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Created April 27, 2017 08:28
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Rebol VIM syntax file
" Vim syntax file
" Language: Rebol
" Maintainer: Mike Williams <>
" Filenames: *.r
" Last Change: 2001 May 09
" URL: N/A
" Changes-by: Barry Walsh <>
" Last updated: 17-May-2013
if exists("b:current_syntax")
" Rebol is case insensitive
syn case ignore
" As per current users documentation
setlocal isk=@,48-57,?,!,.,',+,-,*,&,\|,=,_,~,/,<,>
"setlocal iskeyword+=:
" Yer TODO highlighter
syn keyword rebolTodo contained TODO
" Comments
syn match rebolComment ";.*$" contains=rebolTodo
" Words
syn match rebolWord "\a\k*"
syn match rebolWordPath "[^[:space:]]/[^[:space]]"ms=s+1,me=e-1
syn match rebolWordGet "\a\k*\:"
syn match rebolWordLit "\'\k*"
" Booleans
syn keyword rebolBoolean true false on off yes no
" Values
" Integers
syn match rebolInteger "\<[+-]\=\d\+\('\d*\)*\>"
" Decimals
syn match rebolDecimal "[+-]\=\(\d\+\('\d*\)*\)\=[,.]\d*\(e[+-]\=\d\+\)\="
syn match rebolDecimal "[+-]\=\d\+\('\d*\)*\(e[+-]\=\d\+\)\="
" Time
syn match rebolTime "[+-]\=\(\d\+\('\d*\)*\:\)\{1,2}\d\+\('\d*\)*\([.,]\d\+\)\=\([AP]M\)\=\>"
syn match rebolTime "[+-]\=:\d\+\([.,]\d*\)\=\([AP]M\)\=\>"
" Dates
" DD-MMM-YY & YYYY format
syn match rebolDate "\d\{1,2}\([/-]\)\(Jan\|Feb\|Mar\|Apr\|May\|Jun\|Jul\|Aug\|Sep\|Oct\|Nov\|Dec\)\1\(\d\{2}\)\{1,2}\>"
" DD-month-YY & YYYY format
syn match rebolDate "\d\{1,2}\([/-]\)\(January\|February\|March\|April\|May\|June\|July\|August\|September\|October\|November\|December\)\1\(\d\{2}\)\{1,2}\>"
" DD-MM-YY & YY format
syn match rebolDate "\d\{1,2}\([/-]\)\d\{1,2}\1\(\d\{2}\)\{1,2}\>"
" YYYY-MM-YY format
syn match rebolDate "\d\{4}-\d\{1,2}-\d\{1,2}\>"
" DD.MM.YYYY format
syn match rebolDate "\d\{1,2}\.\d\{1,2}\.\d\{4}\>"
" Money
syn match rebolMoney "\a*\$\d\+\('\d*\)*\([,.]\d\+\)\="
" Strings
syn region rebolString oneline start=+"+ skip=+^"+ end=+"+ contains=rebolSpecialCharacter
syn region rebolString start=+[^#]{+ end=+}+ skip=+{[^}]*}+ contains=rebolSpecialCharacter
" Binary
syn region rebolBinary start=+\d*#{+ end=+}+ contains=rebolComment
" Email
syn match rebolEmail "\<\k\+@\(\k\+\.\)*\k\+\>"
" File
syn match rebolFile "%\(\k\+/\)*\k\+[/]\=" contains=rebolSpecialCharacter
syn region rebolFile oneline start=+%"+ end=+"+ contains=rebolSpecialCharacter
" URLs
syn match rebolURL "http://\k\+\(\.\k\+\)*\(:\d\+\)\=\(/\(\k\+/\)*\(\k\+\)\=\)*"
syn match rebolURL "file://\k\+\(\.\k\+\)*/\(\k\+/\)*\k\+"
syn match rebolURL "ftp://\(\k\+:\k\+@\)\=\k\+\(\.\k\+\)*\(:\d\+\)\=/\(\k\+/\)*\k\+"
syn match rebolURL "mailto:\k\+\(\.\k\+\)*@\k\+\(\.\k\+\)*"
" Issues
syn match rebolIssue "#\(\d\+-\)*\d\+"
" Tuples
syn match rebolTuple "\(\d\+\.\)\{2,}"
" Tags
"syn region rebolTag oneline start=+<\a+ end=+>+ contains=rebolComment
" Characters
syn match rebolSpecialCharacter contained "\^[^[:space:][]"
syn match rebolSpecialCharacter contained "%\d\+"
" Operators
" Math operators
syn match rebolMathOperator "\(\*\{1,2}\|+\|-\|/\{1,2}\)"
syn keyword rebolMathFunction abs absolute add arccosine arcsine arctangent cosine
syn keyword rebolMathFunction divide exp log-10 log-2 log-e max maximum min
syn keyword rebolMathFunction minimum multiply negate power remainder sine
syn keyword rebolMathFunction square-root subtract tangent
syn keyword rebolMathFunction random random/seed
" Binary operators
syn keyword rebolBinaryOperator complement and or xor ~
" Logic operators
syn match rebolLogicOperator "[<>=]=\="
syn match rebolLogicOperator "<>"
syn keyword rebolLogicOperator not
syn keyword rebolLogicFunction all any some
syn keyword rebolLogicFunction head? tail?
syn keyword rebolLogicFunction negative? positive? zero? even? odd?
syn keyword rebolLogicFunction binary? block? char? date? decimal? email? empty?
syn keyword rebolLogicFunction file? found? function? integer? issue? logic? money?
syn keyword rebolLogicFunction native? none? object? paren? path? port? series?
syn keyword rebolLogicFunction string? time? tuple? url? word?
syn keyword rebolLogicFunction exists? input? same? value?
" Conversions
syn keyword rebolStatement to-integer to-string
" Datatypes
syn keyword rebolType binary! block! char! date! decimal! email! file!
syn keyword rebolType function! integer! issue! logic! money! native!
syn keyword rebolType none! object! paren! path! port! string! time!
syn keyword rebolType tuple! url! word!
syn keyword rebolTypeFunction type?
" Control statements
syn keyword rebolStatement break catch exit halt reduce return shield
syn keyword rebolConditional if else either
syn keyword rebolRepeat for forall foreach forskip loop repeat while until do
" Series statements
syn keyword rebolStatement change change/part
syn keyword rebolStatement copy copy/part
syn keyword rebolStatement clear fifth find first format fourth free
syn keyword rebolStatement func function head insert last match next back parse parse/all past
syn keyword rebolStatement pick remove second select skip sort tail third trim length?
syn keyword rebolStatement append append/only map-each remove-each
syn keyword rebolStatement reverse replace replace/all compose compose/deep
syn keyword rebolStatement collect take
" Context
syn keyword rebolStatement alias bind use context
" Object
syn keyword rebolStatement import make make-object rebol info? in
" I/O statements
syn keyword rebolStatement delete echo form format import input load mold prin
syn keyword rebolStatement print probe read save secure send write
syn keyword rebolOperator size? modified?
" Debug statement
syn keyword rebolStatement help probe trace
" Misc statements
syn keyword rebolStatement free get set
" Parse statements
syn keyword rebolStatement thru to
" Constants
syn keyword rebolConstant none
" Tags
syn keyword rebolTag <td> </td> <tr> </tr>
" Experiments of mine!
"syn match rebolFuncStatement "func\s\["
command -nargs=+ HiLink hi def link <args>
"HiLink rebolStatement Statement
"HiLink rebolWordGet Function
"HiLink rebolString String
HiLink rebolTodo Todo
HiLink rebolStatement Statement
"HiLink rebolLabel Label
HiLink rebolConditional Conditional
HiLink rebolRepeat Repeat
HiLink rebolOperator Operator
HiLink rebolLogicOperator rebolOperator
HiLink rebolLogicFunction rebolLogicOperator
HiLink rebolMathOperator rebolOperator
HiLink rebolMathFunction rebolMathOperator
HiLink rebolBinaryOperator rebolOperator
HiLink rebolBinaryFunction rebolBinaryOperator
HiLink rebolType Type
HiLink rebolTypeFunction rebolOperator
"HiLink rebolWord Identifier
"HiLink rebolWordPath rebolWord
"HiLink rebolFunction Function
HiLink rebolCharacter Character
HiLink rebolSpecialCharacter SpecialChar
HiLink rebolString String
HiLink rebolNumber Number
HiLink rebolInteger rebolNumber
HiLink rebolDecimal rebolNumber
HiLink rebolTime rebolNumber
HiLink rebolDate rebolNumber
HiLink rebolMoney rebolNumber
HiLink rebolBinary rebolNumber
HiLink rebolEmail Identifier
HiLink rebolFile Identifier
HiLink rebolURL Identifier
HiLink rebolIssue rebolNumber
HiLink rebolTuple rebolNumber
HiLink rebolFloat Float
HiLink rebolBoolean Boolean
HiLink rebolTag Identifier
HiLink rebolConstant Constant
HiLink rebolComment Comment
HiLink rebolError Error
HiLink rebolWordGet Function
HiLink rebolWordLit String
delcommand HiLink
let b:current_syntax = "rebol"
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