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dsparks / flatten_the_curve.R
Last active Mar 12, 2020
A simulation of viral transmission, and various measures to slow the spread
View flatten_the_curve.R
treatment_colors <- swatch(clpalette("1473"))[[1]]
sim_function <- function(
n_population = 10000,
n_days = 100,
time_to_quarantine = 14,
n_encounters = 50,
transmission_probability = 0.05,
dsparks / try loop.R
Created Aug 30, 2017
A function that sometimes fails, and a wrapper for that function that runs the first one until it does not fail
View try loop.R
my_function <- function(x){ # This is a function that sometimes fails
doesItWork <- rnorm(1) > x
return("You got a result")
} else {
stop("Did not work")
function_wrapper <- function(y){ # This function tries the first one until it works
dsparks / Super Bowl bingo card generator.R
Last active May 23, 2018
This script generates 5×5 bingo cards for the Super Bowl (or anything, really). Each randomly-generated card will be saved as a separate PNG for you to print. Use the provided word list, or edit to use your own. You can also modify the title, "rules" text, and "free space" text.
View Super Bowl bingo card generator.R
new_theme_empty <- theme_bw()
new_theme_empty$line <- element_blank()
new_theme_empty$rect <- element_blank()
new_theme_empty$strip.text <- element_blank()
new_theme_empty$axis.text <- element_blank()
nCards <- 30
ruleText <- c("Look for these on the field, in the stands, or in the commercials.\n\"\" indicate that you should listen for the broadcast team to say this phrase.")
dsparks / population_density_map.R
Last active Sep 25, 2016
Global population density
View population_density_map.R
font_import(pattern = "GIL", prompt = FALSE) # Import Gill family
loadfonts(device="win") # Load them all
fonts() # See what fonts are available
#devtools::install_github("hadley/ggplot2", force = TRUE)
dsparks / dplyr weirdness.R
Created Oct 16, 2014
Odd insistence on ungroup()
View dplyr weirdness.R
myDF <- data.frame(A = sample(LETTERS[1:4], 100, replace = TRUE),
B = sample(letters[5:9], 100, replace = TRUE),
C = rnorm(100))
summaryDF <- myDF %>% group_by(A, B) %>% dplyr::summarise(meanC = mean(C))
summaryDF %>% spread(B, meanC) # Error: index out of bounds
summaryDF %>% ungroup() %>% spread(B, meanC) # Works
dsparks / rationalFractionApproximator.R
Created Oct 7, 2014
Approximate any decimal with a rational fraction
View rationalFractionApproximator.R
rationalFractionApproximator <- function(dec, maxDenom = 1000){
denomSeq <- 1:maxDenom
impliedNumerator <- dec * denomSeq
roundNumerator <- round(impliedNumerator)
absError <- abs(roundNumerator / denomSeq - dec)
minMinimand <- which.min(absError * denomSeq)
minDenom <- denomSeq[minMinimand]
minNumer <- roundNumerator[minMinimand]
line2 <- paste0(minNumer, " / ", minDenom, " = ", minNumer / minDenom)
dsparks / colors.R
Last active Sep 13, 2016
Sunlight Foundation palettes, based on the Wes Anderson code
View colors.R
# Sunlight Foundation style guide:
# Ram's original Wes Anderson code:
#' A Wes Anderson palette generator
#' These are a handful of color palettes from Wes Anderson movies.
#' @param n Number of colors desired. Unfortunately most palettes now only have 4 or 5 colors. But hopefully we'll add more palettes soon. All color schemes are derived from the most excellent Tumblr blog: \href{}{Wes Anderson Palettes}
#' @param name Name of desired palette. Choices are: \code{GrandBudapest}, \code{Moonrise1}, \code{Royal1}, \code{Moonrise2}, \code{Cavalcanti}, \code{Royal2}, \code{GrandBudapest2}, \code{Moonrise3}, \code{Chevalier}, \code{BottleRocket}, \code{darjeeling}, \code{darjeeling2}
#' @param type Set to continuous if you require a gradient of colors similar to how heat map works.
#' @export
dsparks / update R.R
Created Apr 12, 2014
Updating to a new version of R
View update R.R
# installing/loading the latest installr package:
install.packages("installr"); require(installr) #load / install+load installr
# Then just follow the prompts...
dsparks / Custom font in ggplot2.R
Last active Jun 27, 2017
Load, then use any font on the system
View Custom font in ggplot2.R
font_import(pattern = "GIL", prompt = FALSE) # Import Gill family
loadfonts(device="win") # Load them all
fonts() # See what fonts are available
zp1 <- ggplot(data = iris,
aes(x = Sepal.Length, y = Sepal.Width, label = Species))
zp1 <- zp1 + geom_text(family = "Gill Sans MT")
zp1 <- zp1 + theme(text=element_text(family="Gill Sans Ultra Bold"))
dsparks / manipulate example.R
Created Mar 12, 2014
An example using manipulate to modify a ggplot object. Requires RStudio.
View manipulate example.R
aPlotFunction <- function(hh, ss, sz){
zp1 <- qplot(data = cars, x = dist, y = speed,
colour = I(hsv(hh/255, 1, 1)),
shape = I(ss),
size = I(sz))
print(zp1 + theme_bw())
aPlotFunction(hh, ss, sz),
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