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Created Dec 13, 2017

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GitHub Notes


Steps to submit a patch to a public repo

1. Fork the repository using GUI
1. Clone your forked repo
1. Create the branch locally, e.g.: `git branch devel-edcote` (should be descriptive name)
1. Push the new branch up to your fork: `git push origin devel-edcote`
1. Switch to your new new: `git checkout devel-edcote`
1. Do development work, make commits, ...
1. Pull from upstream: `git pull --rebase upstream devel-edcote` (CHECKME)
1. Push your changes to your repo: `e.g. git push`

Adding your private remote

More info:

# add remove repo
git remote add github
# show remote branches
git branch -r
# pull remove repository
git pull remotename branchname
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