent (re-replace txt-blocktag-re* text "") battr (txt-pa txtattrs))
(if (not (empty txtext?))
(do (= ext? t tag bname xattrs txtattrs content txtcontent) nil)
(string retcon (if
(re-match-pat "^h([1-6])$" bname)
(txt-h txtcontent bname battr)
(re-match-pat "^fn([0-9]+)$" bname)
(txt-fn txtcontent bname battr)
(txt-do-tag txtcontent bname battr))))))
ext? ; else, if there's no tag name and we're in an extended block
(do (= content (string content "\n\n" text)) nil)
(txt-p text "p" "") ; otherwise, do an ordinary paragraph tag
(def txt-pa (attr) ; "Parse Attributes"
(with (class nil id "" lang "" style nil)
(while (re-match (string "^(?:" txt-attr-lang* "|" txt-attr-class* "|" txt-attr-style* ")") attr)
(re-match-pat (string "^" txt-attr-lang*) attr)
(= lang (txt-lang attr)
attr (re-replace (string "^" txt-attr-lang*) attr ""))
(re-match-pat (string "^" txt-attr-class*) attr)
(= class (cons (txt-class attr) class)
attr (re-replace (string "^" txt-attr-class*) attr ""))
(re-match-pat (string "^" txt-attr-style*) attr)
(= style (cons (txt-style attr) style)
attr (re-replace (string "^" txt-attr-style*) attr ""))
; (= class
; (flat (map [tokens _] class)))
; assemble html attributes
(when (isnt "" lang) (string " lang=\"" lang "\""))
(when class (string " class=\"" (joinstr class " ") "\""))
(when style (string " style=\"" (joinstr style ";") "\""))
(def txt-simple-block (text) ; todo
(string "<p>" (joinstr (str-split text "\n\n") "</p>\n\n<p>") "</p>"))
(def txt-spans (text)
(each (span tag) txt-std-spans*
(= text (eval `(,(sym (string "txt-" span)) ,text)))) text)
(def txt-span (text st et tag) ; st = start textile; et = end textile -- todo: support span attributes
(re-replace (string (txt-re-quote st) "(\\S.*?\\S?)" (txt-re-quote et)) text (string "<" tag ">" #\\ 1 "</" tag ">")))
(def txt-re-quote (text)
(re-replace "(\\.|\\\\|\\+|\\*|\\?|\\[|\\]|\\$|\\(|\\)|\\{|\\}|\\=|\\!|\\<|\\>|\\||\\:|-)" text (string #\\ #\\ #\\ 1)))
(def txt-html-chars (text)
(multisubst '(("&" "&amp;") ("<" "&lt;") (">" "&gt;") ("\"" "&quot;")) text)) ; "&amp; must go before all others
(def txt-lang (attr)
(cadr (re-match-pat (string "^" txt-attr-lang*) attr)))
(def txt-class (attr)
(cadr (re-match-pat (string "^" txt-attr-class*) attr)))
(def txt-style (attr)
(cadr (re-match-pat (string "^" txt-attr-style*) attr)))
(each (txt html) txt-std-spans*
(eval `(def ,(sym (string "txt-" txt)) (text)
(txt-span text ,txt ,txt ,html))))
(def txt-do-tag (text bname battr)
(eval `(,(sym (string "txt-" bname)) ,text ,bname ,battr)))
(def txt-h (text bname battr)
(string "<" bname battr ">" text "</" bname ">"))
(def txt-p (text bname battr)
(string "<p" battr ">" text "</p>"))
(def txt-bq (text bname battr)
(string "<blockquote" battr ">" (txt-simple-block text) "</blockquote>"))
(def txt-bc (text bname battr)
(string "<pre" battr "><code" battr ">" (txt-html-chars text) "</code></pre>"))
(def txt-pre (text bname battr)
(string "<pre" battr ">" (txt-html-chars text) "</pre>"))
(def str-split (blob delim) ; hacky
(subst "\x01" delim blob) #\u0001))
(def not (what) (if what nil t))
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