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David Zülke dzuelke

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dzuelke / moveHangoutLinks.js
Created Jul 12, 2017
Google Apps Script that handles Hangout/Meet links, with automatic updates and primary calendar detection. See for original post.
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dzuelke / toggle-screen-mirror-with-color-lcd-resolution.workflow
Created Feb 14, 2018
Mac Automator workflow to toggle screen mirroring on 13" MBP so that internal LCD is always 1440x900 retina
View toggle-screen-mirror-with-color-lcd-resolution.workflow
on run {input, parameters}
tell application "Display Menu"
toggle mirroring
select resolution "1440 x 900 Retina" on display "Color LCD"
end tell
return input
end run
dzuelke / flagged_mails_to_thl.applescript
Created Jan 29, 2012
AppleScript to import flagged messages from Mail into The Hit List
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on run
if not (application "Mail" is running and application "The Hit List" is running) then
end if
tell application "Mail"
repeat with _account in imap accounts
set _inbox to _account's mailbox "INBOX"
set _messages to (a reference to (every message of _inbox whose flagged status is true))
-- We must use this workaround, because the reference will self-update once we unflag a message, and that will get us just one of two flagged messages imported
dzuelke /
Created Jul 13, 2016
Script to run a command (such as Laravel's "php artisan schedule:run") at the top of every minute, without Cron
topofminute() {
local now;
while true; do
now=$(date "+%S")
now=${now#0} # strip leading zero for arithmetic operations
# run command only if less than ten seconds have passed in the current minute
dzuelke / bcrypt.php
Last active Jul 9, 2020
How to use bcrypt in PHP to safely store passwords (PHP 5.3+ only)
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// secure hashing of passwords using bcrypt, needs PHP 5.3+
// see
// salt for bcrypt needs to be 22 base64 characters (but just [./0-9A-Za-z]), see
$salt = substr(strtr(base64_encode(openssl_random_pseudo_bytes(22)), '+', '.'), 0, 22);
// 2y is the bcrypt algorithm selector, see
// 12 is the workload factor (around 300ms on my Core i7 machine), see
dzuelke / gist:2587006
Created May 3, 2012
Add bandwidth limit, latency or packet loss to localhost connections on OS X
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# First add a rule for all local traffic to port 80 to go into pipe 1
# 100 is the rule number which will be used for referencing the rule later
sudo ipfw add 100 pipe 1 ip from to dst-port http
# To display the rule use
# sudo ipfw show 100
# configure the settings of the pipe as you please
# 50kbit/s bandwidth
sudo ipfw pipe 1 config bw 50Kbit
# 200ms lag
dzuelke /
Created Oct 22, 2010 — forked from innerfence/
Convert .mkv video to iPad compatible .m4v without re-encoding
# mkv2m4v inputfile.mkv
# Given an MKV container with H.264 video & AC3 or DTS audio, converts
# quickly to an iPad-compatible MP4 container without re-encoding the
# video (so it must already be in an iPad-compatible resolution); the
# audio is downmixed to stereo with Dynamic Range Compression.
ME=$(basename $0)

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$re = '{^(\\s*\\{\\s*(?:"(?:[^\\0-\\x09\\x0a-\\x1f\\\\"]+|\\\\["bfnrt/\\\\]|\\\\u[a-fA-F0-9]{4})*"\\s*:\\s*(?:[0-9.]+|null|true|false|"(?:[^\\0-\\x09\\x0a-\\x1f\\\\"]+|\\\\["bfnrt/\\\\]|\\\\u[a-fA-F0-9]{4})*"|\\[(?:[^\\]]*|\\[(?:[^\\]]*|\\[(?:[^\\]]*|\\[(?:[^\\]]*|\\[[^\\]]*\\])*\\])*\\])*\\]|(?:[^{}]*|\\{(?:[^{}]*|\\{(?:[^{}]*|\\{(?:[^{}]*|\\{[^{}]*\\})*\\})*\\})*\\})*)*\\]|\\{(?:[^{}]*|\\{(?:[^{}]*|\\{(?:[^{}]*|\\{(?:[^{}]*|\\{[^{}]*\\})*\\})*\\})*\\})*\\})\\s*,\\s*)*?)("require"\\s*:\\s*)((?:[0-9.]+|null|true|false|"(?:[^\\0-\\x09\\x0a-\\x1f\\\\"]+|\\\\["bfnrt/\\\\]|\\\\u[a-fA-F0-9]{4})*"|\\[(?:[^\\]]*|\\[(?:[^\\]]*|\\[(?:[^\\]]*|\\[(?:[^\\]]*|\\[[^\\]]*\\])*\\])*\\])*\\]|(?:[^{}]*|\\{(?:[^{}]*|\\{(?:[^{}]*|\\{(?:[^{}]*|\\{[^{}]*\\})*\\})*\\})*\\})*)*\\]|\\{(?:[^{}]*|\\{(?:[^{}]*|\\{(?:[^{}]*|\\{(?:[^{}]*|\\{[^{}]*\\})*\\})*\\})*\\})*\\}))(.*)}s';
$str = '{
"config": {
"cache-files-ttl": 0,
"discard-changes": true
"minimum-stability": "stable",
View gist:cadb2d9d79759a4cdf0a
[10-Mar-2016 18:49:34 UTC] [2016-03-10 18:49:34] production.ERROR: exception 'BadMethodCallException' with message 'Method after does not exist.' in bootstrap/cache/compiled.php:6254
Stack trace:
#0 bootstrap/cache/compiled.php(2193): Illuminate\Routing\Router->__call('after', Array)
#1 bootstrap/cache/compiled.php(2193): Illuminate\Routing\Router->after(Object(newrelic\Laravel\AfterFilter))
#2 bootstrap/cache/compiled.php(2193): Illuminate\Foundation\Application->boot()
#3 bootstrap/cache/compiled.php(1641): Illuminate\Foundation\Bootstrap\BootProviders->bootstrap(Object(Illuminate\Foundation\Application))
#4 bootstrap/cache/compiled.php(2374): Illuminate\Foundation\Application->bootstrapWith(Array)
#5 bootstrap/cache/compiled.php(2327): Illuminate\Foundation\Http\Kernel->bootstrap()
#6 bootstrap/cache/compiled.php(2312): Illuminate\Foundation\Http\Kernel->sendRequestThroughRouter(Object(Illuminate\Http\Request))
#7 public/index.php(54): Illuminate\Foundation\Http\Kernel->handle(Object(Illuminate\Http\Reques