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Install nodejs for a local user with git

setup directory and clone from githhub

mkdir ~/.local

cd ~/.local

git clone

cd node

view tagged releases. (note these are not branches, just tagged commits for releases)

git tag -l

checkout tagged release

git checkout -b v#.#.##

Before compiling, change install path to help prevent permission problems (do this when updating version!!)

./configure --prefix=~/.local


make && make install

Add environment var (production for servers or development for local development)

echo "\export NODE_ENV=development" >> ~/.zshrc

Add directory to path (.zshrc or .bash_profile or .bashrc or whatevs)

echo "\nexport NODE_PATH=\$HOME/.local/lib/node_modules" >> ~/.zshrc
echo "\nexport PATH=\$HOME/.local/bin:\$PATH" >> ~/.zshrc
source ~/.zshrc
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