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Intentionally Unscalable

Deniz Akşimşek, 2021-11-22

_hyperscript is intentionally unscalable. We make decisions that would be obviously inadvisable to anyone looking to make scalable software, and dismiss features like reactivity that seem to have proven themselves in this regard. To understand why, I examine and critique the concept of "scalable".

dz4k / discord_bot._hs
Last active Aug 24, 2021
Discord bot in _hyperscript
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require discord.js as Discord
init immediately
make a Discord.Client from {
intents: [Discord.Intents.FLAGS.GUILDS, Discord.Intents.FLAGS.GUILD_MESSAGES]
set module discord to it
login(process.env.TOKEN) to discord
dz4k / shadow-dom._hs
Created Jun 13, 2021
Hyperscript DOM Isolation
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behavior DomIsolation
attachShadow({ mode: "open" }) on me
put my children into it
dz4k / Draggable._hs
Last active Apr 9, 2022
Draggable window in _hyperscript
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-- Usage: _="install Draggable(dragHandle: .titlebar in me)"
behavior Draggable(dragHandle)
if no dragHandle set the dragHandle to me
on pointerdown(clientX, clientY) from dragHandle
halt the event
trigger draggable:start -- hooks, e.g. for adding a drop shadow while dragging
measure my x, y
dz4k / taml.ebnf
Last active Sep 30, 2020
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# Tokens
* newline: one or more CR or CRLF
* tab: one or more tab characters not following a newline
* string: one or more characters none of which are tabs or newlines
The following tokens relate to indentation tracking: