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Created November 6, 2009 02:18
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Pagination in Jekyll
# ....other stuff here
paginate: 10
{% for page in paginator.posts %}
{% include single_page.html %}
{% endfor %}
<h2 class="title"><a href="{{ page.url }}">{{ page.title }}</a></h2>
<div class="post post-{{ }}">
<p class="author">
Added by {{ }}
on {{ | date: '%B %d, %Y' }}
in {% for category in page.categories %}
<a href="/{{category | downcase}}.html">{{category}}</a>
{% endfor %}
<hr />
<div class="entrybody">
{{ page.content }}
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incompl commented May 8, 2012

Would be useful to show next / previous links in this example

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