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User and Console


This documents the changes to User & Console experience in Ren/C branch of Rebol 3.


This is Rebol's REPL (Read-Eval-Print-Loop). Simply running Rebol from command-line without any options will start the console:



On Rebol 2 this points to user home directory (on Linux/OSX this is get-env 'HOME). On r3 this is currently set to where the r3 executable lives.

As it stands we should rename system/options/home to make it clear this is where executable lives and avoid confusing with $HOME. See %rebol.r

We can then reclaim system/options/home to replicate R2 behaviour (if we like?)

system/user or system/options?

View rebol.vim
" Vim syntax file
" Language: Rebol
" Maintainer: Mike Williams <>
" Filenames: *.r
" Last Change: 2001 May 09
" URL: N/A
" Changes-by: Barry Walsh <>
" Last updated: 17-May-2013
View repl-skin.reb
Rebol [
title: "example REPL skin config"
date: 30-Mar-2017
version: 0.0.1
;; shortcuts I like!
q: :quit
?: :help
View simple-lambda-example.reb
>> double: lambda [? * 2]
>> double 2
== 4
>> double: lambda [? + ?]
>> double 4
== 8
>> add2: lambda [?1 + ?2]
>> add2 2 4
View challenge-304-accounts.reb
Rebol [
;; Helper functions
tie: function [s delim /string] [
s: next s
forskip s 2 [insert s delim]
View scrabble.reb
Rebol [
scrabble: function [rack word] [
rack: reverse sort copy rack
score: 0
score-and-remove: func [s] [
score: score + score-letter s/1