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Polyfill for Function.prototype.bind
Function.prototype.bind=Function.prototype.bind||function(b){if(typeof this!=="function"){throw new TypeError("Function.prototype.bind - what is trying to be bound is not callable");}var a=Array.prototype.slice,,1),e=this,c=function(){},d=function(){return e.apply(this instanceof c?this:b||window,f.concat(;};c.prototype=this.prototype;d.prototype=new c();return d;};

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@dsingleton dsingleton commented Oct 25, 2011

Implementation taken from: (slightly adapted)

Compressed with

It's pretty widely supported on modern desktop browsers + many JS libraries patch it themselves. I required this to patch missing support on iOS.


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@Daniel-Hug Daniel-Hug commented May 31, 2013

For extra smallness, here are a few "clean" (JSHint friendly) optimizations :)

  • Array.prototype.slice can be replaced with []. -saves 19 characters
  • The second Function.prototype.bind can be replaced with (function(){}).bind. -saves 4 characters
  • The function expression ,c=function(){}, located in a comma separated list of variable declarations can be replaced with a function declaration (function c(){}), if it is placed before the variable declarations. -saves 1 character

See my fork:

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