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Integrating ACE Editor in a progressive way
<textarea name="my-xml-editor" data-editor="xml" rows="15"></textarea>
<textarea name="my-markdown-editor" data-editor="markdown" rows="15"></textarea>
<script src="//"></script>
// Hook up ACE editor to all textareas with data-editor attribute
$(function () {
$('textarea[data-editor]').each(function () {
var textarea = $(this);
var mode ='editor');
var editDiv = $('<div>', {
position: 'absolute',
width: textarea.width(),
height: textarea.height(),
'class': textarea.attr('class')
textarea.css('visibility', 'hidden');
var editor = ace.edit(editDiv[0]);
editor.getSession().setMode("ace/mode/" + mode);
// editor.setTheme("ace/theme/idle_fingers");
// copy back to textarea on form submit...
textarea.closest('form').submit(function () {
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billynoah commented Oct 22, 2013

This is super awesome. Thanks!

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mderazon commented Oct 28, 2013

very nice ! thanks

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eriko commented Apr 29, 2014

Thank you for this.

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alexsandro-xpt commented Aug 1, 2014

Perfect, for somebody test, see

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newtonlabs commented Aug 20, 2014

This is wonderful!

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KrlosWd commented Aug 22, 2014

Worked amazingly, I only needed to chage this line:
textarea.css('visibility', 'hidden');
for this:
textarea.css('display', 'none');

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kapsonic commented Sep 3, 2014

very good. it saved me lot of time.

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fabiopaiva commented Oct 30, 2014

suggest change
textarea.css('visibility', 'hidden');
for this:
textarea.css('display', 'none');

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midurad commented Nov 3, 2014

This is great. Thank you!

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jaime8111 commented Dec 29, 2014

Very nice,

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unix4you2 commented Jan 24, 2015

Hi guys.

Some times the value of textarea is not changed in the submit event, so was safer for me to replace last part for this code:

//Update the textarea control (This is the way used by github)
editor.getSession().on('change', function(){


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DiegoYungh commented Jul 5, 2015

I just implemented this on Wagtail as a enhancement for RawHTMLField
Simply brilliant! 👍

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FractalizeR commented Aug 11, 2015

Is there any need for <textarea> tags or we can do with simple <input type="hidden">?

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romeoonisim commented Jan 7, 2016

Awesome, thanks!

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jameset1024 commented Sep 14, 2016

Worked like a charm. Thank you.

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Naskalin commented May 13, 2017

Thank you, helped save time

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pachacamac commented Dec 12, 2017

Awesome! Exactly what I needed :)

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rogertangcn commented Nov 7, 2018

Thank you so much, this is the perfect solution i'm after.

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Cyb3rz3r0 commented Nov 27, 2018

Building a CMS and came across ACE as an alternative to wysiwyg editor summernote which is not exactly functional for coding... My problem I face was ace didn't appear for textarea after some searching I ended up here the rest will be history thanks man appreciate the work saved me a few days. Exactly what was needed!

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meeen commented Aug 8, 2020

is there an option to add number at the beginning of every line?

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dlinch commented Nov 18, 2020

is there an option to add number at the beginning of every line?

If you remove this line it will show the gutter with the line numberes.


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