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Created January 29, 2012 22:46
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AppleScript to import flagged messages from Mail into The Hit List
on run
if not (application "Mail" is running and application "The Hit List" is running) then
end if
tell application "Mail"
repeat with _account in imap accounts
set _inbox to _account's mailbox "INBOX"
set _messages to (a reference to (every message of _inbox whose flagged status is true))
-- We must use this workaround, because the reference will self-update once we unflag a message, and that will get us just one of two flagged messages imported
-- "Mail got an error: Can’t get item 2 of every message of mailbox..." is the error that applescript reports in this case
-- That error was previously suppressed by the try block (which is weird, because it happens in the repeat), so I've commented it out
set _msglist to contents of _messages
repeat with _message in _msglist
set theSubject to "Handle @email \"" & subject of _message & "\" from " & sender of _message
set theDate to date received of _message
set hours of theDate to 0
set minutes of theDate to 0
set seconds of theDate to 0
set theBody to "message:%3c" & (message id of _message) & "%3e"
tell application "The Hit List"
tell inbox to make new task with properties {title:theSubject, notes:theBody, start date:theDate}
end tell
-- don't forget to unflag the message :)
set flagged status of _message to false
--end try
end repeat
end repeat
end tell
end run
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dzuelke commented Jan 29, 2012

And then have it run every ten minutes, just add it via crontab -e:

localhost:~ dzuelke$ crontab -l
*/10    *   *   *   *   /usr/local/bin/flagged_mails_to_thl.applescript >> /dev/null

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