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Last active October 20, 2015 07:23 — forked from nelstrom/
Instructions on how to get a Plover keymap working with NKRO on ErgoDox keyboard.

[Plover][] is an awesome open source stenography program, but to run the software [you need an NKRO keyboard][nkro]. The [ErgoDox keyboard][ergodox] can be made to run in NKRO mode by following these steps.

Install dependencies

These instructions are based on this document, which assumes you're using Windows. I'm using a mac, and I had to download and install the [CrossPack for AVR Development][crosspack] before the build process worked.

Download the source

The NKRO firmware and Plover keymap can be found in the simon_layout branch of @shayneholmes fork of tmk_keyboard. Get the source: