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Photon TodoMVC, with a twist!

TodoMVC, with a twist! — Electric Clojure

  1. it's multiplayer! 0 LOC cost
  2. state is durable! (server side database) 0 LOC cost
  3. See those pending spinners? We've added a server delay to demonstrate managed load states.

Electric is a "multi tier" Clojure/Script dialect for full-stack web application development. It uses macros to let you interweave client and server code in a single .CLJC file, so you can define a full-stack frontend/backend webapp all in one place. Electric is designed for rich dynamic applications with reactive user interfaces and complex frontend/backend data sync requirements.

C-f for "e/server" in the below gist to understand the client/server boundary

(ns user.demo-5-todomvc
#?(:cljs (:require-macros user.demo-5-todomvc))
#?(:clj [datascript.core :as d])
[hyperfiddle.electric :as e]
[hyperfiddle.electric-dom2 :as dom]
[hyperfiddle.electric-ui4 :as ui]))
(defonce !conn #?(:clj (d/create-conn {}) :cljs nil)) ; server
(e/def db) ; server
(e/def transact!) ; server
(def !state #?(:cljs (atom {::filter :all ; client
::editing nil
::delay 0})))
(defn query-todos [db filter]
{:pre [filter]}
(case filter
:active (d/q '[:find [?e ...] :where [?e :task/status :active]] db)
:done (d/q '[:find [?e ...] :where [?e :task/status :done]] db)
:all (d/q '[:find [?e ...] :where [?e :task/status]] db))))
(defn todo-count [db filter]
{:pre [filter]
:post [(number? %)]}
(-> (case filter
:active (d/q '[:find (count ?e) . :where [?e :task/status :active]] db)
:done (d/q '[:find (count ?e) . :where [?e :task/status :done]] db)
:all (d/q '[:find (count ?e) . :where [?e :task/status]] db))
(or 0)))) ; datascript can return nil wtf
(e/defn Filter-control [state target label]
(dom/a (dom/props {:class (when (= state target) "selected")})
(dom/text label)
(dom/on "click" (e/fn [_] (swap! !state assoc ::filter target)))))
(e/defn TodoStats [state]
(let [active (e/server (todo-count db :active))
done (e/server (todo-count db :done))]
(dom/span (dom/props {:class "todo-count"})
(dom/strong (dom/text active))
(dom/span (dom/text " " (str (case active 1 "item" "items")) " left")))
(dom/ul (dom/props {:class "filters"})
(dom/li (Filter-control. (::filter state) :all "All"))
(dom/li (Filter-control. (::filter state) :active "Active"))
(dom/li (Filter-control. (::filter state) :done "Completed")))
(when (pos? done)
(ui/button (e/fn [] (e/server (when-some [ids (seq (query-todos db :done))]
(transact! (mapv (fn [id] [:db/retractEntity id]) ids)) nil)))
(dom/props {:class "clear-completed"})
(dom/text "Clear completed " done))))))
(e/defn TodoItem [state id]
(let [{:keys [:task/status :task/description]} (d/entity db id)]
(dom/props {:class [(when (= :done status) "completed")
(when (= id (::editing state)) "editing")]})
(dom/div (dom/props {:class "view"})
(ui/checkbox (= :done status) (e/fn [v]
(let [status (case v true :done, false :active, nil)]
(e/server (transact! [{:db/id id, :task/status status}]) nil)))
(dom/props {:class "toggle"}))
(dom/label (dom/text description)
(dom/on "dblclick" (e/fn [_] (swap! !state assoc ::editing id)))))
(when (= id (::editing state))
(dom/span (dom/props {:class "input-load-mask"})
(dom/on-pending (dom/props {:aria-busy true})
(dom/on "keydown"
(e/fn [e]
(case (.-key e)
"Enter" (when-some [description (contrib.str/blank->nil (-> e .-target .-value))]
(case (e/server (transact! [{:db/id id, :task/description description}]) nil)
(swap! !state assoc ::editing nil)))
"Escape" (swap! !state assoc ::editing nil)
(dom/props {:class "edit" #_#_:autofocus true})
(dom/bind-value description) ; first set the initial value, then focus
(case description ; HACK sequence - run focus after description is available
(.focus dom/node))))))
(ui/button (e/fn [] (e/server (transact! [[:db/retractEntity id]]) nil))
(dom/props {:class "destroy"})))))))
(defn toggle-all! [db status]
(let [ids (query-todos db (if (= :done status) :active :done))]
(map (fn [id] {:db/id id, :task/status status}) ids))))
(e/defn TodoList [state]
(dom/section (dom/props {:class "main"})
(let [active (e/server (todo-count db :active))
all (e/server (todo-count db :all))
done (e/server (todo-count db :done))]
(ui/checkbox (cond (= all done) true
(= all active) false
:else nil)
(e/fn [v] (let [status (case v (true nil) :done, false :active)]
(e/server (transact! (toggle-all! db status)) nil)))
(dom/props {:class "toggle-all"})))
(dom/label (dom/props {:for "toggle-all"}) (dom/text "Mark all as complete"))
(dom/ul (dom/props {:class "todo-list"})
(e/for [id (e/server (sort (query-todos db (::filter state))))]
(TodoItem. state id)))))))
(e/defn CreateTodo []
(dom/span (dom/props {:class "input-load-mask"})
(dom/on-pending (dom/props {:aria-busy true})
(dom/on "keydown"
(e/fn [e]
(when (= "Enter" (.-key e))
(when-some [description (contrib.str/empty->nil (-> e .-target .-value))]
(e/server (transact! [{:task/description description, :task/status :active}]) nil)
(set! (.-value dom/node) "")))))
(dom/props {:class "new-todo", :placeholder "What needs to be done?"})))))
(e/defn TodoApp [state]
(dom/section (dom/props {:class "todoapp"})
(dom/header (dom/props {:class "header"})
(when (e/server (pos? (todo-count db :all)))
(TodoList. state))
(dom/footer (dom/props {:class "footer"})
(TodoStats. state))))
(e/defn TodoMVC [state]
(dom/div (dom/props {:class "todomvc"})
(dom/h1 (dom/text "TodoMVC"))
(TodoApp. state)
(dom/footer (dom/props {:class "info"})
(dom/p (dom/text "Double-click to edit a todo")))))
(defn slow-transact! [!conn delay tx]
(try (Thread/sleep delay) ; artificial latency
(d/transact! !conn tx)
(catch InterruptedException _))))
(e/defn App []
(let [state (e/watch !state)]
(binding [db (e/watch !conn)
transact! (partial slow-transact! !conn (e/client (::delay state)))]
(dom/link (dom/props {:rel :stylesheet, :href "/todomvc.css"}))
(dom/element "style" (dom/text "body { width: 65vw; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; }"))
(TodoMVC. state)))))))
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dustingetz commented Aug 25, 2022

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Def going to try this out.

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