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Regex patterns to detect old PHP code
Find each() and create_function() calls >= PHP 7.2
=(\W)?(each|create_function) ?\(
(or look for the while/list/each construct):
Find all SHORT tags >= 5.3
Old ereg >= 5.3
\W(spliti?|eregi?|eregi?_replace|sql_regcase)[ ]?\(
HTTP_xxxx VARS >= 5.3
mysql_ >= 5.5
magic_quotes or safe_mode >= 5.4
global $_POST / $_GET etc
or ...
One Pattern To Rule Them All (which includes a few for additional PHP RFCs being incorporated):
(=(\W)?each ?\(|(.*)<\?(?!(p|x|=))(.*)|\W(?<!\.)(spliti?|eregi?|eregi?_replace|sql_regcase|create_function|gmp_random|__autoload|assert)[ ]?\(|\$HTTP_((GET|POST|REQUEST|SERVER|FILE|COOKIE)_VARS|RAW_POST_DATA)|\Wmysql_[a-z]{4,18}\(|magic_quotes|safe_mode|\bglobal .*\$_(POST|GET|SERVER|REQUEST|FILE|COOKIE).*;|\(unset\)|\$php_errormsg)
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