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Baptiste DUPUCH dupuchba

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Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am dupuchba on github.
  • I am baptiste87 ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASA2VnY6k-hVHEZJm7-x7BLGW8GJw-i6iI3WT6Wl7YSSHgo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

View init
(require 'package)
(add-to-list 'package-archives
'("org" . "")
(add-to-list 'package-archives
View form.cljs
(ns formfulcro.ui.root
[fulcro.client.mutations :as m :refer [defmutation]]
[ :as df]
#?(:cljs [fulcro.client.dom :as dom] :clj [fulcro.client.dom-server :as dom])
[formfulcro.api.mutations :as api]
[fulcro.client.primitives :as prim :refer [defsc]]
[fulcro.i18n :as i18n :refer [tr trf]]
[fulcro.ui.elements :as ele]
dupuchba / parsehtml.clj
Created Oct 24, 2017 — forked from seltzer1717/parsehtml.clj
Converts Bootstrap HTML to ClojureScript Om Code
View parsehtml.clj
;; Converts Bootstrap HTML into ClojureScript Om code
;; Formats output as well
;; Useful when you want to mock a Bootstrap layout but then convert to ClojureScript Om code.
(ns com.seltzer1717.term.server.parsehtml
View final.cljs
;; =============================================================================
;; Initial Data
(def init-data {:app/lists [{:id 1
:elements [{:id 1
:text "This is a draggable element 1"}
{:id 2
:text "This is a draggable element 2"}
{:id 3
:text "This is a draggable element 3"}
{:id 4
View step5.cljs
(defn move-element [state from to element]
(letfn [(remove* [elements ref]
(into [] (remove #{ref} elements)))
(add* [elements ref]
(into [] (cond-> elements
(not (some #{ref} elements)) (conj ref))))]
(-> state
(update-in (conj from :elements) remove* element)
(update-in (conj to :elements) add* element))))
View step4-4.cljs
(om/app-state reconciler)
{:val {:app/lists [[:list/by-id 1] [:list/by-id 2] [:list/by-id 3]],
:element/by-id {1 {:id 1, :text "This is a draggable element 1"},
2 {:id 2, :text "This is a draggable element 2"},
3 {:id 3, :text "This is a draggable element 3"},
4 {:id 4, :text "This is a draggable element 4"},
5 {:id 5, :text "This is a draggable element 5"},
6 {:id 6, :text "This is a draggable element 6"},
View step4-3.cljs
(defui Element
static om/Ident
(ident [this {:keys [id]}]
[:element/by-id id])
static om/IQuery
(query [this]
[:id :text])
(render [this]
(let [{:keys [id text]} (om/props this)
View step4-2.cljs
(defui ElementList
static om/Ident
(ident [this {:keys [id]}]
[:list/by-id id])
static om/IQuery
(query [this]
[:id {:elements (om/get-query Element)}])
(on-drag-start [this element]
(om/transact! this `[(element/drag {:from ~(om/get-ident this) :element ~element}) :app/lists]))
View step4-1.cljs
(defmulti mutate om/dispatch)
(defmethod mutate 'element/drag
[{:keys [state]} _ params]
{:value {:keys [:elements/dragged]}
:action (fn []
(if-not (empty? params)
(swap! state assoc :elements/dragged params)
(swap! state assoc :elements/dragged nil)))})
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