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<p>{% if customer.clearbit-location == "FR" %}
{% if customer.first_name != blank %} {{ customer.first_name | capitalize }}{% else %}{% endif %}!
{% else %}
{% if customer.first_name != blank %}{{ customer.first_name | capitalize }}{% else %}there{% endif %},{% endif %}
<p>Two weeks ago, we announced <a href=";utm_medium=email&amp;utm_campaign=spotted&amp;">Hull Playbooks</a> - the most common use cases we’ve spotted teams using on Hull.</p>
<p>Many of you replied last week with your requests for what use cases you wanted to hear more about. The most popular?</p>
<p>Third, creating a “single source of truth” to unify &amp; sync your data.</p>
<p>Second, sales enablement. Teams wanted to know how to power-up their existing sales teams with data.</p>
<p>But #1 - most wanted lead qualification.</p>
<p>Lead qualification is at the heart of your sales and marketing handoff. And it’s the most common first use case we’ve seen teams use to drive action with data (not just pull insights).</p>
<p>It's one thing to use data to say {% if customer.account_clearbit-geo_country != BLANK %}a lead is (or isn't) from {{customer.account_clearbit-geo_country}}{% else %}who a lead is &amp; where they're from{% endif %} to plug into a report (sometime..), and it's another to trigger smart, real-time {% if customer.clearbit-employment_role == "sales" %}sales {% elsif customer.clearbit-employment_role == "marketing" %}marketing {% endif %}automations with data. <em>With the same data.</em></p>
<p>This week’s Spotted post dives into the best practices we’ve seen - using data for action, not just insight.</p>
<p><strong>Read: <a href=";utm_medium=email&amp;utm_campaign=spotted&amp;">Spotted: Lead Qualification Trends, Tactics &amp; Techniques</a></strong></p>
<p>That’s all for this week – as always, if you have any questions, want to talk about the right playbooks for your team, just hit reply.</p>
<p>Ed Fry<br>
<strong>'Ed of Growth, <a href=""></a></strong><br>
<em>For {% if customer.clearbit-employment_role == "sales" %}people in sales{% elsif customer.clearbit-employment_role == "marketing" %}marketers{% else %}people{% endif %} who like curly brackets }}</em></p>
<p>P.S. Want to see the templated personalization behind this email? <a href="">Checkout this gist.</a></p>
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