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All your bits are belong to me

Ian Spence ecnepsnai

All your bits are belong to me
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Last active Nov 10, 2022
Build VyOS with custom package

Build VyOS with Custom Packages

VyOS allows you to include custom packages when an image is built.


  • Debian packages compiled for the correct kernel release matching the VyOS release (I.E. don't use Ubuntu packages)
  • A GPG key. Any old key will do, because just like GPG itself - it doesn't really matter.

Sign and serve the packages

ecnepsnai / edge.reg
Last active Aug 18, 2022
Disables bad/annoying/borderline-malicious features of Edge, making it a tolerable browser.
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Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
ecnepsnai /
Created Feb 26, 2022
Better Podman SystemD Unit

This is a systemd unit file for running a podman container as a systemd service.

For rootless containers, you can use systemd user units (More info)

Broken down, it does the following:

  1. ExecStartPre pulls the image. If you use the :latest tag, then every time you start this service it'll pull the latest version
  2. ExecStart runs the container. It's important to use a container name, since it's referenced elsewhere. Don't detact the container (I.E. don't include -d)
  3. ExecStopPost after the container is stopped, it'll remove the container (if it is still present), and remove the image. Removing the image is useful if you're using the :latest image tag.
ecnepsnai /
Last active Nov 7, 2021
Backup & Restore ZFS to External USB Drive


1. Take a snapshot

Take a snapshot of the zpool you wish to backup

zfs snapshot tank@backup-jan-2020
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Last active Nov 23, 2022
Windows 10 New PC Setup

Windows 10 New PC Setup

The Basics

Local account only

Don't link a local workstation account with an online account.

For Windows 10 Home, during OOBE do not connect to a network (Click "I don't have internet"), otherwise you are forced to use a Microsoft account. Windows 10 Pro installs give you the choice even if you do connect to the internet.

ecnepsnai /
Last active Mar 24, 2022
Script to manage go versions easily
set -e
VERSION=$(curl -sS "" | jq -r '.[0].version' | sed 's/go//')
if [[ ! -d ${INSTALL_DIR} ]]; then
echo "Install directory '${INSTALL_DIR}' does not exist, sudo required to create it..."
sudo mkdir -p ${INSTALL_DIR}
ecnepsnai / Image.cs
Last active Jun 17, 2021
Bing Image of the Day
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// Bing Image of the Day for C#
// If you're using this in your project, give this gist a 'Star'!
// Made by Ian Spence with <3 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
using System;
using System.Xml;
using System.Net;
public Uri GetImage() {
if (System.Net.NetworkInformation.NetworkInterface.GetIsNetworkAvailable() == false) {