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Created Aug 7, 2015
Risks document

There is no risks document.

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button6.addEventListener('click', function() {
var red = 'red';
var halfRed = 'hsla(0, 100%, 25%, 1)';
var color =;
if (this.animating === undefined) {
this.animating = false;
if (this.animating === true) {
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When I was in high school I was forced to play football for the first time. I had kept my distance from what I now know is called the culture of masculinity that comes with these sorts of activities. I was bad at it, but that actually didn't matter. I vividly remember an argument about if I had stepped out of bounds. It was obvious that I had: I was staring at my feet, per usual.I said so. There was an insane shock. No one could believe that I would betray my team like that. I had no defense. I was just telling the truth as I had been taught to do from a young age. The thing is, the coach wasn't on my side. He told me I should have kept silent for the sake of my team.

Turns out not everyone is taught to tell the truth from a young age. The culture of masculinity teaches you to lie for the sake of your team. Only winning matters. Now I watch MRAs argue against feminism with the same reasoning. They don't care about honesty. They just want their team to win. I wonder if it's because they were taught that beati

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[11:23:50] <tkellen> oh man, i hate css so much
[11:23:55] <gregsmith> i do too
[11:24:08] <gregsmith> but i have completely conquered it and made it do my bidding
[11:24:16] <gregsmith> after years of combat
[11:24:46] <gregsmith> css is my crazy garbage dragon monster on a leesh
[11:24:54] <gregsmith> we're not "friends"
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Created Sep 18, 2014
How 5-star ratings work for food

One Star

Reviewer is being a jerk, it's not that bad

Two Stars

It's seriously really bad

Three Stars

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I feel like specs for web standards have two parts:
* solving the problems that the standard sets out to address
* solving the problems that the standard creates
The proportion between these two things reflects the overall quality of the standard.
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Buy the cheapest soap because they're all the same.
Press the "play" button twice to start. If you press it once nothing will happen.
Do not press any other buttons.
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Video games were long seen as being for children. This has been the topic of many debates about video games: are they good or bad for childrens' development? Should children in hospitals be given video games? How does the violence in video games effect children?

And let's be clear, this was specifically about young boys.

If you were a young boy who loved video games and grew up with the medium you loved under constant criticism, how would you respond? At the very best, you'd be exhausted of defending your hobby. At worst, you'd fight back so long and so hard that you'd internalize the fight as part of your identity. A gamer is someone who defends the institution of gaming, you might say.

But forget about video games. Think about the social position of the young boy. It is a position of being simultaniously oppressed (young) and priveleged (male). The "young boy" group has legitimate reasons to feel oppressed: grown-ups are always seen as knowing best even when they're obviously wrong. And when it came to g

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(function (root, factory) {
if (typeof define === 'function' && define.amd) {
define(['b'], factory);
} else {
root.amdWeb = factory(root.b);
}(this, function (b) {
return {aye: function(){return 'yes';};