stewards = [
("Steve", "Alice"),
("Alice", "Boris"),
("Boris", "Einstein"),
("Einstein", "Linus"),
("Linus", "Steve")
from graphviz import *
g = Digraph(name='stewards', engine='neato')
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"@context": "",
"@id": "",
"@type": "dcat:Catalog",
"conformsTo": "",
"title": "Rivers and streams: monitoring and reporting",
"description": "Waikato Regional Council regularly monitors and reports on the quality of our region's river and stream resources, and the pressures that face these waterbodies and the plants and animals that rely on them for habitat.",
"identifier": "",
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import { TestBed, async } from '@angular/core/testing';
import { AppComponent } from './app.component';
import { By } from '@angular/platform-browser';
import { NO_ERRORS_SCHEMA } from '@angular/core';
describe('AppComponent', () => {
beforeEach(async(() => {
declarations: [
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Code Review Checklist
Understand the change
Read Pull Request description and Ticket
Functional Test
Does it work from a clean install?
Does it solve the problem and satisfy the AC?
(Green Path) Does everything work if you go through the intended steps?
(Red Path) Does the application help you and make sense when things go wrong?
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* Daily programmer weekly challenge
package main
import (
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require 'net/http'
require 'json'
#hamilton RegionId
hamilton = 16
waikato = 14
# make a query to the Residential endpoiint of the trademe search api
# @param argument_hash Hash
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set nocompatible
set list nolist
inoremap jj <esc>
runtime bundle/pathogen.vim
silent! call pathogen#helptags()
silent! call pathogen#runtime_append_all_bundles()
filetype plugin indent on
syntax on
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# template for starting a programming contest question
# shortcuts
import pprint
printer = pprint.PrettyPrinter(indent=4)
pp = printer.pprint
def do_work(data):
""" after reading a file data is passed into this function"""
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# shortcuts
import pprint
printer = pprint.PrettyPrinter(indent=4)
pp = printer.pprint
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morseAlphabet ={
"A" : ".-",
"B" : "-...",
"C" : "-.-.",
"D" : "-..",
"E" : ".",
"F" : "..-.",
"G" : "--.",
"H" : "....",
"I" : "..",