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Responsible: Ed Burns
Accountable: Ed Burns
Consulted: Emily Jiang
Informed: Reza Rahman

I. Beginning 2 minutes

  A. Introduce Ed
    Clearly state that this is my first official re-engagement
    with Jakarta EE spec development since working on Servlet 4.0 and JSF
    2.3. I am bringing an outsider's perspective to this presentation.
    The themes being addressed by EE 11 are eternal: 
    Get a chuckle with this: 
      "A Microsoft official, however, was quick to pan Sun's
      efforts. "Fundamentally, the Web services support Sun is adding to
      J2EE is simply an example of too little, too late," said Tony Goodhew,
      product manager of the Microsoft .NET framework in Redmond,

  B. Set expectations
    State everything in this presentation is in-flight. I will
    refrain from my own commentary on these in-flight things, with one
    exception: the order in which I present the topics does reflect my
    opinion of their importance.

    I'm only covering technical aspects. A big component of the
    EE11 work will be on non-technical aspects such as non-technical
    Jakarta and MicroProfile alignment.
  C. Tell them what you will tell them

II. Middle 7 minutes

   A. Select JDK version and delivery date
   B. New Specs
      1. New from set of existing work
         a. Config
         b. MVC
         c. NoSQL
         d. Cache
      2. New from net new work
         b. Data
         b. RPC
   C. How far can we go to unify the bean model on CDI?
     This "cross spec cohesion" has been an ongoing drive since
     EE6. I'm glad to see it is continuing here. I'll note that we seem
     to be down to the really hard bits now, but we are empowered to make
     the changes with less regard for the past, than, say at the EE6
    D. Technical aspects of MicroProfile and Jakarta Alignment
      Q.1: I didn't see any mention of JWT in the docs shared by
      Emily. I thought this was a point of contention?

III. End 1 minute

   Tell them what you told them.
IV. Backup resources

- Review the latest survey results and present them in a easy-to-read fashion.
- Review the release plan document and decide whether and how to present it.

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