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Load, then use any font on the system
font_import(pattern = "GIL", prompt = FALSE) # Import Gill family
loadfonts(device="win") # Load them all
fonts() # See what fonts are available
zp1 <- ggplot(data = iris,
aes(x = Sepal.Length, y = Sepal.Width, label = Species))
zp1 <- zp1 + geom_text(family = "Gill Sans MT")
zp1 <- zp1 + theme(text=element_text(family="Gill Sans Ultra Bold"))

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jrvianna commented Jun 13, 2016

The ggplots with Gill Sans MT look ok on the screen, but when saving to pdf (on Mac) get "font width unknown for character ..." errors and some symbols such as minus or µ don't appear on the saved pdf. Any way to solve this?

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