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CoreText header files are missing for the watchOS Simulator. This little script copies them from watchOS SDK easily.
# CoreText.framework is missing for the watchOS Simulator (but is available on the device platform SDK)
# This script is a quick patch to solve this issue, so we are all capable of running CoreText APIs on the Watch simulator too,
# by copying the WatchOS SDK's CoreText header files into the WatchSimulator's. This works great, although since editing the SDK files
# is protected, it needs to be run with sudo.
# Returns the appropriate platform path containing the framework headers
function headersPath() {
# Main Xcode path
XCODE_PATH=$( xcode-select --print-path )
echo "${XCODE_PATH}/Platforms/${1}.platform/Developer/SDKs/${1}.sdk/System/Library/Frameworks/${2}.framework/Headers/"
CoreText_WatchOS_Headers_Path=$( headersPath "WatchOS" "CoreText" )
CoreText_WatchSimulator_Headers_Path=$( headersPath "WatchSimulator" "CoreText" )
# Only perform if the CoreText framework headers are missing in the WatchSimulator
if [ ! -d ${CoreText_WatchSimulator_Headers_Path} ]; then
echo "Patch:$(tput setaf 1) Missing CoreText headers for WatchSimulator at path '${CoreText_WatchSimulator_Headers_Path}'.$(tput sgr0)"
# Copies the header files
sudo cp -R ${CoreText_WatchOS_Headers_Path} ${CoreText_WatchSimulator_Headers_Path}
echo "Patch:$(tput setaf 2) CoreText headers copied! You can now run your WatchOS apps using CoreText on the simulator.$(tput sgr0)"
echo "Patch:$(tput setaf 2) CoreText headers are already available on the WatchOS simulator.$(tput sgr0)"

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@steipete steipete commented Nov 6, 2016


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@dzenbot dzenbot commented Nov 20, 2016

Maybe something @russbishop could have a look too?

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