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ttscoff / sizes.rb
Last active July 12, 2021 03:33
sizes: Calculate and sort all filesizes for current folder
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Sizes - Calculate and sort all filesizes for current folder Includes
# directory sizes, colorized output Brett Terpstra 2019 WTF License
VERSION = "1.0.1"
require 'shellwords'
# Just including term-ansicolor by @flori and avoiding all the
# rigamarole of requiring multiple files when it's not a gem... - Brett
ebouchut / rails_i18n
Last active August 29, 2015 14:06
Rails I18N (activemodel errors, simple_form labels and hints)
# ~~~~~~~~
# Model Errors
# ~~~~~~~~
not_json: "Not a valid JSON"
url_not_valid: "Not a valid URL"
ebouchut / git_ref_to_sha1
Created January 15, 2013 15:44
git SHA1 to reference name conversion (back and forth)
git rev-parse: RefName ======> SHA1
git name-rev: SHA1 <===== RefName
# Convert the reference name HEAD to its corresponding SHA1
git rev-parse HEAD # Assuming for the sake of example that it outputs 1234567
# Convert the SHA1 (1234567) into its reference name (should output HEAD in our example)
git name-rev 1234567
# or else
sunny / paperclip_has_destroyable_file.rb
Created October 25, 2012 17:03
Rails Initializer to add destroyable attachments with Paperclip
# encoding: UTF-8
class ActiveRecord::Base
# Class method to add destroyable paperclip attachments.
# Example:
# has_attached_file :image
# has_destroyable_file :image
# attr_accessible :image_delete
erikreagan /
Created August 4, 2012 19:18
Mac developer must-haves

Mac web developer apps

This gist's comment stream is a collection of webdev apps for OS X. Feel free to add links to apps you like, just make sure you add some context to what it does — either from the creator's website or your own thoughts.

— Erik

ordinaryzelig /
Last active December 10, 2022 13:34
How to write MiniTest::Spec expectations

I'm a fan of MiniTest::Spec. It strikes a nice balance between the simplicity of TestUnit and the readable syntax of RSpec. When I first switched from RSpec to MiniTest::Spec, one thing I was worried I would miss was the ability to add matchers. (A note in terminology: "matchers" in MiniTest::Spec refer to something completely different than "matchers" in RSpec. I won't get into it, but from now on, let's use the proper term: "expectations").

Understanding MiniTest::Expectations

Let's take a look in the code (I'm specifically referring to the gem, not the standard library that's built into Ruby 1.9):

# minitest/spec.rb

module MiniTest::Expectations
ebouchut / gist:1510447
Created December 22, 2011 14:18
(Sass/maven) Unable to launch rake using jruby-rake-plugin
java -jar ~/.m2/repository/org/jruby/jruby-complete/1.6.5/jruby-complete-1.6.5.jar -S gem env
benedikt / rails.rb
Created July 30, 2011 13:16
Capistrano task to open a rails console on a remote server. Require this file in your deploy.rb and run "cap rails:console"
# encoding: UTF-8
Capistrano::Configuration.instance(:must_exist).load do
namespace :rails do
desc "Open the rails console on one of the remote servers"
task :console, :roles => :app do
hostname = find_servers_for_task(current_task).first
exec "ssh -l #{user} #{hostname} -t 'source ~/.profile && #{current_path}/script/rails c #{rails_env}'"