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miabrahams /
Last active Jul 17, 2019
Ffmpeg post-processing OBS Plugin
import obspython as obs
import subprocess
import os
import re
import datetime
# Info for potential OBS Python hackers!
# Tip 1 - Read the "OBS Studio Backend Design" documentation page. Read the documentation table of contents.
# Tip 2 - be sure to add to your script path to enable completion.
# Tip 3 - Some of the Python API is generated at runtime, so it won't show up in
pudquick /
Last active Apr 13, 2019
Example of using nibbler to make an annoying window that re-focuses itself to the front every second
from nibbler import *
from Foundation import NSTimer, NSObject
from AppKit import NSApplication
n = Nibbler('/Users/frogor/Desktop/sweet.nib')
def test2():
print "hi (politely quit)"
Dregu / instant-replay-playlist.lua
Last active Apr 1, 2019
OBS-studio script to play instant replays and/or automatically add replays to VLC playlist for later
View instant-replay-playlist.lua
obs = obslua
source_name = ""
vlc_name = ""
scene_name = ""
replaying = false
autoclear = false
addall = false
replaylength = 10
instant_hotkey_id = obs.OBS_INVALID_HOTKEY_ID
add_hotkey_id = obs.OBS_INVALID_HOTKEY_ID
gregneagle /
Last active Nov 18, 2019 Reads a preference, prints its value, type, and where it is defined.
import os
import sys
from CoreFoundation import (CFPreferencesAppValueIsForced,
pudquick /
Created Dec 22, 2016
Querying active SIP status directly from the kernel, bypassing nvram and csrutil, via python on macOS
# An overly complicated SIP config checker
# This is a technically interesting implementation because it does not rely on csrutil
# Instead it queries the kernel directly for the current configuration status
# This means, for example, in environments where SIP has been disabled and csrutil has
# been removed or modified (say, with DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH), as long as python can run you
# can still check status
# Additionally, checking the nvram csr-active-config setting isn't accurate now with
# 10.12.2+, since running "sudo csrutil clear" deletes the variable until reboot,
pudquick /
Created Aug 18, 2016
Programmatically access package receipt information using the OS X PrivateFramework PackageKit (same one pkgutil uses) with python and pyobjc
import objc
packagekit_bundle = objc.loadBundle('PackageKit', module_globals=globals(), bundle_path='/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/PackageKit.framework', scan_classes=False)
PKReceipt = objc.lookUpClass('PKReceipt')
receipts = PKReceipt.receiptsOnVolumeAtPath_('/')
first_receipt = receipts[0]
# Things you can look up:
# installPrefixPath
View pipe-example.c
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <windows.h>
static CALLBACK DWORD discard_thread(void *arg)
HANDLE pipe = arg;
OVERLAPPED ol = { 0 };
ol.hEvent = CreateEventW(NULL, TRUE, TRUE, NULL);
xem /
Last active Nov 11, 2019
Maths & trigonometry cheat sheet for 2D & 3D games


  • A = [xA, yA] is a point on the 2D plane. Same for B, C, ...
  • lengths are in any unit (ex: pixels)
  • code snippets are in JavaScript

Degrees to radians

angleRad = angleDeg * Math.PI / 180;

View pipecat.c
#include <stdio.h>
#include <windows.h>
static CALLBACK DWORD read_thread(void *arg)
HANDLE pipe = arg;
OVERLAPPED ol = { .hEvent = CreateEventW(NULL, TRUE, TRUE, NULL) };
char outbuf[128];
izotx / upload.swift
Last active Sep 23, 2018
Uploading Image to Server
View upload.swift
static func uploadImage(image:UIImage,token:String, imageType:String, callback:((message:String?, error:String?)->Void))->NSURLSessionTask{
var imageData = UIImagePNGRepresentation(image)
var request = NSMutableURLRequest(URL: NSURL(string:APIKeys.url.rawValue)!)
request.cachePolicy = NSURLRequestCachePolicy.ReloadIgnoringLocalAndRemoteCacheData
var session = NSURLSession.sharedSession()
request.HTTPMethod = "POST"
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